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Sunday, July 10, 2011
Symposia and Oral Sessions

Late-Breaking Original Research (Abstracts LB1–LB8)...Page i
Triennial Lactation Symposium: Lactation Biology Training for the Next Generation—A Tribute to Dr. H. Allen Tucker (Abstracts 1–7)...Page 1

Monday, July 11, 2011
Poster Presentations

Animal Behavior and Well-Being (Abstracts M1–M27)...Page 4
Animal Health I (Abstracts M28–M46)...Page 14
Animal Health: Johne's Disease (Abstracts M47–M54)...Page 20
Beef Species: Beef Cattle Production (Abstracts M55–M59)...Page 23
Breeding and Genetics: Dairy Cattle Breeding (Abstracts M60–M77)...Page 25
Breeding and Genetics: Poultry Breeding (Abstracts M78–M83)...Page 31
Dairy Foods: Chemistry, Processing, and Analysis (Abstracts M84–M102)...Page 34
Extension Education (Abstracts M103–M115)...Page 40
Forages and Pastures: Antinutritive Compounds in Forages (Abstracts M116–M132)...Page 45
Forages and Pastures: Forage Production and Quality (Abstracts M133–M141)...Page 51
Graduate Student Poster Competition: ADSA Dairy Foods (Abstracts M142–M154)...Page 55
Graduate Student Poster Competition: ADSA Production – MS (Abstracts M155–M165)...Page 60
Graduate Student Poster Competition: ADSA Production – PhD (Abstracts M166–M177)...Page 64
Growth and Development I (Abstracts M178–M192)...Page 69
Lactation Biology 1 (Abstracts M193–M199)...Page 75
Nonruminant Nutrition: DDGS (Abstracts M200–M202)...Page 78
Nonruminant Nutrition: Enzymes (Abstracts M203–M211)...Page 79
Nonruminant Nutrition: Feed Additives (Abstracts M212–M226)...Page 82
Physiology and Endocrinology I (Abstracts M227–M262)...Page 87
Production, Management and the Environment: Dairy Production (Abstracts M263–M286)...Page 99
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef Cattle (Abstracts M287–M312)...Page 107
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy Cattle (Abstracts M313–M372)...Page 116
Ruminant Nutrition: Ruminal Metabolism (Abstracts M373–M392)...Page 136
Ruminant Nutrition: Small Ruminant (Abstracts M393–M400)...Page 143
Small Ruminant: Small Ruminant Nutrition (Abstracts M401–M427)...Page 146

Monday, July 11, 2011
Symposia and Oral Presentations

Animal Behavior and Well-Being Symposium: Novel Techniques for Euthanasia (Abstracts 8–12)...Page 155
Animal Health: Beef (Abstracts 13–24)...Page 157
Beef Species and Ruminant Nutrition Joint Symposium: Cow Size, Genetics, Management and The Beef Industry (Abstracts 25–28)...Page 161
Breeding and Genetics: Genomic Selection and Whole-Genome Association I (Abstracts 29–40)...Page 163
Extension Education Symposium: Reinventing Extension as a Resource What Does the Future Hold? (Abstracts 41–45)...Page 167
Food Safety Symposium: Safe Food Production: Zoonotic Disease-Control, Responsibility, and Liability (Abstracts 46–47)...Page 169
Forages and Pastures: Improving Silage Conservation, Utilization and Performance of Grazing Ruminant (Abstracts 48–59)...Page 170
Graduate Student Oral Competition: ADSA Dairy Foods (Abstracts 60–69)...Page 174
Graduate Student Oral Competition: ADSA Production – PhD (Abstracts 70–81)...Page 178
Graduate Student Oral Competition: ADSA Southern Section (Abstracts 82–87)...Page 183
Lactation Biology Symposium: Circadian Clocks and Photoperiod in Mammary Development and Lactation (Abstracts 88–91)...Page 185
Nonruminant Nutrition: Enzymes and Minerals (Abstracts 92–100)...Page 187
Physiology and Endocrinology: Estrous Cycle Manipulation – Dairy (Abstracts 101–106)...Page 190
Production, Management and the Environment: Dairy Production I (Abstracts 107–114)...Page 193
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef: By–Product Feeds (Abstracts 115–126)...Page 196
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy: Protein and Fats (Abstracts 127–138)...Page 200
ADSA–SAD Dairy Foods Undergraduate Competition (Abstracts 139–144)...Page 205
Graduate Student Competition: ADSA-ASAS Northeast Section (Abstracts 145–148)...Page 207
ADSA–SAD Dairy Production Undergraduate Competition (Abstracts 149–157)...Page 209
ADSA–SAD Original Research Undergraduate Competition (Abstracts 158–169)...Page 212
ADSA Southern Section Symposium: Producing Quality Milk in Hot, Humid Climates (Abstracts 170–174)...Page 216
Animal Behavior and Well-Being 1 (Abstracts 175–181)...Page 218
Animal Health: Johne's Disease (Abstracts 182–193)...Page 221
Cell Biology Symposium: Novel Technologies and Novel Insights (Abstracts 194–196)...Page 225
Breeding and Genetics Symposium: Really Big Data: Processing and Analysis of Very Large Datasets (Abstracts 197–200)...Page 226
Dairy Foods: Filtration and Drying (Abstracts 201–208)...Page 228
Dairy Foods Symposium: Technological Advancements in the Reduction of Pathogens and Spoilage Organisms in Milk
(Abstracts 209–214)
...Page 231
Forages and Pastures: Alternative Forages and Improving Forage Quality and Characterization
(Abstracts 215–225)
...Page 233
Graduate Student Oral Competition: ADSA Production – MS (Abstracts 226–238)...Page 237
Graduate Student Symposium: Becoming Your Own Best Advocate: How to Expand and Communicate Your Skills and Qualifications
(Abstracts 239–242)
...Page 242
Growth and Development: Adipose and Body Composition in Ruminants (Abstracts 243–251)...Page 244
Nonruminant Nutrition: Health/Management (Abstracts 252–262)...Page 247
Physiology and Endocrinology: Estrous Cycle Manipulation – Beef (Abstracts 263–272)...Page 251
Production, Management and the Environment: Dairy Production II (Abstracts 273–281)...Page 255
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef: Additives and Supplements (Abstracts 282–293)...Page 258
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy: Calves (Abstracts 294–303)...Page 262

