List of Accepted Abstracts for 2001 IAAFSC Joint Meeting

ASAS Rabbit Species

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ADSA/ASAS Animal Health

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11889 Bedding material preferences of crossbred cattle

11898 The diagnostic value of serum cholesterol in cows and newborn calves.

11932 Extension needs and approaches towards livestock health improvement in Bangladesh : Proshika experience

12043 Opsonic activity of serum and whey from cows immunized with the Escherichia coli ferric citrate receptor

12052 Prevalence of bovine mastitis increases with average linear score and has possible implications for genetic selection

12072 Opsonization of Escherichia coli cultured in iron-replete and iron-delete media

12101 On-farm batch pasteurization destroys Mycobacterium paratuberculosis in waste milk

12123 Oral glycerol as an aid in the treatment of ketosis/fatty liver complex

12135 Using Solanum glaucophyllum as a source of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D to prevent hypocalcemia in dairy cows

12138 Association between retained placenta and blood interleukin-8 concentration and lack of association of retained placenta with energy and calcium metabolic profiles

12145 Growth Responses of Escherichia coli to Purified Immunoglobulin G from Cows Immunized with Ferric Citrate Receptor FecA

12162 Heritability of Ascaridia galli egg output in laying hens

12175 Effects of an induced mammogenesis and lactogenesis in sheep on the mRNA expression levels of immune globulin receptors (FcRn; pIGR) and zona occludens proteins (ZO1; ZO2; ZO3)

12200 Immunogenicity of a putative intranasal vaccine against bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV)in calves

12322 Influence of estrus on somatic cell count in dairy goats

12346 Differential effect of dexamethasone on lymphocyte proliferation and immunoglobin production in vitro

12348 Effect of oral administration of dehydroepiandosterone-sulfate (DHEAS) on pig lymphocyte function in vitro

12451 Associations between porcine leptin and leptin-receptor marker genotypes and immune parameters

12462 Dairy farmers and veterinarians: partners in profit

12502 Economic Efficacy of Treatment Protocols for Clinical Mastitis

12554 Economic consequences of Johne's disease control programs on dairy herds in Pennsylvania

12591 Impact of season and heat stress on SCC from infected and uninfected quarters

12623 Effect of Left Displacement of Abomasum (LDA) Corrected by Toggle Pin Suture on Performance of Holstein Dairy Cows

12654 Improved quantification of total lipids from liver samples

12682 Efficacy of a concentrated equine serum product to prevent failure of passive transfer of immunity in neonatal foals

12707 Profiling intestinal microbial populations with the cpn60 molecular diagnostic

12758 Adhesion of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae to swine soluble fibronectin.

12764 Effect of slow-release insulin on bovine hepatic lipidosis

12773 Testing for the Presence of Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli Infections Causing Diarrhea in Swine Using PCR and ELISA Techniques.

12852 Establishing and comparing profiles of antimicrobial resistance in Staphylococcus aureus isolates from selected organic and conventional dairy farms in Vermont.

12861 Brain cholinesterase activity in cattle exposed to coumaphos in Mexico

12978 Serum antibody responses in Holstein cows immunized five times with J5 Bacterin.

13049 Evaluation of early detection of induced Staphylococcus aureus mastitis using infrared thermography

13070 Effect of environmental stressors on ADG, serum retinol and a-tocopherol concentrations, and incidence of bovine respiratory disease of feeder steers

13080 Biosecurity measures of spray-dried plasma protein in weanling pigs

13155 Effect of disease on fertility traits in Swedish dairy cattle using survival analysis methodology

13168 Influence of dietary antioxidant vitamins on performance of feeder steers exposed to simulated feedyard dust

13189 Evaluation of Mannan Oligosaccharide on the microflora and immunoglobulin status of sows and piglet performance

13194 Parenteral vitamin E for prevention of retained placenta in dairy cows

13200 The incidence and impact of clinical endometritis in dairy cows

13226 Utility of RAP-PCR to identify genes in bovine liver differentially expressed following in vivo endotoxin (LPS) challenge

13289 Impact of leptin on in vitro cytokine production during early and mid lactation

13389 Antibiotic effects of Tylosin in the large intestine of swine fed sub-therapeutic concentrations of Tylan

13395 Effects of acidosis inducing diets on memory responses to viruses in Holstein steers

13402 The effects of metaphylactic treatment with tilmicosin on the incidence of bovine respiratory disease in growing dairy replacement heifers

13406 Evidence for Transfer of Tylosin and Tylosin-Resistant Bacteria in Air from Swine Production Facilities using Sub-Therapeutic Concentrations of Tylan in Feed

13430 Relationship of somatic cell score with fertility measures

13439 Prepartum body condition score and liver glycogen concentration decrease circulating memory activity to viral antigens in periparturient dairy cows.

13510 Relative contribution of nitric oxide (NO)- synthase (NOS) isoforms to hepatic NO production following low-level in vivo endotoxin (LPS)-challenge in cattle

13518 In vitro aflatoxin binding characteristics of an esterified glucomannan product

13605 The influence of negative energy balance on udder health

13627 Differential tyrosine phosphorylation on bovine PMN

13645 Bovine PMN release the COX-2 protein when stimulated with bacterial lipopolysaccharide

13719 Growth and immune function of calves fed milk replacer with added nitrate

13732 Techniques for RNA isolation and cDNA integrity in bovine blood PMN

13737 Isolation of membrane protein associated with IgM binding from bovine neutrophils

13758 Development of a DNA-based vaccine for the prevention of staphylococcal mastitis

13766 Changes in the Amino Acid Ratio and Ammonia Concentration in Plasma and Cerebrospinal Fluid of Dairy Cows suffering from Hepatosteatosis and Liver Failure

13782 Modulation of apoptosis in bovine blood PMN by actinomycin-D, lipopolysaccharide, and sodium butyrate
ADSA/ASAS Breeding & Genetics

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11913 Estimation of genetic parameters for lactation yields of milk, fat and protein of New Zealand dairy goats

11931 Genetic parameters estimates for lean growth rate and its components in U.S. Yorkshire, Duroc, Hampshire, and Landrace pigs

11938 Genetic parameters for stillbirth in Dutch Black-and-White dairy cattle

11967 The relationship between the estrous situation of donor cows and genetic gain in Japanese Holstein MOET populations

11968 Identification of genome positions associated to monthly production and health records using a single-marker model

11969 Interval mapping detection of QTL influencing lactation patterns in Holstein cattle

11974 Estimation of genetic parameters of lamb mortality using survival analysis

11979 Growth evaluation of young Tabapua beef cattle by covariance function analyses and random regression models

12005 PIT-1, a candidate gene for mass assisted selection in dairy bulls

12022 Heritability estimates for birth weight of exotic dairy breeds in Nigeria

12040 Analysing survival score and calving interval as a measure of fertility in Holstein Friesian cows in seasonal calving herds

12055 Genotype by country interactions for growth traits in Charolais populations across four countries

12057 A Bayesian approach for constructing genetic maps when genotypes are miscoded

12107 Estimation of heritability and repeatability for superovulatory responses of Japanese Holstein population

12120 Effect of heat stress on Non-Return rate in Holstein cattle

12139 Effects of selection for yearling ultrasound intramuscular fat percentage in Angus bulls on carcass traits of progeny

12149 Identification of factors that cause genotype by environment interactions between dairy production systems

12197 Genetic correlation between final scores over time in Holsteins

12227 Parameter estimation of epistasis effects using orthogonal marker contrasts

12235 Bayesian analysis of skewed Gaussian models: an application to reproductive traits in dairy cattle

12239 Implementation of an approximate multitrait BLUP evaluation to combine production traits and functional traits into a total merit index

12245 Correlations between clinical mastitis at different stages of lactation in Norwegian Cattle using a multivariate threshold model

12253 Evaluation of milk yield and udder characteristics in beef cows sired by high or low Milk EPD bulls

12290 Effects of the Porcine Melanocortin 4 Receptor gene on growth rate, feed conversion and carcass composition of pigs sired by PIC337 or PIC408 boars

12294 Interval mapping of quantitative trait loci affecting yield and health traits in dairy cattle

12299 Bayesian inference on uncertain paternity for prediction of genetic merit

12313 Inversion-free method for variance component estimation under the animal model

12316 A heterogeneity model for estimating the number of QTL alleles in a segregating population

12323 Experimental selection for reduced calving difficulty: estimated breeding value trends

12324 Accuracy of marker assisted selection using a mixed model method

12338 The genetic relationships among milk yield, herd life and productive life in Holstein cows in Hokkaido, Japan

12339 Economic weight and selection index with variance of milk yield, herd life, and depreciation cost

12341 Simultaneous accounting for heterogeneity of (co)variance components in genetic evaluation of type traits

12374 Estimation of genetic correlations between countries and prediction of sire breeding values using individual animal performance records

12390 Suitability of physiological traits of young cattle for the evaluation of their performance stability

12396 Relationship between post-weaning performance and reproductive performance in first parity Landrace females

12458 Genetic correlations of pathogen-specific clinical mastitis with milk yield and somatic cell score

12471 A genome scan to identify quantitative trait loci affecting economically important traits in an elite US Holstein population

12494 Evaluation of classifiers that score type traits and body condition score using common sires

12499 Non-random mating schemes for selection with restricted rates of inbreeding

12500 Least Squares Lehmann-Scheffe superior to other methods for estimating variance components and heritability

12511 Minimization of rate of inbreeding for populations with overlapping generations combining live and frozen genetics

12528 Effect of duration of feeding on variance component estimation for ADG of lambs

12563 Adjustment for heterogeneity of genetic variance across herds in the Italian Holstein Friesian

12626 Incorporating external information in multi-breed genetic evaluation

12628 Breed direct and maternal genetic effects and predicted means for cow weight

12629 Production of 17 cDNA libraries and successful EST sequencing of 10,124 clones from porcine female reproductive tissues

12642 Determining Weights in a Multiple Objective Programming Dairy Breeding Problem

12647 Macroarray analyses of differential gene expression in porcine fetal and postnatal skeletal muscle RNA

12649 Use of matrix exponentials to enforce the positive definite constraint of covaraince matrices

12652 Utilization of ultrasound data from designed progeny testing programs for calculation of carcass trait expected progeny differences

12664 Genetic correlations between mature and birth or weaning weights of Hereford cattle

12686 Correlations among body condition score change, body condition score, production and reproductive performance

12696 Genetic parameter estimates for prolificacy, growth and wool characteristics of Rambouillet sheep

12708 Development of a physical map of bovine chromosome 4 that contains the gene responsible for Bovine Progressive Degenerative Myeloencephalopathy (PDME)

12719 Relationships and inbreeding among young dairy bulls entering AI progeny test programs

12721 Models for birth, weaning and fleece weights, and litter size for a population of Targhee sheep

12729 The pairwise relatedness between relatives conditional on genetic markers

12734 Use of repeatedly measured ultrasound percentage of intramuscular fat data to evaluate individual animal rankings

12738 Correlated responses in sow productivity in a line of Landrace pigs selected for increased ultrasound loineye area.

