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= Supporting Documents
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= Synchronized
Arthington, J.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Use of limpograss (Hemarthria altissima) in cow-calf grazing systems in southern Florida  
Barbano, D.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Breaking the 21 to 28 day shelf-life barrier on refrigerated HTST pasteurized milk  
Benson, G.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Structural shifts in the dairy industry  
Brannan, R.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Fatty acids: Approaches to prevent or modify nutrient damage from oxidation  
Brillard, J.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  National and International Programs in Poultry Germplasm Preservation  
Brouk, M.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Environmental modifications to address heat stress  
Callaway, T.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesNot Synchronized  Gastrointestinal microbial ecology and the safety of our food supply as related to Salmonella  
Clavero, T.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Agroforestry livestock feeding systems in tropical America  
Cole, N.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesNot Synchronized  Opportunities to enhance performance and efficiency through nutrient synchrony in concentrate-fed ruminants  
Collier, R.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  What we have learned about the genes involved in the response to heat stress  
Drake, M.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Defining the flavor of dairy products  
Eilert, S.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Defining spoilage: What is shelf life and how is it determined?  
Esbenshade, K.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Changing demographics and enrollment trends  
Fahey, Jr., G.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Advances in evaluating pet food ingredients: Methodologies  
Field, T.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Animal sciences curricula: Future directions  
Foley, S.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesNot Synchronized  Current and future Salmonella challenges: Background, serotypes, pathogenicity, and drug resistance  
DocumentsAudio and SlidesNot Synchronized  Current and future Salmonella challenges: Prevalence in swine and poultry and potential pathogenicity of their isolates  
Gagnaire, V.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Quantitative proteomic analysis of bacterial enzymes released in cheese during ripening  
Gardner, D.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  The Custom Dairy Heifer Rearing Industry.   
Geor, R.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Management of obesity and insulin resistance in horses  
Grieshop, C.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  AntiNutrients: Factors limiting utilization of nutrients in pet food ingredients  
Hall, M.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesNot Synchronized  Nutrient synchrony: Sound in theory, elusive in practice  
Hamilton, C.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Proteins: Advances in rendering animal and marine products  
Hansen, P.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Biological impact of heat stress on reproductive performance.  
Hersom, M.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesNot Synchronized  Opportunities to enhance performance and efficiency through nutrient synchrony in forage-fed ruminants  
Huffman, R.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Overview of meat life cycle from harvest to consumer  
Jackson, C.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesNot Synchronized  Current and future Salmonella challenges: Prevalence of Salmonella in beef and dairy cattle and potential pathogenicity of their isolates  
Keown, J.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Problems associated with a dairy expansion effort  
Kondo, J.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  The Dairy Management Inc. National Dairy Foods Research Center Program: responding to industry needs for new and improved technologies, products and ingredients  
Lucey, J.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Process techniques to enhance the utilization of whey ingredients  
McIntosh, B.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  The impact of variability in pasture forages on horse metabolism  
McMahon, D.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Improving the quality of low fat cheese  
McManaman, J.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Proteomics and the mammary gland and mammary cell.   
Metzger, L.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Manufacture and application of casein concentrates  
Miller, M.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Is there a link between food safety and food spoilage?  
Milligan, R.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Adopting a management focus  
Pengelly, B.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Managing tropical forages: production, environmental benefits and risks  
Qi, P.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Recent developments in proteomics: Implications for dairy protein research  
Randolph, T.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Role of livestock in human health and nutrition in developing countries.   
Reynolds, C.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesNot Synchronized  Nitrogen recycling and the nitrogen economy of ruminants -- asynchronous symbiosis  
Rodriguez-Absi, J.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Programming grazing, irrigation and fertilization cycles based on physiological and environmental data for tropical grasses  
Salemi, M.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Instrumentation and Technology of Proteomics today.   
Southern, L.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Minerals: Effect of form on requirements and bioavailability  
Spain, J.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Feeding programs that meet the challenges of heat stress  
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Thinking outside of the box: Incorporating innovative experiential & inquiry-based learning opportunities  
Sterle, J.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Animal sciences curricula: A historical perspective  
Swanson, J.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Curricular trends: Shifts in traditional animal sciences courses and degree programs  
Van Hekken, D.
DocumentsAudio and SlidesSynchronized  Specialized Starter Cultures for Enhancing the Properties of Pasteurized Hispanic-Style Cheeses  
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