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Sunday, July 15, 2012
Late-Breaking Original Research (Abstracts LB1–LB8)...Page i
ASN-ADSAฎ-ASAS Preconference: Regulation of Nutritional Intake and Metabolism (Abstracts 1–8)...Page 1
Triennial Reproduction Symposium: Impediments to Fertility in Domestic Animals (Abstracts 9–16)...Page 4
Monday, July 16, 2012
Animal Health I (Abstracts M1–M25)...Page 7
Breeding and Genetics: Fertility and Early-Life Traits (Abstracts M26–M43, M405)...Page 15
Companion Animals (Abstracts M44–M46)...Page 21
Dairy Foods (Abstracts M47–M62)...Page 22
Forages and Pastures I (Abstracts M63–M92)...Page 27
Graduate Student Competition: ADSA Dairy Foods Division Graduate Poster Competition (Abstracts M93–M101)...Page 38
Graduate Student Competition: ADSA Production Division Poster Competition, MS Division (Abstracts M102–M110, M404)...Page 41
Graduate Student Competition: ADSA Production Division Poster Competition, PhD Division (Abstracts M111–M119)...Page 45
Growth and Development I (Abstracts M120–M132)...Page 48
Lactation Biology I (Abstracts M133–M141)...Page 53
Meat Science and Muscle Biology I (Abstracts M142–M154)...Page 56
Nonruminant Nutrition: Amino Acids and Energy (Abstracts M155–M165)...Page 61
Nonruminant Nutrition: Enzymes (Abstracts M166–M171)...Page 65
Nonruminant Nutrition: Weanling Pig (Abstracts M172–M182)...Page 67
Physiology and Endocrinology I (Abstracts M183–M216)...Page 71
Production, Management and the Environment: Dairy I (Abstracts M217–M246)...Page 83
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef I (Abstracts M247–M271)...Page 93
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy I (Abstracts M272–M284)...Page 102
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy: Calves and Heifers (Abstracts M285–M304)...Page 107
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy: Feed Additives I (Abstracts M305–M327)...Page 114
Ruminant Nutrition: General I (Abstracts M328–M349)...Page 122
Ruminant Nutrition: Rumen Function and Digestion (Abstracts M350–M371)...Page 129
Small Ruminant: Nutrition (Abstracts M372–M397)...Page 136
Swine Species I (Abstracts M398–M403)...Page 145
Monday, July 16, 2012
Graduate Student Competition: ASAS Western Section Graduate Student Paper Competition (Abstracts 17–44)...Page 148
Animal Health I (Abstracts 45–55)...Page 158
Breeding and Genetics Symposium: Systems Biology in Animal Breeding: Identifying relationships among markers, genes, and phenotypes (Abstracts 56–60)...Page 162
Companion Animals Symposium: Nutrition Special Needs—The relationship between novel ingredients, environment and gene expression (Abstracts 61–65)...Page 164
Dairy Foods: Cheese and Products Processing (Abstracts 66–74)...Page 166
Forages and Pastures Symposium: Impact of Fungal-Endophytes on Pasture and Environmental Sustainability (Abstracts 75–79)...Page 169
Graduate Student Competition: ADSA Dairy Foods Division Oral Competition (Abstracts 80–88)...Page 171
Graduate Student Competition: ADSA Production Division Graduate Paper Competition–PhD Students (Abstracts 89–100)...Page 174
Graduate Student Competition: ADSA/ASAS Northeast Graduate Paper Competition (Abstracts 101–108)...Page 178
Growth and Development (Abstracts 109–118)...Page 181
International Animal Agriculture Symposium: Increasing Undergraduate and Graduate Student Training in International Animal Agriculture (Abstracts 119–124)...Page 185
Lactation Biology I (Abstracts 125–131)...Page 187
Nonruminant Nutrition: Minerals and Vitamins (Abstracts 132–139)...Page 190
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef Production I (Abstracts 140–151)...Page 193
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy Production I (Abstracts 152–162)...Page 197
Ruminant Nutrition I (Abstracts 163–168)...Page 201
ADSA-SAD Undergraduate Competition: Dairy Foods (Abstracts 169–174)...Page 204
Physiology and Endocrinology: Estrous Cycle Manipulation–Dairy (Abstracts 175–178)...Page 206
Graduate Student Competition: ADSA Southern Section (Graduate) (Abstracts 179–181)...Page 208
ADSA-SAD Undergraduate Competition: Dairy Production (Abstracts 182–189)...Page 209