12753 The extention of mixed model equations to finite normal mixture models for marker assisted analysis of quantitative traits

12765 Estimation of heritability for serially measured ultrasound fat thickness and percentage of intramuscular fat in Angus cattle using random regression models

12778 Comparative mapping and linkage analysis to identify the genetic region responsible for Bovine Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

12811 Effects of inbreeding of sow on reproduction and litter performance in a closed population of Landrace pigs.

12825 Models for predicting the market weight of finishing pigs based on current age and weight.

12859 Composite interval mapping analysis of milk production and health traits in US Holsteins

12866 Influence of the quality of reproductive event data on heritability of gestation length in DHI herds

12876 Marker assisted selection for first calving age at embryo level: a simulation study

12878 Genotype by environment interaction for milk production traits in Guernsey cattle

12885 Predictions of 305-day lactation yields in cows by ARMA models

12889 Effects of genotype-by-environment interactions in conventional versus pasture-based dairies

12899 The use of fuzzy set to reduce inbreeding in MOET breeding schemes

12913 Lactation curves of milk production traits of Italian Water Buffaloes estimated by a mixed linear model

12915 Simultaneous estimation of genetic correlations for milk yield among a large number of Holstein populations

12920 Genetic correlations among piglet survival, birth weight and performance traits

12932 Genetic variation between two tropically adapted Bos taurus breeds, the Romosinuano and the Senepol

12948 Alternative strategies for estimation of country sire variance in international evaluations of dairy bulls

12953 Optimal selection on two quantitative trait loci with linkage

12966 Evaluation of statistical models and permutation tests for detecting gametic imprinting in QTL scans

12974 Evidence of paternally imprinted QTL around IGF2 in a Berkshire-Yorkshire cross

12976 Combined interval mapping of QTL using mixed models in reference families with complex pedigrees and its application to chromosome 13 of swine

12987 Detection of quantitative trait loci for functional and conformation traits in a whole genome scan in dairy cattle

13000 Two-step and random regression analyses of weight gain of Canadian beef bulls

13003 Bayesian linear mixed models employing the contaminated normal distribution: a simulation study in animal breeding

13012 Heritabilities and genetic correlations between height, length, weight and body condition score of Holstein heifers in high producing Wisconsin dairy herds

13026 A novel and highly effective method to generate transgenic mice and chickens: linker-based sperm-mediated gene transfer

13030 Genetic evaluation of episodes of short and long duration of elevated somatic cell scores

13045 Simulation of economic responses to simulated selection for increased conception rate in beef cattle

13046 Generation of transgenic pigs by sperm-mediated gene transfer using a linker protein (mAb C)

13077 Evaluation of Duroc vs. Pietrain sired progeny for meat quality

13090 Analysis of the relationship between linear type traits, inbreeding, and survival in US Jersey cows.

13099 Estimates of genetic and phenotypic parameters of calf birth weight and calving difficulty in Limousin cattle

13105 Evaluation of genetic relativeness and diversity in five goat breeds using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis

13118 Bayesian analysis of multiple-linear and categorical traits with varying number of categories

13196 Accuracy of reported birth and calving dates of dairy cattle in the United States

13198 Nonlinear relationship between birth weight and calving ease determined with ecological analysis in a multi-breed commercial beef herd

13220 Evaluations for final score at different ages

13272 Possible global scale for ranking dairy bulls by blending national rankings

13279 Genetic evaluations based on ultrasound of yearling beef cattle as related to carcass characteristics of commercially produced progeny

13282 Superiority of QTL-assisted selection in different dairy cattle breeding schemes

13310 Genetic analysis of candidate genes for Weaver Syndrome in Brown Swiss cattle.

13324 PIT-1 gene sequencing and mutation analysis in sheep

13326 Evidence for genotype by environment interacton in production traits of US Holsteins under grazing versus confinement

13329 Effect of separating contemporary group by age of dam in Simmental genetic evaluation

13417 Variance of effects of lactation stage within herd by herd yield

13421 Strategies for continual application of MAS in an open nucleus population

13503 Effects of information in pedigrees on estimates of inbreeding depression for days to first service and summit milk yield.

13551 An assessment of threshold models with Student t distributed liabilities for the analysis of calving ease

13561 The effect of the number of loci on genetic evaluations in finite locus models

13571 Expected correlated responses for conformation traits, 48 month stayability and milk yield of Mexican Holstein cattle

13577 The Association Between the Estrogen Receptor Locus and Growth, Carcass, and Developmental Traits in Pigs

13608 Comparison of random regression test-day models using Bayes factors

13609 Method to establish average relationships among Holstein bull populations over time

13618 Evidence for an association between a Hind III PCR-RFLP at the bovine insulin-like growth factor binding protein-2 (IGFBP-2) locus and growth and carcass traits in beef cattle

13625 Establish confidence intervals for daily milk yield measures by robust bootstrap

13631 Determination of covariance functions for lactation traits on dairy cattle using random-coefficient regressions on B-splines

13646 Use of partial augmentation to improve the Monte Carlo sampling of variance components

13651 Effect of reducing the frequency of milk recording on accuracy of genetic evaluation using a random regression model

13655 Heritability estimates of visceral fat weight

13656 Timeliness of progeny testing through artificial insemination and percentage of bulls returned to service

13666 Genetic parameters for some growth traits of Local breed of goat in the United Arab Emirates

13674 Bayesian inference in linear mixed model using Dirichlet process prior

13677 Evaluation of corrective mating programs for dairy cattle in the U.S

13683 Calving disorders of Holstein cows selected for large versus small body size

13689 Improved resolution of the porcine-human comparative genetic map

13693 Determining inbreeding levels for the Navajo-Churro sheep breed

13702 Analyses of sequential weights of Brazilian Zebu cattle using a multiple trait model by REML and Bayesian method.

13751 Genetic relationships between insulin-like growth factor-I and performance traits in two lines of purebred swine
ADSA/ASAS Contemporary Issues

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11924 Survey of auction and slaughter horses

12106 Positioning SAS software for corporate effectiveness

12216 Real options analysis applied to dairy cow breeding and replacement decisions

12432 Future for red meat consumption cannot be accurately evaluated by using per capita: A different approach, per adult human unit versus per capita

12620 Lowering dietary P in dairy rations reduces the vulnerable P fraction in manure

12636 Manure sample processing effects on nitrogen and phosphorus

13033 Sustainable Outdoor Pork Production

13207 Reducing phosphorus solubility in animal manures using chemical amendments
ADSA/ASAS Extension Education

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11976 Dairy farm HACCP: PMO bulk tank temperature and wash cycle compliance on 10 Minnesota dairies

12013 Environmental mastitis pathogens in fresh bedding material

12054 Teaching pork producers breeding and gestation herd management skills via the Internet

12529 The importance of best management practices and quality assurance programs in development of animal production food safety training/teaching modules

12539 Frequency of the porcine stress gene in show pigs and its effects on meat quality

12559 Performance comparisons between mature cows categorized by weight and frame score combinations that are enrolled in a cow herd performance testing program

12923 Evaluation of dairy farmers' use of financial long-range planning .

13025 Establishing a catfish off-flavor control program in Georgia

13129 A training workshop for the National Dairy InfoBase

13154 Designing and implementing a quality assured, source-verified feeder calf sale program

13244 BASECOW # An Excel add-in specific for the dairy production consultant

13257 Helping the dairy producer make decisions 1: evaluating dairy herd production records

13275 Helping the dairy producer make decisions 2: an expert system makes recommendations

13312 Dairy Farm Sustainability Check Sheet

13342 Effectiveness of a volunteer association in conducting 4-H/youth extension activities.

13477 Phosphorus adsorption implications on phosphorus management on dairies

13516 Mississippi farm to feedlot program: carcass performance

13569 On farm/ranch HACCP - Is it time?

13587 A bioeconomic model of the broiler chicken supply chain - simulation for extension

13592 The economic benefits of reducing age at first calving in dairy heifers

13595 Profitability analysis model for assessing the relationship between feeder frame scores, feed efficiency and carcass merit

13596 The use of early post weaning performance and quality data of feeder calves in determining the best marketing method for cow calf producers

13599 The Dairy Employee Education Program of the Michigan State University Extension Dairy Team.

13664 The A.I.M. Program (Allied Inputs and Marketing): A Producer Cooperative that Reduces Production Costs and Increases Market Value of Calves

13668 Cow College: Implementation of an Intense, 9-day Educational Opportunity for Beef Producers in Kentucky

13847 Mississippi farm to feedlot: feedlot performance
ADSA/ASAS Food Safety

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11901 Organochlorine pesticide residues in cow's milk from tropical region of Veracruz (Mexico)

12068 Effect of dietary fiber on enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157:H7 shedding in lambs

12103 Ionizing radiation effectively destroys Mycobacterium paratuberculosis in milk

12276 Microbiological and Rheological Characteristics and Their Association with Shelf-life of Fresh Soft Goat Milk Cheese.

12305 Simple and Rapid Method for Screening Antimicrobial Activities of Bifidobacterium Species of Human Isolates

12327 Comparisons of meat carcass surface bacterial collection efficiencies utilizing a novel wet-vacuum Microbial Sampler and the Sponge method

12474 Differences in Transfer of Nicarbazin, Meticlorpindol and Ivermectin from Feed to Milk

12518 Chlorate supplementation in drinking water reduces {E. coli} O157:H7 populations in cattle prior to harvest

12588 D-value Determination of Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella typhimurium in low fat ready-to-eat processed meat

12672 Integron gene sequences within poultry farms and processing plants

12781 Simultaneous detection of Salmonella sp. and E. coli O157:H7 using PCR on beef carcasses from a slaughterhouse in Mexico City

12834 Detection of ochratoxin A in sorghum grain using various methods

12897 Surveillance programme of the microbiological safety and hygiene of meat in South Africa

12975 Detection of transgenic DNA in bovine milk: Results for cows receiving a TMR containing maize grain modified for insect protection (MON810).

13085 Molecular Subtyping and Tracking of Listeria monocytogenes in Hispanic Cheese Factories

13185 Assessment of novel feeds in animal nutrition

13188 Nutritional evaluation of Bt-corn in pigs

13203 Real-time Assessment Of The Microbial Quality Of Fluid Milk Using A Simple Noninstrumental Microrespirometer

13206 Novel Biosensors for the Rapid Detection of Campylobacter in Various Food Matrices

13215 Novel Biosensors for the Rapid Detection of Salmonella Species in Various Food Matrices

13320 Fermentation of whey permeate to lactic acid by Lactobacillus helveticus in a spiral-sheet bioreactor

13410 Comparison of cultivation to PCR-hybridization for detection of Salmonella in porcine fecal and water samples

13416 MOLECULAR certification in chicken meat channel

13431 Characterization of isolated bacterial strains with antagonistic properties against food-borne pathogen Listeria monocytogenes

13446 Weekly shedding of Campylobacter jejuni on 12 Midwest and Northeast dairy farms

13472 The effect of environmental and substrate factors on the growth and survival of Salmonella agona

13549 Multiple Campylobacter coli genotypes from sows and piglets in a commercial swine operation.

13554 Effect of Shipping Stress in Beef Cattle on Prevalence Levels of Enterohemoragic E. coli and Salmonella spp. from the Feedlot to the Packing Plant

13558 Effects of Tasco # 14 on Prevalence Levels of Enterohemorragic Escherichia coli and Salmonella spp. in Feedlot Steers

13709 Apramycin resistance of E. coli isolated from cold-stressed swine

13729 Salmonella isolation on 12 Midwest and Northeast dairy farms

13738 Prevalence, incidence, and duration of fecal shedding of Escherichia coli O157:H7 by feedlot cattle throughout the feeding period

13768 Occurrence of verotoxin-producing Escherichia coli in beef and dairy heifers grazing the same pasture

13796 Isolation of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis (M.ptb) from thin market cows at slaughter
ADSA/ASAS Growth & Development

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11899 Relationships between concentration of serum immunoglobulins and growth rate of dairy heifers

11936 Growth of myoblasts derived from genetically different mice, pigs, and cattle

11988 IGF-I and analogues can increase growth in artificially-reared neonatal pigs

12060 Effect of Synovex-S® on pituitary-thyroid axis response to challenge with a combination of thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH) and growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) in beef steers

12132 Endocrine response and fat metabolism change in finishing pigs treated with N-methyl-d,l,-aspartate(NMA)

12187 The effects of zinc and thyroid hormone on the expression of growth hormone and thyroid stimulating hormone in primary rat anterior pituitary cells

12198 Cloning, mapping, and functional analysis of porcine pituitary homeodomain transcription factor genes

12201 Purification of porcine b-casein from milk by liquid chromatography, N-terminal sequencing, and antisera development.

