JAM 2013 Attendee Testimonials

“Animal agriculture researchers should attend these meetings. It's a large crowd that offers a lot of interaction potential with colleagues, especially those from outside the United States. It is stable, continuous, and has become the standby.”

“Presenting at JAM allowed other professionals interested in my line of research to easily locate and attend my oral presentation. That opportunity alone opened up multiple future collaborations that would not have happened without this meeting.”

“JAM is a great event! Every day we read papers by great researchers; at JAM we get to interact with them and discuss our research and ask questions. It's a great chance to network and receive feedback about our projects.”

“I'm a PhD student in animal science from Brazil. I was very satisfied with the meeting. I presented my work (poster) and watched excellent presentations. I'm sure I learned so much. Furthermore, I met great researchers with whom I talked about my work. The meeting was great for me! I hope I will be able to attend the next JAM.”

“Best scientific exchange.”

“This meeting is very interesting and is also able to increase our contact with researchers in other countries, increasing the contact across the world of research.”

“The best medium to exchange ideas and discuss research challenges among fellow researchers.”

“This was my first JAM; as such I was not sure what to completely expect. However, it exceeded my expectations; it provided me an opportunity to listen to the leading researchers in the country, network, and—most importantly—find a job.”

“Presenting at the JAM has provided me the opportunity to share my research with those in my field. As a graduate student, these opportunities are incredibly valuable as we get public-speaking practice, get feedback from experts in the field, and have the chance to get our name out there. While presenting is a very important part of the JAM, the networking may top it in importance to ADSA members. The JAM is a great setting to meet authors of articles that you've read and to meet up with colleagues that you have lost touch with over the last year. I plan to attend the JAM for as long as possible and truly think it's a great conference all around.”

“There is no better place to interact with animal science colleagues from all over the world than at JAM.”

“JAM sessions bring more animal science from more perspectives to one place than any other US meeting.”

“Great science, great people, great environment.”

“Before attending JAM this year, I had never been to a scientific meeting of any kind. I entered the original research competition for undergraduates and was quite nervous upon going to such a large event. Once I got there, however, I found that it was one of the most welcoming atmospheres I had ever been to. All of the other students my age were more than willing to chat with me about everything and anything. I also found it very easy to pick up on new ideas and potentially take them home to my family's dairy farm and maybe make a few changes myself.”

“The JAM provides intellectual stimulation and an opportunity to catch up with old acquaintances as well as to make important new connections.”

“JAM was great. It was awesome to meet so many people in the industry and students from other universities.”

“JAM is the ideal professional venue for networking, exposing myself to new ideas, and promoting my area of research.”

“As a member of the ADSA-Student Affiliate Division, I have attended the JAM for the past four years. Once again this year, I return from the conference rejuvenated in my belief of the future of the agriculture industry. The scientific presentations, opportunities for networking, and excellence from each member show the promise of our industry in the future. I hope to have this impact on my future students as a high school agriculture educator.”

“The best chance for interdisciplinary exchange in the field of livestock research.”

“Very impressive meeting where you can network with the experts in animal science from all over the world!”

“Excellent interdisciplinary opportunities.”

“JAM gives one a chance to get outside of their disciplinary comfort zone and see what is happening in complementary disciplines. It is refreshing to see the progress being made by colleagues in other areas and to learn how my own discipline will benefit.”

“This is the premier dairy-animal scientific meeting in the world that continues to draw an increasing proportion of international attendees.”

“It was a great combination of interaction and learning; a great opportunity for intellectuals to get together worldwide in one city!”

“JAM is a great conference experience. The topics presented cover a large scope of scientific material and had some good cutting-edge talks that inspired me to look into new techniques and methods. I have made many connections through the JAM conference in both the GSD events and the overall conference events. I would recommend this meeting to any animal scientist.”

“It is helpful to be aware of what others are doing”

“Scientific quality of JAM is the best.”

“The JAM is the most important worldwide meeting in livestock production.”

“JAM is the best meeting in the world in learning updated information across animal species.”

“JAM is THE meeting to get current on the cutting-edge dairy and animal research and meet with friends and colleagues from around the world.”

“It is a wonderful meeting which attracts most of the excellent scientists from all over the world to communicate and contribute to the development of animal science and the industry.”

“JAM is the largest gathering of animal scientists on the globe. It is always rewarding as lasting connections are made there.”

“These meetings typically allow you the opportunity to meet, interact, and socialize with more industry and academic people than you could accomplish in a normal month of travel”

“I'm so glad that I chose to attend the 2013 JAM. The experience was one of a kind. I did not grow up with a dairy background, and this conference helped me develop a deeper appreciation for the dairy industry and animal science in general.”

“If you want to have great interdisciplinary interaction and conference experience in animal science, JAM is a great choice.”

“I strongly that recommend grad students attend JAM. It is totally worth going!”

“I really enjoyed JAM this year.”

“Great meeting!”

“I always walk away from JAM revitalized and armed with new ideas to begin investigating. Additionally, I look forward every year to having a common location to reconnect with colleagues from all over the world for our own scientific reunion.”

“It is a unique opportunity to listen developments in other fields that may appear unrelated to yours, but surprisingly, there are people doing something similar or complementary with a very different perspective.”

“JAM is a meeting that provides quality discussion on the science of animal management as well as on topics that relate to the societal constraints on animal agriculture. We all need to broaden our vision and come to terms with issues that will affect our future.”

“The joint meetings for sister societies are a must to establish and maintain important professional connections.”

“A great experience! For a first-year master's student, it really got me excited for what lies ahead!”

“Brilliant conference, extremely varied, lots of people to meet and catch up with.”

“Great conference, great science, great people.”

“JAM is great!”

“A meeting to learn and to exchange between researchers and professionals on all topics on dairy science and production. The best poster sessions of all congresses to exchange ideas. A place where it is a pleasure to discover students work and to encourage them to progress in their works. A nice place for students to make contacts for future employment.”

“Exposing current and cutting-edge research to the scientific world.”

“Attending JAM was a great experience.”

“As an exhibitor, JAM is the one place and time that all of our customers come together. It is perfect for us for short training sessions and interaction with researchers and other vendors.”

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