Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday / 12:30 - 2:00PM
Hot Topics Networking Lunch Program
Fourquet Fourchette du Palais, in the Palais des congres

To facilitate networking, attendees are encouraged to meet over lunch to discuss hot topics, from 12:30 – 2:00pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Fourquet Fourchette du Palais, in the Palais des congres. Lunch is at your own expense, from $10 to $20 CAD, and includes a soup of the day, the salad bar, a main course, coffee and dessert.

Please note that these lunches are not facilitated.

Monday, July 13
Group 1: Genetic Markers for Health Issues in Animals
Group 2: Use of By-products in Swine Diets
Group 3: Opportunities for Research and Teaching Programs with Companion and Exotic Animals

Tuesday July 14
Group 4: What is Hot in Statistical Analysis of Data?
Group 5: Recruiting Students - Grad and Undergrad
Group 6: Creativity in Dairy and Animal Products Development

Wednesday, July 15
Group 7: What is the Role of Animal and Dairy Scientists in the Current Global Economic Crisis – Helping Agricultural Businesses and Farmers Survive
Group 8: Research Funding: How can ASAS, ADSA, and CSAS Come Together to Help Create New Funding Opportunities?
Group 9: Carbon “Footprints” in Animal and Dairy Industries: Farms and Factories