ADSA Southern Section Symposium: Meeting the Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle During Heat Stress (Abstracts 190–195)...Page 212
ADSA-SAD Undergraduate Competition: Original Research (Abstracts 196–205)...Page 214
Animal Behavior and Well-Being: Use of Animal Behavior to Assess Animal Welfare (Abstracts 206–214)...Page 218
Animal Health II (Abstracts 215–225)...Page 221
Breeding and Genetics: Dairy Cattle Breeding I: Genetic Improvement of Animal Health (Abstracts 226–238)...Page 225
Companion Animals Symposium: Companion Animal Reproduction: To breed or not to breed? (Abstracts 239–244)...Page 229
Dairy Foods Symposium: Maximizing Value of Milk Proteins: Manufacture, applications and market opportunities for milk protein concentrate (Abstracts 245–249)...Page 231
Graduate Student Competition: ADSA Production Division Graduate Student Paper Competition, MS Division (Abstracts 250–257)...Page 233
Physiology and Endocrinology: Estrous Cycle Manipulation–Beef (Abstracts 258–267)...Page 236
Production, Management and the Environment: Beef, Sheep, Swine (Abstracts 268–276)...Page 240
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef (Abstracts 277–283)...Page 243
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy Production II (Abstracts 284–295)...Page 246
WSASAS Symposium-Beef: Beef Production in Arid Environments (Abstracts 296–300)...Page 251
Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Animal Behavior and Well-Being: Physiology Emphasis (Abstracts T1–T10)...Page 253
Animal Health II (Abstracts T11–T37)...Page 257
Breeding and Genetics: Applications and Methods in Animal Breeding (Abstracts T38–T59, T405)...Page 266
Dairy Foods: Cheese and Dairy Products (Abstracts T60–T74)...Page 274
Extension Education (Abstracts T75–T84)...Page 279
Food Safety: Food Safety Advances (Abstracts T85–T91)...Page 283
Forage and Pastures II (Abstracts T92–T120)...Page 286
Growth and Development II (Abstracts T121–T133)...Page 296
Lactation Biology II (Abstracts T134–T142)...Page 301
Meat Science and Muscle Biology II (Abstracts T143–T152)...Page 304
Nonruminant Nutrition: Feed Ingredients (Abstracts T153–T165)...Page 308
Nonruminant Nutrition: Health (Abstracts T166–T175)...Page 312
Physiology and Endocrinology II (Abstracts T176–T209)...Page 316
Production, Management and the Environment: Beef, Swine, Sheep (Abstracts T210–T238)...Page 327
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef: Co-products (Abstracts T239–T257)...Page 337
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy II (Abstracts T258–T276)...Page 343
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy: Feed Additives II (Abstracts T277–T300)...Page 350
Ruminant Nutrition: Feeds (Abstracts T301–T315)...Page 359
Ruminant Nutrition: General II (Abstracts T316–T351)...Page 364
Ruminant Nutrition: Young Stock (Abstracts T352–T362)...Page 376
Small Ruminant: Production (Abstracts T363–T388)...Page 380
Swine Species II (Abstracts T389–T394)...Page 389
Teaching/Undergraduate and Graduate Education (Abstracts T395–T399)...Page 391
Tuesday, July 17, 2012
ADSA Multidisciplinary and International Leadership Keynote (MILK) Symposium: How Dairy Exporters Can Provide Food Security (Abstracts 301–303)...Page 393
Animal Health III (Abstracts 304–315)...Page 394
ARPAS Symposium: Feed Efficiency: Opportunities for improvement, economics, and integration with environmental sustainability (Abstracts 316–318)...Page 398
Bioethics Symposium: Bioethical Challenges in Education: New challenges and opportunities (Abstracts 319–321)...Page 399
Breeding and Genetics: Dairy Cattle Breeding II– Applied molecular biology and genomics (Abstracts 322–333)...Page 400
CSAS Symposium: Are We Experiencing a Paradigm Shift in How We Feed Livestock As Industrial Agriculture Evolves in the 21st Century? (Abstracts 334–338)...Page 404
Extension Education I (Abstracts 339–347)...Page 406
Forages and Pastures I (Abstracts 348–359)...Page 409
Horse Species I (Abstracts 360–368)...Page 413
Lactation Biology II (Abstracts 369–375)...Page 416