12317 Cyclic stretch influences p21WAF1 promoter activity in myoblasts and myotubes

12340 Effects of immunization aganist LHRH on growth performance, sex characteristics, and meat quality of intact male pigs

12342 Performance, carcass characteristics and plasma levels of thyroid hormones and insulin like growth factor-I in feedlot intact crossbred (Bos taurus × Bos indicus) Brazilian Superyoung System

12353 Thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH) mediates serotonin-induced release of growth hormone

12359 Solubilization and purification of a recombinant chicken myostatin expressed as inclusion bodies in E. coli

12402 Temporal effects of daily estradiol administration on nitrogen metabolism and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) gene expression in liver and skeletal muscle in growing lambs

12404 Effects of estradiol administration and level of protein intake on nitrogen metabolism and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) gene expression in muscle in growing steers

12433 A GnRF vaccine (Improvac®) and porcine somatotropin have synergistic and additive effects on growth performance in group-housed boars and gilts, respectively

12438 Body composition of Piedmontese x Hereford and Wagyu x Hereford newborn calves

12443 Post-weaning growth of cattle destined for Japanese and Korean markets: Relationships between growth during backgrounding and intramuscular fat percentage (IMF%) at slaughter

12452 Regulation of selection-induced growth hormone expression in porcine single trait selection lines

12463 Growth and carcass quality of offspring in response to somatotropin (pST) treatment of sows during early gestation

12496 Growth Performance, Metabolic and Endocrine Traits in Calves Pair-fed by Automate or by Bucket During the First Month of Life

12552 Age-related changes of the somatotropic axis in cloned Holstein calves

12568 Effect of intramuscular plasmid delivery and electroporation on circulating concentration of the plasmid-encoded reporter gene in the pig

12622 Effect of an IGF-I transgene on tissue accretion rates in pigs

12641 Effects of a dairy calf starter containing yeast culture on daily grain intake, weight gain, structural growth, and rumen development in dairy calves.

12698 Stair-step compensatory growth regimen in dairy heifers and its effects on transition health.

12722 Effect of Somatostatin-14 (SS-14) and Passive Immunization Against SS-14 on Circulating Levels of Growth Hormone (GH) in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhyncus mykiss)

12725 Lipogenic activity and adipose tissue cellularity in steers fed casein-formaldehyde-protected starch and(or) canola lipid

12752 Effects of added rumen undegraded protein and bovine somatotropin administration on skeletal growth rates in prepubertal dairy heifers.

12789 Effects of dietary protein on the endogenous calpain/calpastatin proteolytic system in canine skeletal muscle

12818 Granular-secretory fraction of the bovine fetal cotyledons: I. Elution pattern and electrophoretic characterization

12831 Granular-secretory fraction of the bovine fetal cotyledons: II. Effect on rate of growth of mice

12867 Influence of long-term maternal nutrition on ovine fetal growth and development

12940 Feed Intake Patterns, Metabolic and Endocrine Traits, and Growth Performance During the First Month of Life of Calves Provided Restricted or Unlimited Amounts of Colostrum and Milk with an Automate

12941 Leptin receptor expression in the bovine mammary gland and other tissues

12981 Tibial lesions in broiler chicks after feeding different dietary concentrations of calcium and ammonium chloride

12984 Stereoselectivity of porcine beta-adrenergic receptors for ractopamine isomers

12996 Effect of oxytocin (OT) on hourly milk secretion in gilts with mastitis.

13004 Glucose metabolism in Holstein and Jersey calves fed milk replacer once versus twice daily

13009 Analysis of cell proliferation in the prepubertal bovine mammary gland

13011 Calf serum IgG concentrations affects weaning performance

13040 The Effect of Stage of Growth and Implant Exposure on Carcass Composition and Quality in Steers

13056 Gene expression in sexually dimorphic muscles in sheep

13073 Effects of added rumen undegraded protein (RUP) and bovine somatotropin (bST) administration on mammary gland growth in prepubertal dairy heifers

13101 Effects of dietary conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) on the composition and function of peripheral blood mononuclear leukocyte populations in heifer calves

13113 Postnatal nutrition and fatness affect plasma leptin concentration in neonatal sheep

13210 Effects of added rumen undegraded protein and bovine somatotropin administration on organ and tissue weights in prepubertal dairy heifers

13224 Hormonal regulation of postnatal chicken preadipocyte differentiation in vitro

13235 Effects of added rumen undegraded protein and bovine somatotropin administration on body composition in prepubertal dairy heifers

13254 The effect of photoperiod on hepatic Growth Hormone receptor (GHR) expression in steer calves.

13258 Involvement of the type I and type II glucocorticoid receptors (GR) in growth hormone (GH) cell differentiation (GHDIFF) during chicken embryonic development

13323 Graded levels of rbST (recombinant bovine somatotropin) at multiple time injections on growth performance response of Arctic charr {Salvelinus alpinus}

13409 The effect of LXRa ligands on adipocyte differentiation.

13432 Muscle-derived insulin-like growth factor-I alters postnatal growth

13436 Leptin in neonatal pigs: effects of oral versus intramuscular administration

13465 Effect of dexamethasone treatment on growth in neonatal swine

13485 Milk fat synthesis in dairy cows is progressively reduced by increasing amounts of trans-10, cis-12 congugated linoleic acid (CLA)

13498 Studies on lipid metabolism in hepatocytes from growing pigs

13500 Effects of dietary protein and weaning age on hormone and metabolite concentrations in neonatal dairy calves

13514 Recruitment and differentiation of intramuscular preadipocytes in stromal-vascular (S-V) cell cultures derived from fetal pig semitendinosus muscles

13544 Feeding conjugated linoleic acid to reduce the impact of an infectious disease challenge in growing swine

13585 Physiological responses and growth rates of dairy heifers when raised from birth to weaning during hot weather.

13642 Plasma IgG concentration in neonatal calves in response to a colostrum supplement or colostrum replacer and addition of deoxycholic acid

13648 Evaluation of bovine or porcine plasma in calf milk replacers on mortality, morbidity, intake and growth of young dairy calves

13650 Intake, growth and efficiency of calves fed milk replacers containing whey protein concentrate or alternative animal proteins

13671 Relationships between a single-point mutation in the chloride channel-1 gene and phenotypic responses in the Myotonic goat
ADSA/ASAS Physiology

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11984 LH and leptin pulsatile secretions are independent in ewe lambs

12003 Development of specific antibodies for the quantification of plasma insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-3 in cattle

12034 Hormonal induction of enhanced removal of impaired follicles improved oocyte quality in the autumn in previously heat-stressed cows.

12037 Factors affecting the time intervals between estrus, LH surge and ovulation in high-yield dairy cows

12039 Follicular dynamics and concentrations of steroids and gonadotropins in lactating cows and nulliparous heifers.

12048 Gene expression of immunologically relevant factors in blood cells, milk cells and mammary tissue of cows

12051 Incidence of anestrus in suckled beef and milked dairy cattle

12085 Effect of feeding level on rumen papillae is mediated by IGF-1

12088 Use of ECP in a timed insemination program

12089 Differential relationships of metabolic hormones to growth and reproductive development in performance-tested Angus, Brangus, and Brahman bulls.

12092 Effects of growth hormone (GH) and IGF-I on development of in vitro derived bovine embryos

12108 Characteristics of estrus before and after insemination and fertility after estrus. synchronization with GnRH, PGF2a, and progesterone in dairy heifers

12137 Ovulation synchronization using progestins, GnRH, and PGF2a before timed AI (TAI) and resetting follicular waves for resynchronization of repeat inseminations of suckled beef cattle

12194 Use of doppler ultrasonography to estimate fetal age and monitor fetal heart rate and uterine artery pulse rate in dairy cattle

12206 Efficacy of using Ovsynch to initiate artificial insemination at the onset of the breeding season in lactating dairy cows managed for seasonal calving in a grazing based dairy system.

12231 Presynchronization of estrous cycles in lactating dairy cows with Ovsynch + CIDR and resynchronization of repeat estrus using the CIDR

12234 Postweaning growth and puberty of Angus and Romosinuano bulls in Florida

12345 Early gestational modification of conceptus development in sheep

12364 Factors affecting temporal relationships between estrus, ovulation and insemination in a commercial sow herd

12376 Effect of capacitation environment of spermatozoa on fertilization of porcine oocytes in vitro

12408 Induction of the "ram-effect" and response to estrus induction procedures in Fall born ewe lambs

12412 Use of ECP in a presynchronized timed artificial insemination protocol for lactating dairy cows

12424 Effects of castration on patterns of LH and testosterone and reproductive behavior in bulls

12448 Cortisol, insulin, triiodothyronine and weight gain in Hereford and Senepol steers on endophyte-infected tall fescue or orchardgrass

12484 Pyruvate carboxylase 5' untranslated region mRNA variants are heterogeneously expressed within and among bovine tissues

12532 Influence of corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) on the expression of steroidogenic acute regulatory (StAR) protein in neonatal pigs derived by Caesarian section or natural birth

12551 Motility of frozen-thawed bovine sperm after aging for extended time periods

12564 Effects of Acute Nutritional Restriction of Beef Heifers on LH in serum and Anovulation

12593 Vaginal electrical conductance for determining the timing of ovulation is also effective for monitoring rates of uterine involution in the postpartum dairy cow

12608 Sequence and distribution of a single cDNA encoding growth hormone-releasing hormone-like peptide and pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide in channel catfish

12625 The effect of supplemental feed at parturition in the rainy season on hair sheep ewe performance in the tropics

12645 Effect of obesity and fasting on leptin secretion and message expression in ewes

12661 Effect of growth hormone releasing factor (GRF) on long form leptin receptor (Ob-Rl) expression in porcine anterior pituitary

12691 Comparison of traits at sexual maturity of recently introduced breeds to Angus and Brahman bulls

12700 Uterine responses to a graded dose of genistein in postpubertal gilts

12718 Vitamin supplements and reproductive performance in boars

12761 Estradiol Enhances Synchrony and Fertility to Artificial Insemination (AI) or Embryo Transfer (ET) in Brangus Females

12774 Lutalyse alters the immune response in sows after intrauterine inoculation with bacteria

12782 Postpartum nutrition influences concentrations of leptin, IGF-I, and pregnancy rate of primiparous beef cows

12795 Determining the effect of gonadotropin releasing hormone to synchronize returns to estrus in dairy heifer

12807 Apoptosis as a Mechanism of Germ Cell Loss in Yearling Stallions

12815 Concentrations of LH and testosterone in serum of sexually mature boars treated with naloxone

12823 GHRH-receptor is essential to the regulation of GH by GHS in cultured rat pituitary cells

12832 Effect of chromium-methionine level supplementation on inmune response of bull calves recently arrived to feedlot

12839 Evaluation of the fertility potential of extended cooled equine spermatozoa using the resazurin reduction test and NADH2

12846 Concentrations of leptin and insulin like growth factor-I (IGF-I) during acute nutritionally induced anovulation and realimentation

12925 Influence of solar radiation and feeding level on feed and water intake, digestibility, thermo-respiratory response and some blood constituents in sheep

