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2005 Joint Annual Meeting
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Session Table of Contents
Alpharma Beef
Challenging the Limits of Caloric Intake in Feedlot Cattle
  Sites, rates, and limits of starch digestion and glucose metabolism in growing cattle
  Ruminal dynamics during adaptation of beef cattle to high-concentrate diets
  Overview of various methods used commercially to adapt cattle to finishing diets
  An upper limit for caloric density of finishing diets
Dairy Foods
Extended Shelf Life of Fluid Milk Symposium
  Influence of raw milk quality on fluid milk shelf life
  Current status of commercial fluid milk quality
  Extending refrigerated shelf life of fluid milk using a novel HTST system
  Application of microwave processing to extend shelf life of fluid milk
  Use of microfiltration (MF) to improve fluid milk quality
  Dairy applications for microfiltration
Sheep Species
Management of Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Sheep
  Epidemiology of sheep gastrointestinal nematodes in the U.S
  Immunological aspects of nematode parasite control
  Use of QTL to determine parasite resistance in sheep
  The effects of forages/plants on Haemonchus contortus infection
  Biological control of nematode parasites in sheep
Meat Science/Muscle Biology
Novel Technologies in Muscle Biology/Fresh Meat Research
  Adipocytes, myofibers, and cytokine biology: New horizons in the regulation of growth and body composition
  Gene expression profiling: Insights into skeletal muscle growth and development.
  Use of transgenic mouse models to understand proteolytic degradation systems in muscle
  Application of proteomics in meat research
Ruminant Nutrition
Symposium - Exploring the Boundaries of Efficiency in Lactation: Metabolic Relationships in Supply of Nutrients in Lactating Cows
  Metabolic relationships in supply of nutrients in lactating cows
  Integration of ruminal metabolism in dairy cattle
  Regulation of key metabolic processes in lactation
  Nutrient supply for milk production by splanchnic tissues in dairy cows
  Metabolic models of ruminant metabolism: Recent improvements and current status
Production and Management
Impact of Culling Rate on Dairy Profitability
  Historical examination of culling of dairy cows from herds in the United States
  The impact of timing of the culling event on profitability in dairy herds
  Culling: nomenclature, definitions and some observations
  The effect of animal removal on herd internal growth rate
  A bankers view on culling
  Genetics of longevity and productive life
  Culling from a dairymanís perspective: a function of goals and management
Beef Species
Vertical Coordination in the Beef Industry: Implications for Animal, Information, and Enterprise Management
  National Animal Identification: An update
  Implications of beef system vertical coordination on animal identification and data handling
  Creating systems to produce high quality beef
  Managing a beef production unit as part of a vertically coordinated supply chain
  Implications of Beef System Vertical Coordination: a Latin American Perspective
Scholarship of Teaching as Related to Promotion and Tenure, Symposium
  The scholarship of teaching and learning: The synergy of scholar and teacher
  Promotion and tenure on the basis of excellence in teaching: An institutional perspective
  Promotion and tenure on the basis of excellence in teaching: A faculty perspective
Cow Comfort on Commercial Dairy Operations
  Maximizing cow comfort on dry lot dairies
  Practical methods for reducing heat stress on dairy operations
  Maximizing cow comfort in free-stall facilities
  Factors influencing time budgets of dairy cattle
  Animal welfare audits on dairy operations
Current Topics in Dairy Management: Transition Cows
  Manipulating the transition udder: Where dairy management meets mammary gland biology
  Effects of modified dry periods on milk yield, milk composition and mammary development in dairy cows
  Photoperiodic effects on the transition dairy cow
  Impact of increased milking frequency during early lactation
Nonruminant Nutrition
Stable Isotope Tracer Techniques for Nonruminant Nutrition Research and Their Practical Applications (Symposium)
  Mass isotopomer distribution analysis (MIDA) for studying intermediary nutrient metabolism
  Measuring splanchnic amino acid metabolism by using stable isotope tracers
  Mineral bioavailability and metabolism determined using stable isotope tracers
  Measuring nitrogen-containing polymer synthesis rates by using stable isotope tracers
  Factors affecting in vivo fatty acid and triglyceride synthesis rates measured by stable isotope tracers
Food Safety
The Future of Food Safety: An Issue of National Importance
  Foodborne illness and antibiotic resistance: Types, sources and extent of problem
  Ethical issues surrounding food-borne illness: Who is responsible?
  Pathogen control in the field. What can we do to reduce pathogens entering the abattoir?
  Pathogen control during processing: What we can do to reduce pathogens in the processing plant?
  The economics of pathogen control in the meat industry: Who is going to foot the bill?
  Food Safety as a Critical National Issue
Companion Animals
New Advances in Pet Health, Nutrition and Reproductive Management
  Maximizing conception rates using fresh cooled or frozen canine semen
  Improving puppy trainability through nutrition
  Research advances in carotenoid nutrition and immunology of dogs and cats
  Critical issues in aging and cancer: Implications for effective cancer prevention
Animal Health
Alpharma Symposium: Animal Health: Acidosis in Dairy Cattle
  Ruminal acidosis: beyond the rumen
  Regulation of ruminal pH: interaction of dietary and animal factors
  Applied aspects of ruminal acidosis induction and prevention
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