Instructions For Submitting PowerPoint Files

All presentations will need to be compatible with PowerPoint 2003. To ensure proper display onsite, use these instructions. These instructions refer to the Office 2003 or PowerPoint 2003 version.  If you have a different version of PowerPoint, these instructions may not reflect exactly what you see.

Upload Deadlines
Before You Start
Embedding Fonts (PC users)
Images and Objects (Photos, Graphics, Charts, Etc)
Slide Animations and Transitions
Video and Sound
Saving Your Presentation - PC Users
Saving Your Presentation - Mac Users
Uploading Your Presentation

Tips for Effective Presentations
Avoiding Common Presentation Mistakes

Tips For Effective Presentations

1. Titles should be 35 – 45 points – make sure each slide has one.
2. Short, concise titles are best.
3. Use only 24 point fonts or larger for body copy.
4. Contrast title and body text by color and font size.
5. Do not use bold, italic and all capital letters too much.
6. Remember that italics are hard to read
7. Keep wording on charts to a minimum – labeling only
8. Make sure charts stand on their own and can be understood
9. Sans serif fonts maximize clarity

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