12958 Plasma and luteal progesterone influence in vivo embryo development in day 5 post-estrus Holstein Friesian cows.

12980 Use of recombinant GnRH antigens for immunosterilization of beef heifers

13017 Effects of fertilizing bovine oocytes with sperm aged post-thaw

13020 Reduced milk ejection as a consequence of chronic treatment with exogenous oxytocin in cows

13035 Effects of high plasma urea nitrogen levels on bovine embryo quality and development

13059 Intracerebroventricular melanin-concentrating hormone stimulates food intake in sheep

13103 Resynchonization of Ovulation and Timed Insemination in Beef Cattle

13128 Evaluation of a fixed-time AI protocol for postpartum beef cows

13140 Responses of Holstein cows to low dose of somatotropin (bST) prepartum and postpartum

13148 Time of ovulation and follicular development in estrous synchronized Brahman females

13205 Pregnancy rates of lactating beef cows losing body weight during the breeding season

13229 Estradiol benzoate (EB) inhibits secretion of LH and induces atresia of dominant follicles within 36 hours in cyclic heifers

13230 Pregnancy rates in lactating dairy cows following timed embryo transfer under heat stress conditions

13231 Addition of GnRH to a melengestrol acetate (MGA)-prostaglandin F2a (PG) estrus synchronization protocol in postpartum beef cows

13236 A comparison of three progestin-GnRH-prostaglandin F2a (PG) based protocols for estrus synchronization of beef cows

13253 Comparison of melengestrol acetate (MGA)-based estrus synchronization protocols in yearling beef heifers

13265 Early postnatal concentrations of plasma testicular steroid hormones as indicators of boar taint in market weight pigs

13283 Relationships between Bovine follicular steroids and components of the extracellular matrix

13292 Insulin plays a key role in re-coupling the IGF-somatotropin axis in the early postpartum dairy cow

13300 Reproductive performance of beef heifers following administration of an oral progestogen or GnRH

13303 Relationship between preovulatory follicle growth and postovulatory luteal function in the cow

13322 Lutalyse can up-regulate the uterine immune system in the presence of progesterone

13396 Hormonal Changes After Manual Rupture of Follicular Cysts

13437 Administration of bST elevates phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase mRNA in lactating dairy cows

13443 Effect of intramammary infusion of Escherichia coli endotoxin on ovulation in lactating dairy cows

13461 Administration of hCG during estrus and its effect on corpus luteum size and progesterone production

13493 Follicular dynamics in postpartum cows after treatment with either GnRH or Estradiol benzoate (EB) at the intiation of a 7 d controlled intravaginal progesterone-releasing device (CIDR)

13501 Luteolysis after PGF2/alpha on day 6 or 7 of the estrous cycle in Angus and Angus x Brahman heifers.

13524 Expression of insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-2, -3, -4, and -5 messenger RNA in fresh versus cultured bovine granulosa and theca cells

13553 Cold-induced changes in brown adipose tissue (BAT) composition and iodothyronine 5'-deiodinase (5'D) activity in newborn Angus and Brahman calves

13572 Ovulation synchronization protocols affect early postpartum reproductive efficiency in crossbred dairy cows

13575 Effects of a progestin on ovulation, accessory CL formation and follicular development during GnRH and PGF2a treatment in beef cattle

13588 Propionibacteria as a direct fed microbial: effects on energy balance, milk production, milk components, metabolic hormones and metabolites in early postpartum dairy cows

13589 Propionibacteria as a direct fed microbial: effects on the insulin-like growth factor system and reproduction in early postpartum dairy cows

13590 Evaluation of somatotrophic axis gene expression and function in Angus, Romosinuano, and Brahman bulls

13611 Pancreatic insulin response and tissue responsiveness to insulin in dry cows, lactating cows and cows suffering from fatty liver: results of hyperglycemic and hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp experiments

13614 Growth rates of Holstein heifers fed diets differing in amounts of protein, energy and protein:energy ratios and treated or not with bST

13632 Stage of cycle effects on response to different GnRH + prostaglandin F2a (PG)treatments in Bos indicus x Bos taurus cows

13660 Effects of exogenous GnRH infusion and steroid replacement on gonadotropins in ovariectomized nutritionally anovulatory cows

13708 Hepatic corticosteroid-binding globulin (CBG) mRNA expression and plasma CBG levels in pigs in response to social and heat stress

13715 Metabolic responses of lactating dairy cows to intravenous infusion of increasing amounts of lipopolysaccharide

13734 Circulating leukocyte populations, serum cytokines and plasma vitamins A and E in mid-lactation dairy cows infused with varied doses of lipopolysaccharide (LPS).

13746 Hepatic oxidative metabolism in lactating dairy cows is modulated by increasing doses of intravenous lipopolysaccharide.

13759 Nuclear progression of bovine oocytes maintained at germinal vesicle stage up to 66 hours using roscovitine

13785 Induction of lactation during winter and summer seasons in non-pregnant reproductive cull Holstein cows

13800 Comparison of adrenal and testis content of the steroidogenic acute regulatory (StAR) and P450 side-chain cleavage enzyme proteins in Angus, Brahman and Romosinuano bulls

13801 Effect of Heat Stress in Follicular Development of Dairy Cows in Intensive Production in North-Central Mexico
ADSA/ASAS Prod., Mgt & Environ

TrackNo Title

11865 Utility of body condition score (BCS) system in relation to the physical and production parameters in crossbred cows

11897 Effect of feeding of yeast to crossbred calves

11921 Effect of two weaning systems on milk composition, storage, and ejection in dairy ewes

11937 Effect of wheat variety and replacing wheat with maize grain on feed intake and milk production of Holstein dairy cows.

11939 Multiple-objective programming to reduce ration cost and nutrient excretion

11950 Effect of summer water application on mound microclimate, performance, and body temperature of feedlot steers

11963 Feeding neonatal calves high levels of milk replacers (MR) with different protein and fat levels

11964 Feeding neonatal calves milk replacers (MR) containing egg proteins

11965 Protein levels for neonatal calf starters

11994 Effects of feedbunk management strategies and monensin levels on feedlot performance in cattle fed to harvest.

12058 Effects of monensin on microbial activity in in vitro swine manure slurries

12059 Growth characteristics of replacement heifers in selected high producing Wisconsin dairy herds

12119 Predicting resistance to compression of wool fibers

12152 Changes in rumen temperature, vaginal temperature and drinking behaviour throughout the estrous cycle in dairy cows

12171 Comparison of Lactational Response of Dairy Cows in Georgia and Israel to Heat Load and Photoperiod

12180 Evaluation of cow preference between modern and old free-stall design

12183 Comparing nutrient analysis of liquid dairy waste in storage versus field application

12232 An evaluation of different types of commercial fans with or without misters in cooling high producing cows in the summer months in the sub-tropics

12260 Influence of ambient temperature, humidity and bovine somatotropin (bST) on reproductive performance of postpartum Holstein cows

12269 Improving the viability of piglets with oxygen

12271 Serum concentrations of trenbolone acetate and estradiol benzoate in cattle implanted with coated SYNOVEX Plus long-acting implants

12273 Absorption of immunoglobulin G in calves fed colostrum or colostrum replacement and animal plasma in milk replacer

12285 Follicular growth in lactating cows receiving recombinant bovine somatotropin, gonadotropin releasing hormone, and prostaglandins: contrasts between winter and summer months

12309 Comparison of pregnancy rates in beef cows for two synchronization regimens using GnRH, PGF2a and MGA

12430 The response of a non-medicated replacer containing a mannanoligosaccharide on growth and health parameters in neonatal dairy calves

12516 Supplemental feeding lactating Fallow does increased body condition score and circulating leptin but failed to improve reproductive efficiency

12524 Effects of dietary phytase and aluminum chloride manure amendments on phosphorus in swine manure

12621 Results of Breeding Soundness Evaluations performed on Senepol bulls in the US Virgin Islands

12666 Milk and meat samples obtained in Illinois contain variable amounts of conjugated linoleic acid

12851 Performance, health, and management of calves housed in a greenhouse barn (GHB) versus traditional wooden hutch (WH) during a Mississippi winter.

12862 Validation of the nitrogen balance in a whole system feedlot model

12863 Predicting nutrient balance in the feedlot

12898 Effect of rearing methods of dairy-heifers prior to weaning on growth and reproduction

12986 Developing Six Sigma Quality Management Programs for Dairy Farms

13006 Prediction and ranking of first lactation milk production using parents' predicted transmitting abilities

13018 Getting a handle on costs of production: a quick and easy method for dairy producers

13024 Effects of Plane of Nutrition on Milk and Weight Traits in Lactating Beef Cows

13039 Supplementing ewe diets with a microbial enzyme preparation (Fibrozyme). I. Effects on production characteristics during lactation

13052 Supplementing ewe diets with a microbial enzyme preparation (Fibrozyme). II. Effects on nutrient utilization during lactation

13054 Evaluation of spray dried animal plasma addition to milk replacer fed to calves at 2 feeding rates

13060 Factors affecting profitability of the cow-calf enterprise

13072 Use of CowTempTM temperature monitoring system for prediction of calving onset in beef cows

13078 Effects of soybean hulls in a commercial diet on pig performance, manure composition, and selected air quality parameters in swine facilities

13081 Evaluation of forages for outdoor gestating sows

13087 Characterization of the production and financial performance of the cow-calf enterprise using Standardized Performance Analysis

13095 Digestibility of several known dietary manipulations used in combination to reduce nutrient excretion in pigs

13098 Effect of Feed Intake Restriction on Animal Performance and Carcass Characteristics

13102 Seasonal variation in the composition of milk from New Zealand Friesian and US Holstein dairy cows: impact of nutrition

13107 Programmed exercise improved physical fitness of non-lactating, pregnant and non-pregnant dairy cows

13115 Effects of pre and/or postpartum fat supplementation on reproduction in mature beef cows

13123 Factors affecting net value of feedlot steers

13149 Farm-level management practices of cattle: Effects on Enterohemorragic Escherichia coli and in feedlot cattle

13153 Dry matter intake of lactating dairy cows housed in freestall barns

13160 Behaviour and meat quality of veal calves receiving solid feeds for welfare purpose

13165 Effects of milk replacer fermented with yogurt culture on performance and health of dairy calves

13238 Management factors affecting selling prices of beef calves

13245 Impact of the phenotypic expression of calf genetics on the selling price of beef calves

13284 Effects of Supplemental Vitamin E and Lasalocid on Disease Severity and Immune Responses of Calves Challenged With Eimeria bovis

13293 The impact of farrowing crate design on litter performance traits in swine

13327 Relationship of milk urea nitrogen and DHIA production variables in western commercial dairy herds

13359 Phenotypic relationships between serial ultrasound measures of body composition in commercial beef feedlot animals determined with a random regression model

13388 Factors influencing estrus and ovulation in weaned sows as determined by transrectal ultrasound

13392 Effect of monensin, lasalocid, and decoquinate on growth, feed intake, and feed efficiency of dairy heifers

13398 The Effect on Economics of Integrating Pasturing Systems into Cattle Finishing Programs

13399 Whole-farm nitrogen efficiency and balance compared with the milk urea nitrogen test

13424 Solids and Phosphorus Removal from Flushed Dairy Manure using Organic Polymers and Aluminum Chloride.

13433 Stochastic modeling of different approaches to dairy cattle reproductive management

13449 Evaluation of Heat Stress in 4- and 6-Row Freestall Buildings Located in Northwest Iowa

13454 Influence of Freestall Barn Orientation upon Summer Heat Stress in Lactating Dairy Cattle

13457 Influence of Headlocks upon Summertime Milk Production and Feed Intake of Lactating Dairy Cattle Housed in 2-row Freestall Barns

13460 Impact of Fan Location upon Milk Production, Feed Intake and Respiration Rates of Lactating Dairy Cattle Housed in a 4-row Freestall Barn

13476 Evaluation of stocking rate and breed type on cattle feedlot production costs and carcass value

13505 Effects of liquid supplement pH and acid source on liquid supplement intake of beef heifers and gestating beef cows

13519 Development of a Global Positioning System to monitor cattle

13573 Optimal days in period to detect a change in estrus detection

13598 Effect of different implant regimes on the accuracy of ultrasound for prediction of body composition characteristics in beef cattle

13604 Comparing dairy herd information with a dynamic web-based tool called DairyMetrics.

13617 The effect of days open on milk produced per day across sequential lactations

13636 Effects of Implants on Growth Performance of Steers Wintered on Dormant Native Tallgrass Prairie, Subsequent Performance, and Carcass Merit.