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Poster Presentations

Animal Health II (Abstracts T1–T18)...Page 266
Beef Species: Beef Cattle Production (Abstracts T19–T23)...Page 272
Breeding and Genetics: Molecular Genetics (Abstracts T24–T54)...Page 274
Companion Animals (Abstracts T55–T67)...Page 284
Contemporary and Emerging Issues (Abstracts T68–T69)...Page 289
Dairy Foods: Microbiology (Abstracts T70–T93)...Page 290
Dairy Foods: Milk Protein and Enzymes (Abstracts T94–T97)...Page 297
Food Safety (Abstracts T98–T115)...Page 299
Forages and Pastures: Enhancing Forage Characterization Methods (Abstracts T116–T124)...Page 305
Forages and Pastures: Improving Pasture Quality and Utilization and Animal Performance (Abstracts T125–T150)...Page 309
Horse Species: Equine Advancements I (Abstracts T151–T165)...Page 319
International Animal Agriculture (Abstracts T166–T177)...Page 324
Nonruminant Nutrition: Amino Acids (Abstracts T178–T188)...Page 328
Nonruminant Nutrition: Energy (Abstracts T189–T194)...Page 332
Nonruminant Nutrition: Feed Ingredients (Abstracts T195–T200)...Page 334
Nonruminant Nutrition: Gastrointestinal Physiology (Abstracts T201–T205)...Page 336
Physiology and Endocrinology II (Abstracts T206–T239)...Page 338
Production, Management and the Environment I (Abstracts T240–T270)...Page 349
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef Cattle (Abstracts T271–T296)...Page 359
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy Cattle (Abstracts T297–T354)...Page 368
Ruminant Nutrition: Ruminal Metabolism (Abstracts T355–T377)...Page 387
Ruminant Nutrition: Small Ruminant (Abstracts T378–T383)...Page 395
Small Ruminant: Health, Growth, Extension, and Dairy (Abstracts T384–T409)...Page 397
Swine Species (Abstracts T410–T419)...Page 405
Teaching/Undergraduate and Graduate Education (Abstracts T420–T428)...Page 408

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Symposia and Oral Presentations