Meat Science and Muscle Biology Symposium: In Utero Factors that Influence Postnatal Muscle Growth, Carcass Composition, and Meat Quality (Abstracts 376–379)...Page 419
Nonruminant Nutrition: Management/Metabolism (Abstracts 380–387)...Page 421
Physiology and Endocrinology Symposium: The Current Status of Heat Shock in Early Embryonic Survival and Reproductive Efficiency (Abstracts 388–391)...Page 424
Production, Management and the Environment: Beef Production (Abstracts 392–398)...Page 426
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef Production II (Abstracts 399–410)...Page 429
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy Production III (Abstracts 411–422)...Page 433
Small Ruminant: Nutrition and Parasites (Abstracts 423–432)...Page 437
ADSA-ASAS Northeast Section Symposium: The Future of Animal Agriculture Programs in the Northeast in the Face of Reducing Animal Holdings on Campus (Abstracts 433–435)...Page 441
Animal Health IV (Abstracts 436–446)...Page 442
Breeding and Genetics: Advances in Genomic Methodology (Abstracts 447–459)...Page 446
Breeding and Genetics: Beef Cattle Breeding I–Production Traits (Abstracts 460–471)...Page 451
Cell Biology Symposium: Molecular Basis for Feed Efficiency (Abstracts 472–475)...Page 455
Companion Animals Symposium: Impact of Anthropomorphism on Companion and Captive Animal Husbandry (Abstracts 476–480)...Page 457
Dairy Foods Symposium: Bioactive Components in Milk and Dairy Products: Recent international perspectives and progresses in different dairy species (Abstracts 481–485)...Page 459
Forages and Pastures II (Abstracts 486–498)...Page 461
Horse Species II (Abstracts 499–504)...Page 465
Nonruminant Nutrition: Feed Ingredients (Abstracts 505–515)...Page 467
Physiology and Endocrinology: Pregnancy (Abstracts 516–524)...Page 471
Production, Management and the Environment: Dairy (Abstracts 525–537)...Page 474
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef Production III (Abstracts 538–549)...Page 478
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy: Feed Additives (Abstracts 550–561)...Page 482
Ruminant Nutrition II (Abstracts 562–573)...Page 486
Small Ruminant Symposium: Novel Uses of Natural Bioactive Compounds in Small Ruminant Production and Future Directions (Abstracts 574–578)...Page 491
Swine Species (Abstracts 579–585)...Page 493
Teaching/Undergraduate and Graduate Education: Graduate and Undergraduate Teaching (Abstracts 586–597)...Page 496
WSASAS Symposium: Growing Beef Cattle: The future of stocker/backgrounding systems in beef production (Abstracts 598–601)...Page 500
Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Animal Behavior and Well-Being: Behavior Emphasis (Abstracts W1–W18)...Page 502
Animal Health III (Abstracts W19–W38)...Page 508
Beef Species (Abstracts W39–W53)...Page 515
Breeding and Genetics: Molecular Biology and Genomics (Abstracts W54–W77)...Page 520
Dairy Foods: Microbiology and Dairy Chemistry (Abstracts W78–W91)...Page 528
Forages and Pastures III (Abstracts W92–W120)...Page 533
Growth and Development III (Abstracts W121–W134)...Page 543
Horse Species (Abstracts W135–W147)...Page 548
Lactation Biology III (Abstracts W148–W156)...Page 553
Nonruminant Nutrition: Feed Additives (Abstracts W157–W172)...Page 556
Nonruminant Nutrition: Management (Abstracts W173–W181)...Page 561
Nonruminant Nutrition: Minerals and Vitamins (Abstracts W182–W186)...Page 564
Physiology and Endocrinology III (Abstracts W187–W221, W406)...Page 566
Production, Management and the Environment: Dairy II (Abstracts W222–W235)...Page 578
Production, Management and the Environment: Environmental Quality (Abstracts W236–W249)...Page 583
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef: Feed Additives (Abstracts W250–W263, W407)...Page 588
Ruminant Nutrition: Co-Products (Abstracts W264–W295)...Page 593
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy: Feeds and Co-Products (Abstracts W296–W318)...Page 604
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy: Rumen function and digestion (Abstracts W319–W334)...Page 612
Ruminant Nutrition: General III (Abstracts W335–W355)...Page 618
Ruminant Nutrition: Other Ruminants (Abstracts W356–W360)...Page 625
