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= Synchronized
Allen, M.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Metabolic regulation of food intake in ruminants
Anthony, R. V.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  RNA interference: a new approach to in vivo study of gene function
Azain, M.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Effect of body composition on feed intake and macronutrient selection in growing pigs
Beal, W.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Strategies for engaging students in large classes
Benson, G.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Profitability of pasture-based versus confinement dairy farming
Campbell, R.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  An international perspective of cloning and advanced reproductive technologies
Capuco, A.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Advancements and future challenges in understanding mammary gland function
Clarke, I.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  The role of ghrelin in the regulation of energy balance in the sheep
Coffey, T.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  The value producers see in ART and cloning
Cunningham, W.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Financial records for dairy farms from across the USA
Davies, C. J.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Why is the fetal allograft not rejected?
Dobrinsky, J.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  ART of genetic globalization
Foxcroft, G.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Biotechnology and production do they go together?
Fricke, P.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Future challenges for reproductive management of dairy cattle
Friedman, M.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Hepatic energy status as a stimulus for hunger and satiety
Green, R.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Bureaucracy around cloning and stem cells
Grusenmeyer, D.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Labor management strategies in the next decade
Hansen, P. J.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Regulation of immune cells in the uterus during pregnancy in ruminants
Harmon, D.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  The future of companion animal research at Land Grant Universities
Hutjens, M.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Challenges for feeding dairy cows in the next decade
James , R.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Transferring knowledge to students and the dairy industry
Johnson, L.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Semen sexing in swine
Klopfenstein, T.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Enriching the educational experience through co-curricular activities
Latour, M.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Student engagement at a distance using virtual teaching assistants in the classroom and beyond
Lederman, M.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Mutual mentoring: A strategy for success in academia and industry.
Lenth, R.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Statistical power calculations
Lucy, M. C.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  The dominant ovarian follicle
Martin, L.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  The Role of academic advising in student engagement
Mateescu, R.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Mapping QTL for osteoarthritis in dogs
Matlick, B.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Factors affecting income and costs
Middelbos, I.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Gut microbial and immunological responses of dogs to diets containing alternative carbohydrates with properties similar to those of dietary fibers
Miller, J.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Determinants of regional profitability on dairy farms
Mirando, M. A.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  The National Research Initiative (NRI) competitive grants program in animal reproduction: Changes in priorities and scope relevant to U.S. animal agriculture
Nelson Laird, T.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Using the National Survey of Student Engagement to Understand Students' Experiences in the Agricultural and Related Sciences
Newbold, J.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Changing how we feed dairy cattle
Quaas, R.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Procedures for statistical treatment of binomial and categorical data
Reeves, J. J.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  A researcher's perceptions of USDA funding in reproduction
Richard, F. J.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Regulation of oocyte meiotic maturation
Robertson, S. A.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Seminal plasma signalling in the female reproductive tract
Rogers, D.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Northeast Dairy Profitability
Sattler, C.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Opportunities for improvement in dairy cattle genetics
Smith, G. W.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Interpretation of microarray data: Trudging out of the abyss towards elucidation of biological significance
Smith, J.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Dairy facilities and cow comfort for the next decade
St-Pierre, N.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Design and analysis of pen studies in the animal sciences
Sumrall, D.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Why am I investing the future of the dairy industry?
Swanson, J.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Active and collaborative learning
Swanson, K.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Nutritional Effects on Gene Expression in Canine Tissues
Thatcher, W. W.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  National Research Initiative (NRI) in reproduction: Challenges for success
Watson, A.
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  Oocyte cytoplasmic maturation: A key mediator of both oocyte and embryo developmental competence
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