Animal Behavior and Well-Being 2 (Abstracts 304–315)...Page 411
ARPAS Symposium: Understanding Meta-Analysis (Abstracts 316–317)...Page 415
Beef Species: Beef Production (Abstracts 318–328)...Page 416
Breeding and Genetics: Genomic Selection and Whole-Genome Association II (Abstracts 329–341)...Page 420
Companion Animals Symposium: Promoting Companion Animal Biology and Research in Animal Sciences (Abstracts 342–347)...Page 425
Contemporary and Emerging Issues Symposium: Emerging Animal Welfare Issues (Abstracts 348–356)...Page 427
Food Safety (Abstracts 357–365)...Page 430
Lactation Biology 1 (Abstracts 366–374)...Page 433
Meat Science and Muscle Biology Symposium: Meat in the Diet (Abstracts 375–378)...Page 436
Milk Protein and Enzymes Symposium: Milk Proteins and Peptides: Bioactivity and Digestion (Abstracts 379–383)...Page 437
Nonruminant Nutrition: Amino Acids (Abstracts 384–394)...Page 439
Physiology and Endocrinology: Growth and Metabolism (Abstracts 395–404)...Page 443
Production, Management and the Environment & Forages and Pastures Joint Symposium: Environmental Impact of Beef and Dairy Systems (Abstracts 405–411)...Page 447
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef: Vitamin and Minerals (Abstracts 412–420)...Page 450
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy: Forages and Fiber (Abstracts 421–432)...Page 453
Small Ruminant: Nutrition (Abstracts 433–440)...Page 457
Swine Species (Abstracts 441–451)...Page 460
Animal Behavior and Well-Being 3 (Abstracts 452–464)...Page 464
Bioethics Symposium: The Ethical Food Movement: What Does it Mean for Animal Agriculture? (Abstracts 465–468)...Page 469
Breeding and Genetics: Dairy Cattle Breeding I (Abstracts 469–475)...Page 471
Breeding and Genetics: Quantitative Animal Breeding (Abstracts 476–485)...Page 474
Companion Animals Symposium: Living Beyond 20: Discoveries in Geriatric Companion Animal Biology (Abstracts 486–491)...Page 477
Dairy Foods Symposium: Innovations in Dairy Processing Unit Operations (Abstracts 492–495)...Page 479
Dairy Foods: Microbiology and Probiotics (Abstracts 496–503)...Page 480
Extension Education: Dairy and Livestock (Abstracts 504–515)...Page 483
Growth and Development Symposium: Understanding and Mitigating the Impacts of Inflammation on Animal Growth and Development
(Abstracts 516–520)
...Page 487
Meat Science and Muscle Biology: Beef Quality and Muscle Biology (Abstracts 521–528)...Page 489
Nonruminant Nutrition Symposium: Nutrient and Neuroendocrine Regulation of Gastrointestinal Function (Abstracts 529–532)...Page 492
Physiology and Endocrinology Symposium: Factors Controlling Puberty in Beef Heifers (Abstracts 533–536)...Page 494
Physiology and Endocrinology I (Abstracts 537–546)...Page 496
Production, Management and the Environment: Beef Production I (Abstracts 547–556)...Page 500
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef: Proteins and Carbohydrates (Abstracts 557–568)...Page 504
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy: Ruminal Metabolism (Abstracts 569–580)...Page 509
Small Ruminant: Small Ruminant Production (Abstracts 581–586)...Page 513

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Poster Presentations

Animal Health III (Abstracts W1–W21)...Page 515
Beef Species: Beef Cattle Production (Abstracts W22–W26)...Page 522
Breeding and Genetics: Beef and Small Ruminant Breeding (Abstracts W27–W51)...Page 524
Breeding and Genetics: Genomic Selection and Whole-Genome Association (Abstracts W52–W60)...Page 533
Dairy Foods: Cheese (Abstracts W61–W74)...Page 536
Dairy Foods: Products (Abstracts W75–W89)...Page 540
Forages and Pastures: Improving Forage Conservation and Quality (Abstracts W90–W125)...Page 545
Growth and Development II (Abstracts W126–W141)...Page 557
Lactation Biology 2 (Abstracts W142–W150)...Page 563
Meat Science and Muscle Biology (Abstracts W151–W182)...Page 566
Nonruminant Nutrition: Health (Abstracts W183–W193)...Page 577
Nonruminant Nutrition: Management (Abstracts W194–W200)...Page 581
Nonruminant Nutrition: Mineral (Abstracts W201–W209)...Page 584
Nonruminant Nutrition: Mineral and Sow Nutrition (Abstracts W210–W214)...Page 587
Physiology and Endocrinology III (Abstracts W215–W251)...Page 589
Production, Management and the Environment II (Abstracts W252–W281)...Page 601
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef Cattle (Abstracts W282–W307)...Page 611
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy Cattle (Abstracts W308–W365)...Page 620
Ruminant Nutrition: Ruminal Metabolism (Abstracts W366–W396)...Page 639
Ruminant Nutrition: Small Ruminant (Abstracts W397–W403)...Page 649
Small Ruminant: Carcass, Genetics, Management, and Reproduction (Abstracts W404–W427)...Page 652

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Symposia and Oral Presentations