Ruminant Nutrition: Feed Additives (Abstracts W361–W378)...Page 627
Small Ruminant: Reproduction, Parasites, and Environment (Abstracts W379–W396)...Page 633
Swine Species III (Abstracts W397–W402)...Page 639
Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Alpharma/Beef Species Joint Symposium: Redefining the Replacement Heifer Paradigm (Abstracts 602–605)...Page 642
Breeding and Genetics: Beef Cattle Breeding II–Applied Genomics (Abstracts 606–614)...Page 644
Companion Animals (Abstracts 615–622)...Page 647
Dairy Foods: Microbiology and Chemistry (Abstracts 623–630)...Page 650
Dairy Foods: Physico-Chemical Properties (Abstracts 631–639)...Page 653
Extension Education II (Abstracts 640–647)...Page 656
Food Safety: Advances in Food Safety (Abstracts 648–651)...Page 659
Horse Species Symposium: Equine-Assisted Therapies: Incorporation into university programs (Abstracts 652–654)...Page 661
Meat Science and Muscle Biology Symposium: Pre-Slaughter Stress, Postmortem Glycolysis, and Biophysical Mechanisms of Meat Quality (Abstracts 655–657)...Page 662
Nonruminant Nutrition: Amino Acids and Energy (Abstracts 658–665)...Page 663
Physiology and Endocrinology I (Abstracts 666–672)...Page 666
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef: Feed Additives (Abstracts 673–680)...Page 669
Small Ruminant: Production and Reproduction (Abstracts 681–688)...Page 672
Symposium: Recent Advances in Swine Genomics (Abstracts 689–691)...Page 675
Teaching/Undergraduate and Graduate Education Symposium: Giving Employers What They Want–How Ready is Today’s Animal Science Graduate? (Abstracts 692–695)...Page 676
Contemporary and Emerging Issues (Abstracts 696–698)...Page 678
Beef Species (Abstracts 699–706)...Page 679
Breeding and Genetics: Dairy Cattle Breeding III–Genetic Evaluation (Abstracts 707–718)...Page 682
Breeding and Genetics: Small Ruminants, Poultry, and Nontraditional Species (Abstracts 719–726)...Page 686
Dairy Foods Symposium: Advances in Yogurt Manufacture and Product Functionalities (Abstracts 727–731)...Page 689
Extension Education Symposium: Does Extension Have a Future in Today’s Agriculture? (Abstracts 732)...Page 691
Graduate Student Symposium: From Hypothesis to Manuscript: How to Conduct Valuable and Efficient Research (Abstracts 733–736)...Page 692
Growth and Development Symposium: Participation of Adult Tissue-Restricted Stem Cells in Livestock Growth and Development (Abstracts 737–741)...Page 693
Lactation Biology Symposium: The Long-Term Impact of Epigenetics and Maternal Influence on the Neonate Through Milk-Borne Factors and Nutrient Status (Abstracts 742–746)...Page 695
Meat Science and Muscle Biology (Abstracts 747–753)...Page 697
Nonruminant Nutrition: Feed Additives (Abstracts 754–763)...Page 700
Physiology and Endocrinology: Nutritional Physiology (Abstracts 764–774)...Page 703
Production, Management and the Environment: Environmental Quality (Abstracts 775–785)...Page 707
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef Co-Products (Abstracts 786–797)...Page 711
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy Production IV (Abstracts 798–809)...Page 715
WSASAS Symposium: Ruminant Stress: Implications on Health and Performance of Ruminants (Abstracts 810–814)...Page 719
Breeding and Genetics: Swine Breeding (Abstracts 815–818)...Page 721
Thursday, July 19, 2012
Animal Behavior and Well-Being: Pain and Discomfort in Farm Animals (Abstracts 819–827)...Page 723
Forages and Pastures III (Abstracts 828–839)...Page 726
Physiology and Endocrinology II (Abstracts 840–848)...Page 731
Symposium: Reproductive Immune Interactions (Abstracts 849)...Page 734
Ruminant Nutrition: General Ruminant Nutrition (Abstracts 850–860)...Page 735
Ruminant Nutrition Symposium: Update on Nutrient Requirements for Ruminants (Abstracts 861–864)...Page 739
Teaching/Undergraduate and Graduate Education Symposium: Online Education for a Hands-On Career: The good, the bad and the ugly of online education in animal sciences (Abstracts 865–869)...Page 741
Author Index...Page 743
Keyword Index...Page 780

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