CURRENT EXHIBITORS (as of 7/16/01)

AAALAC International
ADDS Center
Alltech, Inc.
Alpharma Inc.
Alternative Design Manufacturing
American Dairy Science Association
American Meat Science Association
American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists
American Society of Animal Science
Animal Industry Foundation
ANKOM Technology
APC, Inc.
Auburn University: Meat Science
Aventis Animal Nutrition
Bar Diamond Inc.
Biacore, Inc.
BioControl Systems
Bioproducts Inc.
Biospherics Incorporated (FlyCracker )
Biovance Technologies, Inc.
BioZyme Incorporated
BK Giulini Corporation
Brilliant Alternatives
CABI Publishing
CAST-Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
Chr. Hansen BioSystems
Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
Cibus Corporation
Classic Ultrasound Equipment
Cornell University
Cotton Incorporated
Dairy One Forage Lab
Dairy Records Management Systems
Dalex Computer Systems, Inc.
Degussa Corporation
Diagnostic Systems Laboratories, Inc.
Diamond V Mills
Dontech Industries/Micro-Pure
Easy Systems, Inc.
Elanco Animal Health
Elsevier Science/Reed Elsevier
Eurofins Scientific, Inc./Woodson-Tenent Laboratories Division
Excel Corporation, A Cargill Foods Company
FARME Institute, Inc.
FASS Bookstore
FDA/Center for Veterinary Medicine
Federation of Animal Science Societies
Feedstuffs Newspaper
French's Ingredients
Genesis Midwest Laboratories, LLC
Griffin Industries, Inc.
Harcourt Health Sciences
International Ingredient Corporation
Iowa State University Press
Leco Corporation
LignoTech USA, Inc.
Lotek Wireless Inc.
Loveland Industries, Inc.
Lyco Manufacturing, Inc.
Micro Beef Technologies/Animal Ultrasound Services
Midland BioProducts Corporation
Milk Products Inc.
Milk Specialties Company/MS BioScience
Monsanto Company
Mosdal Scale Systems, Inc.
National Institute for Animal Agriculture
National Pork Producers Council
Nottingham University Press
Novus International, Inc.
Nutra-Flo Protein Products
Omega Protein
Omnion, Inc.
OXIS Research
PalmLab Inc.
PBI-Dansensor America, Inc.
PetAg, Inc.
Pharmacia Animal Health
Positive Action Publications
Poultry Protein & Fat Council
Poultry Science Association
Prentice Hall
Professional Dairy Heifer Growers Association
PURAC America, Inc.
Purdue University Press
Quali Tech, Inc.
Quebec City 2002
RMS Research Management Systems, USA Inc.
Roche Vitamins Inc.
Saf Agri
SAS Institute
Soy Best
Soybean Meal Information Center
Universal Ultrasound
West Central Soy