13663 Profit maximizing calving interval with limited labor resources

13681 Conception rates of sequential inseminations after batch-thawing multiple straws of semen: A professional technician case study

13687 Effects of GnRH-PGF based estrus synchronization with or without short-term progestin exposure on reproductive performance of postpartum suckled beef cows.

13706 Decreasing nitrogen losses from open-dirt feedlot pens by manipulation of organic matter excretion

13733 Feedlot performance and carcass characteristics of Mashona-sired steers

13742 Repeated administration of implants to Holstein steers increases average daily gain, longissimus muscle area and the percentage of USDA Select carcasses

13763 Effects of anabolic implants on intramuscular lipid deposition

13764 A systems approach for adding value to Montana feeder calves.

13771 Implementation of innovative best management practices and a nutrient monitoring system to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus loading from dairy cattle production systems.

13774 Determining the relationships among milk urea nitrogen and milk production, milk protein, milk fat and somatic cell count from lactating cows in Texas

13779 Effectiveness of a stand-alone electronic estrus detection device - MountCount

13802 The realtionship of indicators of thermal balance and milk production of cows on Missouri dairy farms
ADSA/ASAS Ruminant Nutrition

TrackNo Title

11871 Effects of ensiling temperature and enzyme additives on the fermentation and in vitro rumen degradation of maize silage

11872 Evaluation of a novel psychrophilic enzyme mixture as a potential additive for maize silage

11902 Effect of diet and sampling technique on milk allantoin

11912 Use of exogenous enzymes from amylases from Bacillus licheniformis and Aspergillus niger in high-grain diets

11916 Mineral content of Acacia mangium Willd under defoliation conditions

11927 Use of gas production technique to estimate the rate and extent of starch degradation from starchy feedstuffs in rumen fluid

11928 The effects of substrate, ammonia and pH on gas production and starch degradation from starchy feedstuffs in buffered rumen fluid

11934 Effect of direct-fed microbials supplementation on dairy cows fed nitrogen deficient diets and on in vitro bacterial growth

11935 The effect of improving the agronomic characteristics of rice on the nutritional value of rice straw

11940 Exogenous amylases from Bacillus licheniformis and Aspergillus niger improve starch digestion but not performance of sheep

11952 Influence of mass of ruminal contents on voluntary intake of steers fed concentrate and forage diets

11953 The effect of feeding a novel silage, consisting of liquid cheese whey and wheat straw, on production and digestibility characteristics of growing dairy heifers and beef steers

11961 Selected fractionate digestibility coefficients of wheat middling and soybean hull mixtures amended with human food waste

11966 Effect of subacute ruminal acidosis on in situ digestion of mixed hay in lactating dairy cows.

11995 Performance of high producing dairy cows fed methionine hydroxy analog or D, L-methionine in a total mixed ration during early lactation

11996 Comparison of Novartis corn silage hybrids for yield, nutrient traits, and lactational performance by high producing dairy cows.

12004 Increasing the concentration of beneficial fatty acids in lamb muscle

12014 Modification of essential fatty acids in phospholipids and triglycerides from beef cattle

12016 Summary of eight trials evaluating the effect of feeding a combination of complexed zinc methionine, manganese methionine, copper lysine and cobalt glucoheptonate on lactation and reproductive performance of dairy cattle

12017 Effect of feeding dairy cows with either BollGard®, BollGard® II, Roundup Ready® or control cottonseeds on feed intake, milk yield and milk composition.

12024 Effect of feeding dairy cows with cottonseeds containing Bollgard® and Roundup Ready®genes or control non-transgenic cottonseeds on feed intake, milk yield and milk composition

12033 Monitoring energy expenditure in sheep from daily heart rate measurement

12038 Influence of length and ramification of the alcohol radical of esters of methionine and of 2-hydroxy-4 (methylthio) butanoic acid on methionine bioavailability

12041 Effects of feeding wheat middlings on performance of dairy cows in early lactation

12042 Investigation of the site of absorption and metabolism of a novel source of metabolisable methionine : 2 hydroxy 4 (methyl thio) butanoic acid isopropyl ester (HMBi)

12044 Influence of monomer or dimer forms of isopropyl ester of HMB, on the supply of metabolisable methionine to the blood of ruminants

12045 A blood kinetics methodology to measure bioavailability of rumen protected methionine sources for ruminants

12049 The prediction of potential nutrient supply to dairy cows from field pea (Pisum sativum) seeds pressure-toasted at various conditions

12062 Ruminal degradability of feather meal in tropical crossbred steers

12064 Effect of ensiling, storage time and innoculant use on amino acid composition of alfalfa silage preserved in silage bags

12065 Effect of live yeast versus yeast culture on milk yield and related parameters in early lactation cows

12066 Effect of moisture heat damage on ruminal degradation of cottonseed dry matter and crude protein using nylon bag technique in sheep

12067 Milk production effects of a mycotoxin binder in diets with normal levels of contamination

12069 Effect of cull chickpeas variety on apparent digestibility of diets for sheep

12073 Effect of close-up protein supplementation on milk, fat and protein yields of late gestation primiparous Holstein dairy cows

12074 Effect of close-up dry period protein supplementation on milk, fat and protein yields of multiparous Holstein dairy cows

12083 Effect of feeding different sources of supplemental fat on the performance of lactating buffaloes

12084 Effect of feeding different levels of supplemental tallow on the performance of lactating buffaloes

12100 Pasture applied biosolids as related to copper status of grazing beef steers

12112 Comparison of different methods of administration on the effect of fibrolytic enzymes on digestive processes in lactating cows

12115 A two-year study measuring the reproductive performance of dairy cows fed soybeans

12117 Effect of feeding dairy cows with whey permeate on ruminal environment under alfalfa grazing conditions

12121 Diets with high non-fiber carbohydrate and different solubilities for Llamas (Lama glama): effects on digestive activity in compartment 1 of the digestive system

12122 Nutritional value of nonforage fiber sources used by feed industry in Costa Rica

12126 An alternative approach to determine the efficiency of energy utilization for milk production in lactating dairy cows

12133 Effect of shade and organic zinc supplementation on performance of Brahman bull calves fed growing diets in dry tropic weather

12136 Improving the nutritional value of oat hulls for ruminant animals: Study of synergistic interaction between Aspergillus ferulic acid esterase and Trichoderma xylanase on release of hydroxycinnamic acids from oat hulls

12144 Effect of L-carnitine on lamb growth and metabolites

12151 Supplementation of ascorbic acid and plasma concentration in the neonatal dairy calf

12164 Quantitative analysis of in situ starch degradation in the rumen

12165 Ethanol absorption from the rumen

12169 Performance and apparent digestibility of ram lambs fed safflower silage

12170 Potential of apple pulp as silage for ram lambs

12173 Effect of fat source on plasma fatty acids in sheep

12174 Simulation of the effect of N excretion on environmental pollution arising from dairy cows using a dynamic model

12176 Rates of production of the major rumen volatile fatty acids in lactating cows given normal and milk fat depressing diets

12181 Milk production in Holstein cows supplemented with different levels of ruminally protected methionine

12193 The feeding of fish oil as fish meal with linoleic acid sources enhances milk CLA content

12209 Splanchnic first pass sequestration of acetate absorbed from the washed reticulo-rumen of dairy cows

12210 Enzymic release of reducing sugars from oat hulls by cellulase, as influenced by a synergistic interaction between Aspergillus ferulic acid esterase and Trichoderma xylanase

12221 Validation of a model for the digestion of fat in dairy cows

12226 Influence of post-ruminal partially hydrolyzed starch and casein on pancreatic a-amylase expression in calves

12236 Effect of supplementation on rate of neutral detergent fiber degradation in forages measured in situ and by rumen evacuation

12237 Mean ruminal retention time of fiber measured using indigestible neutral detergent fiber or ytterbium-labelled feed

12250 Increased crude protein to energy ratios on in situ dry matter disappearance, rumen ammonia, nitrogen balance, and urinary excretion of purine derivatives of prepubertal Holstein heifers

12255 Effect of calcium intake on phosphorus excretion in feces of lactating cows

12262 Effect of added degradable intake protein on in situ and in vivo digestibility of processed and unprocessed corn silage fed to beef steers

12264 The effect of dietary roughage on rates of glucose, acetate and beta-hydroxybutyrate clearance from plasma in dairy calves

12266 Should residual plots use Y or Yhat?

12272 Altering ruminal microbial colonization and synthesis by manipulation of dietary factors

12280 Effects of physically effective fiber on chewing activity and rumen fermentation of dairy cows fed barley-based diets

12284 Adaptations in amino acid concentrations, body fat and body protein in dairy cattle fed varying amounts of protein in the transition period.

12289 Challenging performance of a mechanistic model of metabolism to describe nutrient flux and body pools in early lactation

12306 Trans fatty acids in milk of Holstein cows fed soybean oil or two forms of conjugated linoleic acid

12307 Are bacterial direct-fed microbials effective against sub-clinical acidosis in feedlot cattle?

12310 Interactions of Rumensin premix and diet on milk fat percentage in lactating dairy cattle

12319 The effect of copper oxide bolus administration on forage fiber digestibility in growing steers

12321 Effect of organic (Availa-Cu) versus inorganic (CuSO4) Cu on the rate and extent of copper repletion in post-partum Brangus heifers

12325 Relative nutritive value of dried versus wet brewers' grain for dairy cows.

12329 Effects of rumen undegradable protein digestibility and supplemental methionine on production parameters and nitrogen efficiency of Holstein cows in early lactation

12331 Solid-state fermentation of rice straw

12332 Multiple regression analysis of data collected across many trials: a meta-analytic approach

12344 Effect of intake level on the body composition and net energy requirement of Nellore steers and bulls for maintenance and growth

12347 Supplementation effects of calcium salts of unsaturated fatty acids on ruminal environment and forage digestion in grazing dairy cows.

12358 Effect of forage particle length on ruminal liquid fraction kinetics and straw degradability of steers fed an oat straw diet

12366 Effect of forage particle length on ruminal kinetic of the liquid fraction and straw degradability of sheep fed with a basal oat straw diet

12367 Effect of chopped and ground roughage on ruminal parameters and voluntary feed intake of sheep

12369 Effect of substitution of common beans hay with Sudan grass hay on apparent digestibility of diets for sheep

12371 Ruminal degradation of crude protein of cull chickpeas using nylon bag technique in sheep

12398 Neutral Detergent Fiber Concentration in Corn Silage Influences Dry Matter Intake, Diet Digestibility, and Performance of Growing British and Holstein Steers

12411 Effects of zinc source and dietary level on zinc metabolism in Holstein bull calves

12415 Uptake and transport of zinc from zinc sulfate and zinc proteinate by Caco-2 cells

12431 Effect of processing methods on the utilization of corn grain by ruminants

12434 All forage diet pre-calving improves calcium status

12439 Effect of two protein sources on ADG, reproductive performance, ruminal fermentation and digestion kinetics in beef cattle

12440 Short-term mammary blood flow responses to changes in circulating metabolite concentrations

12442 Ruminal fermentation, digestion kinetics, and nutrient flow in steers fed diets containing poultry manure and urea or blood meal as the main source of nitrogen

12446 Effects of exogenous enzymes on fiber degradation of corn stalks

12455 True intestinal digestibility of nitrogen, lysine and methionine estimated with sheep on intragastric infusion and by mobile bag technique.

