Instructions For Submitting PowerPoint Files

All presentations will need to be compatible with PowerPoint 2003. To ensure proper display onsite, use these instructions. These instructions refer to the Office 2003 or PowerPoint 2003 version.  If you have a different version of PowerPoint, these instructions may not reflect exactly what you see.

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Embedding Fonts (PC users)
Images and Objects (Photos, Graphics, Charts, Etc)
Slide Animations and Transitions
Video and Sound
Saving Your Presentation - PC Users
Saving Your Presentation - Mac Users
Uploading Your Presentation

Tips for Effective Presentations
Avoiding Common Presentation Mistakes

Video and Sound

The presentation rooms will NOT be set up for playing sound from the presentation computer.  Video clips can be used within presentations, but keep in mind that they will play without sound.  Video clips cannot be “embedded” in PowerPoint presentations.  If you are using a PC and you include video clips, you will need to use the “Pack and Go” function before you send us your presentation (see the “Saving your presentation” section below).  Video clips should be in MPEG-1 (.mpeg, .mpg, .m1v) or Windows Media Video (.wmv) formats.  You can use the AVI format ONLY if you use the Cinepak or Indeo 3.2 codecs.  You can also include a video clip in Quicktime (.mov) format, but you must insert it as a hyperlink (see the instructions below).

If you want to include one or more Quicktime video clips (.mov) and/or you are using a Mac, follow these instructions:

1.                  Save you presentation.

2.                  Copy the video clip(s) to the folder where the presentation was saved.

3.                  You must now add some text or an image to the presentation to which the video clip should be hyperlinked.  Once you have done this, select the text or image and use the “InsertŕHyperlink” menu command.

4.                  In the window that appears, click the “File…” button under “Browse for:” (or the “Select” button if you are using a Mac) and locate the video clip in the folder with the presentation.  Click the “OK” button (or “Open” button if you are using a Mac) to select the file, and then click the “OK” button to create the hyperlink.

We cannot guarantee that your video clips will play correctly, but if you are planning to include clips in your presentation it is recommended that you send your clips to us for testing in advance of uploading your presentation.  This will result in a much greater chance of your video clips playing correctly.

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