IAAFCS 2001 Meeting

1. HAVE FUN, ENJOY AND BE SAFE! Do whatever necessary to make this happen.

2. The two coaches of opposing teams (and the Commissioner of Softball if he can be located) will decide all matters of conflict.

3. Basic distances - just in case you have to step them off:

Pitcher to home: 50 feet
Base paths: 65 feet
Foul lines anything logical and agreed upon by both coaches

4. Unlimited substitutions within and between innings providing substitutions are not done to gain an advantage.

5. 10 fielders, 6 infield, 4 outfield

6. Everyone (whether currently playing infield or not) on the team bats in a consistent order as determined by the coach.

7. Pitchers should try to use a minimum arch of 4 feet and not over 10 feet.

8. Batters will only get TWO strikes and TWO balls, that is, they will assume a count of 1 strike and 2 balls when they come to bat. Three outs ends a team bat.

9. Batters will be allowed only TWO foul balls during each at bat. On their 2nd strike, they get two foul balls providing they have none earlier. With the 2nd foul ball they are automatically out.

10. Runners can run past any base (providing they touch the base) and return as SAFE. If the runner makes a SERIOUS move toward the next base (rounds about 10 feet) then they are subject to being OUT with a proper play. THIS RULE WILL PREVENT LOTS OF INJURIES.

11. TAGGING of any runner IS NOT ALLOWED. To make outs, fielders simply touch the appropriate base before runner does.

12. Fielders, especially catchers, CANNOT block or impede any runner - OUR ANTI-COLLISION RULE.

13. Lucky 13 - - HAVE FUN, ENJOY & BE SAFE! Do whatever necessary to make this happen.

Commissioner of Softball
Hunter Hunt