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Sunday, July 9, 2006
    Triennial Reproduction Symposium
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  8:00 amNational Research Initiative (NRI) in reproduction: Challenges for success
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  8:00 amStatistical power calculations
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  8:00 amThe National Research Initiative (NRI) competitive grants program in animal reproduction: Changes in priorities and scope relevant to U.S. animal agriculture
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  8:00 amOocyte cytoplasmic maturation: A key mediator of both oocyte and embryo developmental competence
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  8:00 amProcedures for statistical treatment of binomial and categorical data
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  8:00 amRegulation of immune cells in the uterus during pregnancy in ruminants
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  8:00 amRegulation of oocyte meiotic maturation
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  8:00 amRNA interference: a new approach to in vivo study of gene function
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  8:00 amSeminal plasma signalling in the female reproductive tract
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  8:00 amInterpretation of microarray data: Trudging out of the abyss towards elucidation of biological significance
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  8:00 amThe dominant ovarian follicle
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  8:00 amA researcher's perceptions of USDA funding in reproduction
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  8:00 amWhy is the fetal allograft not rejected?
Monday, July 10, 2006
    Physiology and Endocrinology: Metabolic Regulation of Food Intake
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  9:30 amEffect of body composition on feed intake and macronutrient selection in growing pigs
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  9:30 amHepatic energy status as a stimulus for hunger and satiety
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  9:30 amMetabolic regulation of food intake in ruminants
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  9:30 amThe role of ghrelin in the regulation of energy balance in the sheep
    Women and Minority Issues in Animal Agriculture Luncheon
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  12:30 pmMutual mentoring: A strategy for success in academia and industry.
    Swine Species: Impact of ART in swine production: current and future
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmAn international perspective of cloning and advanced reproductive technologies
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmART of genetic globalization
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmBiotechnology and production do they go together?
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmBureaucracy around cloning and stem cells
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmSemen sexing in swine
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmThe value producers see in ART and cloning
    Companion Animals: Advances in Companion Animals - BioMarkers
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  3:15 pmGut microbial and immunological responses of dogs to diets containing alternative carbohydrates with properties similar to those of dietary fibers
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  3:15 pmMapping QTL for osteoarthritis in dogs
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  3:15 pmNutritional Effects on Gene Expression in Canine Tissues
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  3:15 pmThe future of companion animal research at Land Grant Universities
Tuesday, July 11, 2006
    Extension Education: Profitability of dairy farming in a global economy
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  9:30 amDeterminants of regional profitability on dairy farms
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  9:30 amFactors affecting income and costs
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  9:30 amFinancial records for dairy farms from across the USA
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  9:30 amNortheast Dairy Profitability
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  9:30 amProfitability of pasture-based versus confinement dairy farming
    ADSA SOUTHERN SECTION SYMPOSIUM: Practical and Applied Approaches to Managing Dairy Businesses in the Future
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmChallenges for feeding dairy cows in the next decade
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmDairy facilities and cow comfort for the next decade
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmFuture challenges for reproductive management of dairy cattle
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmLabor management strategies in the next decade
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmWhy am I investing the future of the dairy industry?
    Teaching/Undergraduate and Graduate Education Symposium: Student engagement…the classroom and beyond
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmActive and collaborative learning
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmEnriching the educational experience through co-curricular activities
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmStrategies for engaging students in large classes
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmStudent engagement at a distance using virtual teaching assistants in the classroom and beyond
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmThe Role of academic advising in student engagement
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmUsing the National Survey of Student Engagement to Understand Students' Experiences in the Agricultural and Related Sciences
Wednesday, July 12, 2006
    ADSA Production Division Symposium: Meeting the Research and Educational Needs of the Dairy Industry During the Next 25 Years
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmAdvancements and future challenges in understanding mammary gland function
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmChanging how we feed dairy cattle
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmDesign and analysis of pen studies in the animal sciences
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmOpportunities for improvement in dairy cattle genetics
Audio and SlidesSynchronized  2:00 pmTransferring knowledge to students and the dairy industry
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