Animal Health: Swine and Other Species (Abstracts 587–594)...Page 661
Breeding and Genetics Symposium: Is There Space for Genomic Selection in Small Populations? (Abstracts 595–600)...Page 664
Dairy Foods: Impact of Salt Reduction on Cheese (Abstracts 601–607)...Page 666
Dairy Foods: Yogurt and Ice Cream (Abstracts 608–616)...Page 669
Extension Education Symposium: Enhancing Educational Approaches for Future Changes in Biosecurity and Antibiotic Use in Animal Agriculture (Abstracts 617–619)...Page 672
Horse Species: Equine Advancements (Abstracts 620–628)...Page 673
International Animal Agriculture (Abstracts 629–633)...Page 676
Meat Science and Muscle Biology Symposium: Biochemical Mechanisms influencing Postmortem Proteolysis and the Identification of Protein Markers for Predicting Tenderness (Abstracts 634–636)...Page 678
Nonruminant Nutrition: DDGS (Abstracts 637–642)...Page 679
Nonruminant Nutrition Symposium: Nutrition’s Role in Environmental Management and Meeting Government Regulations
(Abstracts 643–646)
...Page 681
Physiology and Endocrinology II (Abstracts 647–654)...Page 683
Production, Management and the Environment: Production (Abstracts 655–662)...Page 686
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy: Fats, Proteins, and Carbohydrates (Abstracts 663–670)...Page 688
Ruminant Nutrition Symposium: Modulation of Metabolism Through Nutrition and Management (Abstracts 671–674)...Page 691
Ruminant Nutrition: Small Ruminants (Abstracts 675–683)...Page 693
Small Ruminant: Health and Genetics (Abstracts 684–690)...Page 696
Alpharma Beef Cattle Nutrition Symposium: Enhancing Beef Production Efficiency with New Knowledge and Technologies: Building the Bridges for Future Collaboration (Abstracts 691–695)...Page 699
Animal Health: Dairy I (Abstracts 696–706)...Page 701
Breeding and Genetics: Dairy Cattle Breeding II (Abstracts 707–713)...Page 705
Breeding and Genetics: Molecular Genetics (Abstracts 714–719)...Page 708
Dairy Foods: Cheese (Abstracts 720–727)...Page 710
Dairy Foods: Chemistry and Dairy Product Analysis (Abstracts 728–735)...Page 713
Growth and Development: Animal Performance and Cellular Differentiation (Abstracts 736–745)...Page 716
Meat Science and Muscle Biology: Lamb and Pork Quality and Muscle Biology and Meat Products (Abstracts 746–753)...Page 720
Nonruminant Nutrition: Feed Ingredients/Feed Additives (Abstracts 754–763)...Page 723
Nonruminant Nutrition Symposium: Nutrition and Gut Microbiome (Abstracts 764–768)...Page 727
Physiology and Endocrinology: Nutritional Physiology (Abstracts 769–779)...Page 729
Production, Management and the Environment: Dairy Facilities (Abstracts 780–786)...Page 733
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy: Minerals, Vitamins, and Other Stuff (Abstracts 787–794)...Page 736
Small Ruminant Symposium: Advancements in Genetic Selection of Small Ruminants for Performance and Parasite Resistance
(Abstracts 795–799)
...Page 739
Teaching/Undergraduate and Graduate Education Symposium: Adapting Our Teaching to Meet Current and Emerging Societal Needs
(Abstracts 800–806)
...Page 741
ADSA Production Division Symposium: Current and Future Determinants of Dairy Product Pricing (Abstracts 807–809)...Page 743

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Symposia and Oral Presentations

Animal Health: Dairy II (Abstracts 810–821)...Page 744
Dairy Foods: Milk Protein & Enzymes (Abstracts 822–828)...Page 748
Lactation Biology 2 (Abstracts 829–837)...Page 750
Meat Science and Muscle Biology: Extracellular Matrix in Skeletal Muscle Development and Meat Quality (Abstracts 838–841)...Page 753
Nonruminant Nutrition: Energy and Dietary Fat (Abstracts 842–847)...Page 755
Production, Management and the Environment: Environmental Quality (Abstracts 848–857)...Page 757
Ruminant Nutrition: Beef: Supplements (Abstracts 858–869)...Page 761
Ruminant Nutrition: Dairy Nutrition (Abstracts 870–882)...Page 766
Ruminant Nutrition: Mycotoxins – Prevalence, Impact, and Control Strategies in Ruminant Diets (Abstracts 883–886)...Page 771
Teaching/Undergraduate and Graduate Education (Abstracts 887–896)...Page 773

Author Index...Page 777
Key Word Index...Page 810