12456 Comparison of nutrient digestibility between Roundup Ready® beets and pulp derived from Roundup Ready® beets and conventional beets and pulps

12457 Metabolism of 2-13C-propionate in the rumen epithelium of sheep

12459 Endogenous N-losses in the digestive tract of dairy cows; influence of low digestible fiber

12461 Abomasal infusion of casein enhances abundance and activity of Na+/glucose cotransporter along the small intestine of lambs

12464 Factors affecting conjugated linoleic acid production by mixed ruminal bacteria

12466 Effects of an acetyl esterase containing preparation produced by a ruminal fungal isolate on in vitro ruminal fermentations

12468 Degradation of soluble crude protein in the rumen

12469 Contribution of an acetyl esterase containing enzyme preparation to the action of exogenous enzyme supplements for ruminants

12482 Effects of varying dietary protein and fiber levels on the production of lactating dairy cows

12485 Effect of corn processing on ruminal starch digestion, microbial protein flow, and degradable intake protein requirements of finishing cattle

12505 Effect of condensed tannins on proteolytic bacterial populations in the rumen and on nitrogen flow to the abomasum of sheep

12507 Interactions of corn silage particle size and tallow supplementation on rumen fermentation and performance of dairy cows fed corn silage-based diets

12509 Intake and milk production of dairy cows fed lactic acid bacteria and mannanoligosaccharide

12513 Effects of prepartum intake, postpartum induction of primary ketosis, and periparturient disorders on carnitine palmitoyltransferase I activity in dairy cows

12514 Effects of replacing dietary high moisture corn with dried molasses on production of dairy cows

12515 Effects of diet on milk allantoin and its relationship with milk production in dairy goats

12525 Effects of prepartum intake, postpartum induction of primary ketosis, and periparturient disorders on performance and blood metabolites in dairy cows

12526 A comparison of methods used to measure eating and ruminating time in cattle

12566 Growth performance of Xizhen cattle fed either urea or microbial treated rice straw

12573 Rumen volume and liquid dilution rate in transition dairy cows

12577 The effect of ensiling whole plant corn and wet corn gluten feed simultaneously on silage fermentation.

12585 Effect of different levels of dietary protein on nitrogen metabolism of heifers

12586 Effect of two particle sizes of forage on ruminal parameters and voluntary feed intake of steers fed a basal oat straw diet

12594 Interaction between FermentenTM or soybean meal and fermentability of carbohydrate source on microbial yield and efficiency in continuous culture

12598 Correction for microbial contamination does not alter estimates of intestinal digestibility of rumen undegraded protein

12601 Models for describing kinetics of fiber digestion in the rumen

12611 Validation of the Sulphur hexafluoride(SF6) tracer gas technique in measuring methane and carbon dioxide production of cattle

12612 Crop processing and chop length effects in brown midrib corn silage on dry matter intake and lactation performance by dairy cows

12616 Coastal and Tifton 85 hay digestion by steers: I. Cultivar and maturity effects.

12633 Effects of a commercial bacterial culture feed supplement on ruminal microorganisms

12671 Methane loss, nutrient digestibility, and net energy value of distiller's grains fed to steers or fermented invitro

12683 Effects of propionate supply on plasma vitamin B12 in growing lambs

12695 Dose-response effects of intra-ruminal infusion of propionate on feeding behavior of lactating dairy cows

12697 Influence of feeding canola seed on lactation performance and conjugated linoleic acid concentration in milk fat of lactating Holstein cows

12699 Effects of intra-ruminal infusion of propionate salts on feeding behavior of lactating dairy cows

12703 Effect of sampling frequency and schedule when determining dietary effects on ruminal pH

12714 Conjugated linoleic acids in duodenal and milk lipids of lactating dairy cows fed different diets

12723 Effect of dietary carbohydrate composition on utilization of ruminal ammonia nitrogen for milk protein synthesis in dairy cows

12730 In vitro effects of feed oils, ionophores, tannic acid, saponin-containing plant extracts and other bioactive agents on ruminal fermentation and protozoal activity

12741 In vitro rates of bacterial incorporation of nitrogen fractions from 15N-labeled whole-crop barley ensiled at two dry matter contents

12747 Feed Intake, Digestibility, and Growth of Spanish Goats Consuming Different Quality Diets

12757 An overview of dietary factors influencing dry matter intake and milk protein yield in early lactation dairy cows

12760 Effect of Housing and Fat Supplementation on Reproduction and Productivity of Holstein Cows in early Lactation

12763 Effect of barley variety and amylopectin content on bacterial utilization of ammonia-N in vitro

12767 Fractionation of ammonia nitrogen isotopes by ruminal bacteria in vitro

12770 Effect of Jackbean urease immunization on nitrogen recycling in mature sheep

12776 Incorporation of nitrogen from ammonia, amino acids, peptides, or protein by mixed ruminal bacteria in vivo

12777 Influence of methionine and/or lysine deficiencies, formulated at three different protein levels, on protein nitrogen metabolism when fed to lactating dairy cows

12779 Rumen fluid dilution rates in cattle grazing tropical pastures

12784 In situ digestibility and ruminal retention time of feed particles with functional specific gravity higher or lower than 1.02

12786 Effect of two levels of crude protein and supplementation of methionine on performance of dairy cows

12790 Correlation between texture and in situ degradation of corn grain

12792 The low forage feeding program, Totalac®, increases milk production in high producing Holstein cows

12793 Comparative dry matter degradation in rumen of cull chickpeas, soybean meal and sorghum grain using nylon bag technique in rumen of sheep

12796 Forage alone pre-calving is sufficient for forage-fed cows post-calving

12798 Metabolic fate of long chain fatty acids by ruminant hepatocytes.

12800 Source of dietary selenium on tissue retention and mobilization of selenium in growing heifers

12802 Ruminal degradation was lower for Brazilian than United States corn grains

12805 Insulin responsiveness of adipose tissue metabolism from steers supplemented with varying concentrations of zinc sulfate

12812 Growth rate of buffalo female calves on urea treated low quality roughages

12814 Effects of Zinc and(or) monensin on the utilization of a barley-alfalfa diet in beef cattle.

12819 Effect of level of cracked Pima cottonseed in the diet of lactating dairy cows on milk yield and plasma gossypol

12837 Nutrient intake and body characteristics of dairy cows in Washington state dairy herds producing in excess of 12,730 kg of milk annually

12840 Effect of Dry-Rolled High-Oil Corn or Added Corn Oil on Ruminal and Total Tract Digestibility of Beef Cattle Finishing Diets

12843 Differences among carbohydrates in yields of crude protein from in vitro fermentation with mixed ruminal microbes

12849 Production responses of dairy cows to dietary supplementation with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) during the transition period and early lactation

12856 Characteristics of forages and TMR fed to dairy cows in Washington state dairy herds producing in excess of 12,730 kg of milk annually

12880 Effect of forage level and fibrolytic enzymes on nitrogen digestion in beef cattle diets

12884 An investigation of feeding level effects on digestibility for diets based on grass silage and high fiber concentrates at two forage : concentrate ratios

12888 Effects of intake and lactation on absorption and metabolism of leucine and phenylalanine by splanchnic tissues of dairy cows.

12890 Effect of pH and solid dilution rate on microbial fermentation and nutrient flow in a dual flow continuous culture system.

12891 Effects of feeding whole linseed on milk production and composition of dairy ewes.

12893 Peptide amino acid net flux in ruminal vein of dairy cow

12895 Effects of natural plant extracts on nitrogen metabolism and fermentation profile in continuous culture

12896 Effects of abomasal casein or essential amino acid infusions on splanchnic leucine and phenylalanine metabolism in lactating dairy cows

12903 Adaptation of the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System to sheep: validation of feed digestibility

12911 Empirical modeling of ruminal pH from dietary NDF and mean particle size

12921 The effect of monensin and bovine somatotropin on lactation performance and body condition score of dairy cows

12922 Influence of drinking saline water and feeding level on feed and water intake, digestibility, thermo-respiratory response and blood constituents in sheep

12951 Utilization of gas production manometric system to estimate the rate of degradation of the dry matter (DM), neutral detergent fiber (NDF) and neutral detergent soluble fraction (NDS) of concentrate feeds by cattle, sheep and goat

12963 Ruminal escape and response of serum methionine to 25 and 50 grams of methionine hydroxy analog in dairy cows

12967 Effects of mechanical treatment of high-moisture rye and wheat grains on ruminal fermentation and nutrient digestibilities in steers

12988 Dairy manure quantification and characterization in grazing systems

12995 Coastal and Tifton 85 hay digestion by steers: II. Cultivar, maturity and energy effects.

12997 Effect of supplementing Solin, a high linoleic acid oilseed, to a TMR containing fresh grass, on bovine plasma and milk conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and fatty acid levels

13016 Evaluation of water powered liquid metering system to provide molasses for lactating dairy cattle on pasture.

13019 Performance and conservation of phosphorus in growing cattle

13021 Effect of type of cottonseed and gossypol intake on plasma gossypol and performance of lactating Holstein dairy cows

13032 Comparison between Holstein and Jersey Cows in post-prandial Rumen pH and VFA Concentrations

13041 Prediction of the in vivo digestibility of grass silage from gas production kinetics

13050 Effect of rate of liveweight gain during winter grazing on blood constituents during adaptation of cattle in the feedlot

13053 Feeding 2-hydroxy-4-(methylthio)-butanoic acid to transition dairy cows improves milk production but not hepatic lipid metabolism

13064 Differential response of D- and L-Met free plasma in cows fed different sources of rumen protected Met

13066 Effect of increasing level of dietary protein on serum concentrations of metabolic hormones and mammary development in Holstein heifers consuming a moderate-energy diet.

13097 Comparison of the in vitro gas production and the nylon bag degradability techniques to measure degradation rate in cattle, sheep and goat.

13108 The effect of TascoTM inclusion in the prepartum diet on the proportion among bovine leukocyte populations in blood and mammary gland secretions.

