ASAS 2005 Regional Meeting

ASAS 2005 Regional Meeting
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Session Table of Contents
Feed Beef Cattle for High Quality Markets
Sponsored by Certified Angus Beef
  Applying Weaning Management Strategies in Beef Production Systems
  Creep Feeding Calves to Produce Quality Beef
  Early Weaning and Feedlot Strategies to Produce Quality Beef
  Economic Effect of Post-Weaning Disease on Feedlot Gain and Carcass Traits
  Effect of Disposition on Feedlot Gain and Quality Grade
  Managing the Health Status of Early Weaned Calves
  Panel Discussion
Impact and Implications of Low Nutrient Excretion Diets in the Pork Industry
Sponsored by National Pork Board and The Kent Group
  Acceptance and Impact of Environmentally Friendly Diets in Europe
  Economic Impact of Low Nutrient Excretion Diets in Pork Production with Policy Implications
  Future Nutrient Issues Affecting Swine Production
  Impact of Diet Manipulation on Nutrient Excretion and Air Emissions Intensive Studies
  On-Farm Application of Diet Manipulation to Reduce Nutrient Excretion
  Using Growth Models to Predict Nutrient Requirements and Excretions
Effective Use of Ethanol Co-Products in Ruminant Diets
Sponsored by Dakota Gold Research Association and Iowa Corn Promotion Board
  Ethanol Industry Coproducts: Milling Process, Nutrient Content, and Variation
  Overview of the Ethanol Industry
  Panel Discussion
  Storage, Ensiling, and Handling Wet Ethanol Coproducts
  Using Distillers Grains in Diets for Growing and Finishing Beef Cattle
  Using Ethanol Industry Co-Products in Dairy Rations
  Using Ethanol Industry Coproducts in Diets for Forage-Fed Cattle
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