FASS 2004 Joint Meeting
FASS 2004 Joint Meeting
Session Table of Contents
Allee, Gary
 Historical and current perspectives of nutritional formulation in swine and poultry to reduce environmental impact
Appleby, Michael
 Considerations of the Relationship between Food Prices and Animal Welfare
Bailey, J
 Control of Salmonella in poultry production, the European experience - can it be adapted to the US
Berger, Larry
 Effects of Nutrition and Management on Carcass Value and Profitability
Boeneke, Chuck
 Fortification in dairy products
Bruhn, C.M.
 Consumer attitudes toward dairy foods
Bruhn, Christine
Burkhardt, R Jeffrey
 Ethics and Low-Priced Meat, Milk and Eggs Too Much of a Good Thing
Burrin, Doug
Burrin, Doug
 Proglucagon A gene with diverse metabolic functions
Burrington, Kimberlee
 Nutritional properties of whey proteins.
Carey, John
 Development of on-farm treatment of animal waste
Carpenter, Glenn
 Industry assessment of feed management practice implementation through animal nutritionist focus groups.
Clark, J. H.
 Impacts of the source and amount of crude protein on the intestinal supply of nitrogen fractions and performance of lactating dairy cows
Findlay, Jock
 Genomic regulation of ovarian follicular developmen
Fox, Danny
 Reducing environmental impact of cattle through precision feeding
Harvey, R.B.
 Use of competitive exclusion to control enterotoxigenic strains of E. coli
Hodges, John
 Cheap food and its impact upon health, safety and security of supply
Hogberg, Maynard
 Interrelationships of Animal Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Communities
Johnson, Alan
 The balance between viability and apoptosis in granulose cells as a determinant of ovarian follicle survival
Klopfenstein, T.J.
 Nitrogen Supply to the Lower Gut and Its Relationship to Animal Performance in Beef Cattle.
Kohn, R
 Mathematical models used to determine ruminant protein requirements and availabilities.
Lapierre, H
 What is the true supply of amino acids
Larson, Robert
 The Effect of cattle health on performance, production costs, and carcass value
Lawrence, John
 Assessing the cost of beef quality
le Roux, CW
 Role of PYY in Appetite Regulation during Obesity
Quackenbush, John
 Beyond expression adding meaning to microarray data
Reynolds, C.K.
 Gut peptides and feed intake regulation in lactating dairy cows
Ricke, S.C
 Development of rapid methods for assessing nutrient bioavailability
Siragusa, Gregory
 Strategies to reduce Clostridium perfringens
Stern, Marshall
 Nitrogen Metabolism in the Rumen
Stern, Norman
 Strategies to reduce Campylobacter
Strickland, Ray
Tschop, Matthias
 Ghrelin - the "Hunger Hormone" or Just Another Gut Peptide
Ustunol, Z
 Probiotics in health Their immunomodulatory potential against allergic disorders
Williams, C.M.
 Alternative uses and value added processing of animal waste products
Williams, Gary
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