13126 Finishing system (feedlot or pasture) and copper supplementation affect conjugated linoleic acid in beef muscle

13131 Effect of feeding frequency and dietary sunflower oil on conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) concentrations in milk from dairy cows

13141 Formulating high fat rations for lactating dairy cattle according to a ratio of metabolizable protein to net energy

13142 Effect of ruminally protected methionine and inert fat on milk production in primiparous Holstein cows

13152 Effect of corn grain texture and maturity on ruminal in situ degradation

13157 Effects of supplemental phosphorus concentrations on inorganic phosphorus serum concentrations, growth performance, carcass characteristics, and cost of gain of finishing cattle

13161 The effect of monensin and bovine somatotropin on lactation performance and body condition score of dairy cows

13175 Effects of pretrial milk yield on feed intake, production, and feeding behavior responses to forage particle size by lactating cows

13184 A dynamic mechanistic model of small intestinal starch digestion and glucose absorption in the dairy cow

13187 Peripartum responses of Holstein cows and heifers fed graded concentrations of calcium (calcium carbonate) and anion (chloride) 3 weeks before calving

13191 The effect of copper source and level on the rate and extent of copper repletion in Holstein heifers

13212 Effects of biotin on liver metabolism in lactating dairy cows

13223 Comparison of prilled tallow and free fatty acids from tallow as fat supplements for dairy cows

13247 Carbohydrate fermentation and nitrogen metabolism of a finishing diet by ruminal microbes in continuous cultures as affected by ethoxyquin and(or) supplementation of monensin and tylosin

13263 Feedlot performance of growing cattle fed four silages with a silage inoculant

13267 Use of an inhibitor in vitro method to determine protein degradability coefficients in the NRC (2001) protein evaluation system

13270 Subacute Ruminal Acidosis in Dairy Cows, an Experimental Model

13271 Assessment of phosphorus availability from different sources for ruminal fermentation

13277 Effect of supplemental fat and monensin on ruminal fermentation in dual-flow continuous cultures

13287 Interaction of steam reduction and tempering on the feeding value of steam-flaked corn for feedlot cattle

13298 Short-term feeding strategies for altering conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) content of meat

13299 Alternate equation forms for heat production estimation in ruminant growth and composition models

13306 Effect of rumen degradable protein and fiber quality on ruminal bacterial populations in continuous culture

13309 An evaluation of feeding practices associated with milk production and milk composition

13313 Ruminal degradability of different feeds in the presence of Saccharmoyces cervisiae

13330 Effect of pretrial milk yield on feed intake, digestion, and production responses to high- and low-fiber diets by dairy cows

13338 Influence of diet on conjugated linoleic acid content of beef.

13351 Effects of dietary energy density on performance of transition dairy cows

13356 Effects of dietary energy density on blood parameters and liver triglyceride of transition dairy cows

13357 Effects of an Inhibitor of Obligate Amino Acid Fermenting Bacteria upon Ruminal and Nutrient Utilization by Calves

13358 Metabolic measures around parturition for late gestation cows supplemented with moderate and high dietary calcium during hot weather.

13362 Protein quantity and quality for dairy cows exposed to hot, humid weather

13366 Optimal inclusion level of a raw soybean hull-corn steep liquor pellet in diets for lactating dairy cows

13370 The impact of feeding a raw soybean hull-corn steep liquor pellet on induced subacute ruminal acidosis in lactating cows.

13382 Colonization Patterns of Forage Fragments by Rumen Microbes

13394 Intake and production by Holstein cows fed different amounts and sources of supplemental protein prepartum and postpartum

13400 Effect of feeding a raw soybean hull-corn steep liquor pellet on the metabolism and performance of lactating dairy cows

13405 Effect of different particle size distribution of oat silage on feeding behavior and productive performance of dairy cattle

13415 Effect of barley and rapeseed meal supplementation on amino acid profile of microbial fractions and postruminal amino acid supply in lactating dairy cows fed grass-red clover silage

13418 The effect of different levels of yeast culture inclusion in the concentrate diet on calf performance

13419 The effect of different levels of YeaSacc {1026} inclusion on the lifetime performance of cattle offered an ad libitum concentrate ration

13435 Influence of supplemental chromium on performance, concentrations of liver triglycerides, and blood metabolites during the transition period of dairy cows

13440 Effect of type of dietary protein on mRNA expression for urea cycle enzymes in lactating dairy cows

13445 The effect on milk production of a ruminal nitrogen (N) deficiency in dairy cows: evaluation of the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS) ruminal N deficiency adjustment

13447 Effects of Fermentable Carbohydrate Sources on Dry Matter Intake, Milk Production, and Blood Metabolites of Transition Dairy Cows

13448 Effects of dietary supplementation of rumen-protected CLA in dairy cows during established lactation

13452 Influence of supplemental cobalt source and concentration on performance, and ruminal plasma metabolites in growing and finishing steers

13464 Responses of dairy cows fed grass silage-cereal diet to increased supply of histidine provided either by abomasal infusion of histidine or dietary inclusion of rape seed meal

13474 Corn crop residue grazing effects on soil physical properties and soybean production in a corn-soybean crop rotation

13484 Effect of pH and solid dilution rate on the amino acid profile of liquid and solid associated bacteria, and its impact on the estimation of the contribution of microbial amino acids to the total amino acid flow in a continuous culture system

13491 Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) must be protected from rumen hydrogenation for the greatest impact on milk composition

13492 Dehydrated bermudagrass pellets (DBP) produced with swine lagoon effluent as a substitute for cottonseed hulls (CSH) in diets for backgrounding steers.

13494 The effects of ethoxyquin on performance and antioxidant status of feedlot steers

13506 A comparison of different methods to measure milk urea nitrogen

13508 Gas and VFA production during the in vitro fermentation of selected organic acids and sugars

13517 Effects of liquid feed supplementation and (or) celluloytic enzymes on dry matter disappearance of either legume or grass hay

13521 Effects of moisture, roller setting and saponin-based surfactant on growth performance of feedlot steers

13522 Effects of flake density of high oil corn and typical corn on performance and carcass characteristics of feedlot steers

13528 Effects of high oil corn and shade on performance of Angus and Bonsmara x Beefmaster feedlot steers

13529 Effect of exogenous fibrolytic enzymes on the digestion of alfalfa hay and barley straw by cellulolytic ruminal bacteria

13533 Methane emissions from lactating dairy cows fed diets based on conserved forage and grain or pasture.

13536 Organic chromium and selenium effects on performance, digestibility and carcass characteristics of lambs

13537 A role for rumen degraded protein in regulating intake rate of digested fiber

13539 Effects of high oil corn and shade on respiration rates and acid-base balance of Angus and Bonsmara x Beefmaster feedlot steers

13540 The effects of pH on acid resistance of cattle fecal Escherichia coli and O157:H7 in continuous culture or pure culture

13543 The prediction of microbial protein supply to growing lambs fed raw and dry roasted legume seeds as protein supplements from the urinary excretion of purine derivatives

13552 Effect of liquid flavor supplementation on performance of dairy cows in the transition period

13555 Dynamics of the nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract: Validation of the Cornell system for bovine fed with sugar cane based diets

13556 An evaluation of breed and diet on plasma leptin concentration in beef steers

13559 Determination of the protein and carbohydrates fractions, and in vitro degradation rates of the sugar cane, poultry litter and cottonseed meal

13560 Sources of non-protein nitrogen and the addition of Sacharomyces cerevisiae to sugar cane based diets for young bulls: Intake, digestibility, nitrogen balances and ruminal parameters

13576 A Role for Ruminally Degraded Protein in Determining Yield and Efficiency of Rumen Efflux Microbial Protein

13579 Effect of type of cottonseed and gossypol intake on reproduction and health of lactating Holstein dairy cows

13581 A Role for Rumen Microbial Protein Synthesis in Regulating Ruminal Turnover.

13591 Fermentation characteristics of alfalfa hay harvested at different stages of maturity and cutting times in continuous cultures of rumen contents

13606 Evaluation of models to predict urinary excretion and milk urea nitrogen

13620 Effect of whole or ground cottonseed on apparent digestibility of finishing diets for sheep

13624 Effects of day relative to parturition and dietary crude protein levels on rumen fermentation in prefresh transition cows

13629 Wet corn gluten feed and alfalfa hay combinations in steam-flaked corn finishing diets

13630 Performance of beef heifers limit-fed growing diets containing alfalfa hay and wet corn gluten feed

13634 High oil corn silage versus typical corn silage for cows early in lactation

13637 Effects of pea silage as a forage source in high concentrate diets on ruminal metabolism and total tract nutrient utilization of steers

13640 Effect of feeding foliage of a multipurpose tree (Enterolobium cyclocarpum) on ciliate protozoa and ruminal fermentation in sheep

13641 Wet corn gluten feed and alfalfa hay combinations in steam-flaked corn finishing diets: effects on ruminal characteristics and diet digestibility

13644 Intake characteristics of beef steers consuming hay ad libitum

13647 Effects of wet corn gluten feed and intake level on diet digestibility and rumen passage rate in steers

13658 The use of rumen-protected conjugated linoleic acid to reduce milk fat percentage in lactating dairy cattle

13659 Use of milk protein concentrations to estimate the ''methionine bioavailability'' of two forms of 2-hydroxy-4-methylthio butanoic acid (HMB) for lactating cows.

13667 Changes in hepatic methylmalonylcoenzyme A mutase (MCM, E.C. activity during the transition period in the dairy cows

13680 Feeding Calcium Salts of Oleic Acid on Dry Matter Intake, Milk Yield, and Milk Fatty Acid Content.

13690 Effect of replacing dietary starch with sucrose on nutrient utilization by ruminal microorganisms during continuous culture fermentation

13698 In vitro effects of lactate-utilizing rumen bacteria on ruminal fermentation

13701 Effects of feeding different sources of neutral detergent-soluble carbohydrates supplemented with fat and propionate to heat stressed dairy cows

13704 Bloodmeal and fishmeal addition to receiving diets

13705 Dry period protein nutrition and glucose and protein metabolism in transition cows

13707 Changes in Rumen Capacity during the Periparturient Period in Dairy Cows

13716 Selection of Propionibacterium strains capable of utilizing lactic acid from in vitro models.

13728 Corn processing method in finishing diets containing wet corn gluten feed

13736 Sub-clinical ruminal acidosis in feedlot cattle fed a barley-based diet

13739 Effects of source of supplemental zinc on heifer performance during receiving and finishing phases

13749 Effect of corn silage and soybean oil on in vitro production of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and 18:1 fatty acids by beef finishing diets

13750 Effect of supplemental vitamin D on phosphorus excretion in dairy cattle

13769 The effect of rumen pH and forage type on in situ fiber hydrolysis in dairy heifers.

13770 Effects of Dietary Proportions of CP/Potentially Digestible NDF, PDF, upon Rates of Digestion, Turnover and Intake of PDF.

13781 Effects of Live Yeast Concentrates on the In Vitro Semi-Continuous Culture Fermentation of a High Concentrate Diet

13786 Partitioning in vitro digestibility of corn silages of different particle sizes

13787 Effects of a modified stair-step compensatory growth model for gestating beef heifers

13845 Lactational and reproductive responses of early lactation Holstein cows to varied levels of dietary supplementation of organic cobalt, copper, manganese and zinc

13851 Effect of Dietary Phosphorus Concentration on Estrous Behavior of Lactating Dairy Cows.
ADSA/ASAS Ani Behav/Well Being

TrackNo Title

11925 Quiet handling of heifers reduces aversion to restraint

12086 Behavioral and adrenal response of cows tail docked with a rubber ring with or without local anesthesia

12184 Social structure and behavior of laying hens in large groups

12308 Effects of an intermittent altrenogest regimen on behavioral, hormonal, and testicular parameters of three-year-old stallions

12560 Effects of transportation and relocation on plasma glucose, triglyceride and cortisol concentrations in Brahman and Hereford steers

12704 Effects of simulated preslaughter holding and isolation on stress responses and live weight shrinkage in goats

12742 Shade effects on performance, carcass traits, and behavior of heat-stressed feedlot cattle

12824 Stress induced alterations of IgG concentrations and hematological parameters in genetically selected chicken lines

12827 The relationship between physiological parameters and behavioral response to social stress among three genetic lines of laying hens

12918 Genetic determination of maintenance behavior of calves

12968 Development of a bovine lameness index that correlates visual lameness scores to measurable limb movement variables - a pilot study

13137 Use of Ascophyllum nodosum to reduce problems associated with fescue toxicosis in cattle during heat challenge

13214 Effect of genetic selection for loin-eye area on belly-nosing and plasma cortisol in weanling Landrace pigs

13250 Behavior of outdoor sows 72 h after parturition: relation to piglet mortality

13302 Utilization of a small animal model of fescue toxicosis to evaluate the potential benefit of Ascophyllum nodosum

13361 Variation in Hen Vocalizations During Pre-hatch, Hatch and Post-Hatch

13384 Evaluation of a model to predict internal body temperature in feedlot cattle during summer heat

13420 The lying behavior of pigs; a basic study

13471 Savaging in gilts and second parity sows: a study of seven commercial farms

13593 Feeding behavior of lactating dairy cows as measured by real-time control system

13673 Effect of animal handling method on the incidence of stress response in market swine in a model system

13684 Behavioral and physiological responses of calves to dehorning using a long acting local anesthetic

13803 The effects of management stressors on cortisol production in various breeds of bulls

13804 Effects of cooling strategies on physiological responses to heat challenge
ADSA/ASAS Forages & Pastures

TrackNo Title

11915 Effect of wilting and molasses on silage quality of Leucaena leucocephala

11980 Changes in nutritive value for bermudagrass hay as affected by initial concentration of moisture and sampling date

12087 Performance of lactating dairy cows fed red clover based diets augmented with normal or brown mid-rib corn silge

12096 Why digestibility of alfalfa stems declines with maturity

12102 Angus steer performance grazing bermudagrass on degraded soils fertilized with poultry litter, ammonium nitrate, or crimson clover

12160 Application of a pasture intake model in an educational package to enhance farmer uptake of pasture quality management technologies

12178 Production response of Holstein cows fed diets containing annual ryegrass and corn silage with either ground or steam-flaked corn

12225 Evaluation of the nutritive value of low moisture corn silage stored in Ag Bag® vs bunker silos

12229 Evaluation of the replacement value of HMEC for steam rolled corn grain

12244 Performance of beef cattle grazing endophyte-infected tall fescue or sod-seeded ryegrass

12248 Prediction of reed canarygrass quality as influenced by N fertilization and maturity

12256 Brown midrib-3 corn silage as the major forage for transition cows

12265 Effect of Mott Dwarf Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) silage on dry matter intake, milk production, digestibility and rumen characteristics in Nili-Ravi buffaloes

12277 N-alkanes as markers for estimation of dry matter intake and diet composition in steers consuming all-forage or forage-concentrate diets.

12391 The effect of applying a buffered propionic acid-based preservative (Ki-112) alone or in combination with a mixture of homolactic acid bacteria (HAB) on the fermentation and aerobic stability of high moisture corn.

12392 The effect of inoculation with Lactobacillus plantarum MTD1 and packing density on the fermentation of high DM alfalfa silage.

12395 Adding Lactobacillus buchneri 40788 to alfalfa silage increases the production of acetic acid in laboratory and farm-scale silos and has no effect on the dry matter intake of high producing dairy cows.

12397 The effect of Lactobacillus buchneri 40788 and enzymes on the fermentation and aerobic stability of barley silage fed to lactating cows.

12403 Using in sacco and in vitro incubations to determine the digestion and fermentation kinetics of fresh forages

12421 Condensed tannins in legumes increase milk production of dairy cows

12475 Partitioning of nitrogen in bermudagrass forages in response to nitrogen fertilization

12523 Assessment of forage quality and DM digestion kinetics for wheat forage as affected by harvest technique and sampling date

12600 Growth performance of stocker calves backgrounded on sod-seeded winter annuals or hay and grain

12618 Crop processing and chop length effects in brown midrib corn silage on chewing activity and mean particle size of silage and masticates

12630 Effect of grazing tall fescue endophyte types on subsequent feedlot performance and carcass quality

12651 Corn plant and silage nutritive value in different stages of maturity.

12656 Effect of grain supplementation on methane production of grazing steers.

12848 Soybean genotypes for grain and stover in smallholder crop-livestock systems in West Africa

12900 Yield and fodder quality of dual-purpose groundnut genotypes fed to West African Dwarf sheep

12956 Physical and chemical characteristics affecting in vitro digestibility of corn silages of different particle sizes

12962 Performance of high producing dairy cows with three feeding systems combining pasture and total mixed rations.

12970 Effect of infusing protein postruminally and graded levels of ruminally available protein on the utilization of low-quality prairie hay by beef steers

12982 A survey of phytoestrogen activity in Kansas Flint Hills native grass pastures

13010 Evaluation of the nutritive value of processed corn silage harvested at three chop lengths

13028 Liveweight and growth rate of cow-calf pairs grazing tall fescue pastures infected with either non-toxic (MaxQTM) or toxic endophyte strains

13031 Non-toxic endophyte (MaxQTM) use for alleviating tall fescue toxicosis in stocker cattle

13079 Effect of method of storage on protein and fiber fractions, and in situ digestibility of kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum) and guinea grass (Panicum maximum)

13225 Grazing method effects on growth rate of St. Croix White hair sheep lambs on a tropical grass-shrub legume over-story.

13237 Nutrient digestibility and bacterial protein synthesis of a pasture diet in response to increased level of dietary brassica in continuous culture

13255 Evaluation of calf and forage production in rotational stocking systems for spring- and fall-calving beef cows

13259 Nutrient composition of forages in Arkansas, 1985-1999

13269 Production and quality of Buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris)grown and utilized under different conditions in Northern Mexico

13304 Evaluation of the influence of host animal diet and forage type on the ruminal degradation of grass silage and intercropped pea-wheat silages

13411 Estimation of forage intake of lactating dairy cows on pasture using n-alkanes

13423 Use of temperature data loggers to measure body temperature in cows grazing toxic or non-toxic tall fescue

13427 Eastern gamagrass digestion kinetics and forage quality as influenced by harvest management

13547 Use of Ascophyllum nodosum for alleviation of fescue toxicosis in cattle

13578 Frontal grazing for cattle management on annual ryegrass pasture

13616 Characterization of season and sampling method effects on forage quality in fescue-based pastures.

13669 Tall fescue based forage systems for developing beef replacement heifers

13682 Effects of the heterotrophic bacterium Lactobacillus buchneri on preservation of alfalfa and timothy hay

13691 Effects of maturity and N fertilization on in vitro biohydrogenation of timothy linolenic and linoleic acids

13696 Effects on forage quality and animal performance of steers grazing smooth brome pastures interseeded with legumes

13717 Effects of ensiling carbohydrates with wheat straw and 4% urea.

13724 Factors affecting the measurement of forage digestibility

13767 The Effect of Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Mineral on Organic Matter Digestibility in Beef Cattle on Native and Fescue-based Pasture Grazing Systems.

13772 Comparison of three methods to estimate digestible NDF of forages

13784 Steer grazing behavior on endophyte-free, toxic endophyte-infected, and non-toxic endophyte-infected (Max QTM) tall fescue

13788 Nutrient composition of several brown midrib and non-brown midrib sorghum varieties

13790 Evaluation of nutrient composition and IVDMD of alfalfa and/or tropical grasses grown in Hawaii and harvested as round bale silage. D.T. Harauchi, J.R. Carpenter, R.J. Early, and C.N. Lee. CTAHR, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu

13793 The effects of grazing a brown midrib vs a conventional sorghum x sudan hybrid on animal performance and gain/ha
ADSA/ASAS Intnl Animal Agricul

TrackNo Title

11909 Nutrient digestibility and nitrogen balance of growing Zimbabwean Mukota, Large White and their F1 crosses fed on diets containing graded levels of maize cobs

11957 Constraints on reproductive performance of indigenous cows under small holder village farming system in Bangladesh

12128 Interaction between chopping length of corn silage and long hay on chewing activity of dry cows

12146 The peruvian dairy sector: farmers' perpectives, development strategies and policy options

12172 Macedonian Dairy Industry situation and outlook

12368 Comparing the economic power of the populations of European Community (EC) and North American Treaty Countries (NAT)-1999-2010, using per adult human unit (PAHU) versus per capita (PC)

12487 The suitability of the Beefmaster as a dam breed in hot and arid regions of Israel

12631 Present Status of the Heifer Project International-Cameroon Rabbit Program

12809 Effect of seasons on milk production and calving pattern in nili ravi buffaloes

13068 Effects of World Bank prescribed economic structural adjustment on poultry production in Nigeria and policy suggestions for the improvement of the sector

13574 Effect of a reduced dose of GnRH (50 mg) in a timed AI protocol used for Holstein cows from an intensive dairy at north-central Mexico.

13582 Serum-progesterone measurements to determine age at puberty and luteal function in hair sheep from a semi-arid region in north-central Mexico.

13583 True estrus determination through evaluation of serum-progesterone levels at the time of insemination of dairy cows from semi-intensive dairies in north-central Mexico

13584 Effect of high-levels of brewery supplementation on blood metabolites of Holstein cows from a semi-intensive dairy in north-central Mexico

13586 Timed-embryo transfer (Gyr/Holstein) in recipient cows exposed to a synchronized ovulation

13777 Meat quality characteristics of loin eye and tenderloin muscles of native Korean (Hanwoo) steers

13791 Characterization of forage trees as strategic feed sources for goats under semiarid rangeland conditions of Tamaulipas, Mexico
ADSA/ASAS Milk Synthesis

TrackNo Title

11906 Effects of N-nitro-arginine on blood flow and nutrient uptake in the mammary glands of dairy cows

11951 Kinetics of glucose transport by isolated bovine mammary epithelial cells

11970 Factors affecting lactose production of lactating rat mammary acini

12094 The expression polymorphism of kappa-casein gene affects cheese yield

12116 Dietary fish oil plus vegetable oil maximizes trans-18:1 and rumenic acids in milk fat

12167 MILK yield and constituents of Fleckvieh cattle in Bavaria:1-First lactation

12491 Effect of postpartum changes in BCS on milk components

12596 Distribution of delta-9 desaturase mRNA in bovine tissues: effect of physiological state and diet.

12679 Analysis of the sources of variation in CLA production in dairy cows

12712 Milk fat globule size is not affected by diet restriction or soy oil supplementation

12716 Supplementary infusion of amino acids and bovine somatotropin in atropine treated cows

12731 In vitro lipid synthesis using bovine mammary homogenate

12857 Transgenic Sows Overexpressing Alpha-lactalbumin: Piglet Growth and Milk Component Intake Early in Lactation.

12917 Evaluation of the antibacterial activities of lactoferricin derived peptides

12929 Amino peptidase gene expression in caprine mammary gland; A possible role in peptide-bound amino acid uptake

12964 The effect of trans-10,cis12 conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) infusion on milk fat synthesis and expression of lipogenic enzymes in the mammary gland of lactating cows

12990 Mammogenic effects of estrogen and growth hormone are mediated by local changes in mammary IGF-1 and IGFBP-3

13036 Effect of dietary conjugated linoleic acids on the yield and composition of cow's milk

13037 Correlations between specific binding of bST to desaturated hepatic membranes and various serum endocrine and nutrient components

13047 Effect of 17-estradiol on milk production and mammary gland involution in Holstein cows in mid-late lactation

13367 A redefinition of the effects of mammary cell numbers and enzyme activities on predictions of milk yield and composition by a lactating dairy cow model.

13368 The Production and Regulation of Leptin in Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cells

13523 Feeding dairy cattle to increase the content of conjugated linoleic acid in milk

13678 The role of insulin in the modulation of milk fatty acid composition

13748 Local expression of IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 mRNA in mammary tissue of prepubertal heifers after treatment with growth hormone

13755 Influence of feeding level and bovine somatotropin (bST) on transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-b)and its receptor in mammary tissue of growing heifers

TrackNo Title

11890 A paradigm to increase student enrollment in animal science courses and fulfill educational expectations

12159 Teaching Animal Nutrition online

12247 NASA's Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program enhances undergraduate experiences and promotes team-building skills

12311 Engaging students in the learning process in an undergraduate animal breeding course.

12435 Assessment of students' access of world wide web course material posting in small class size

12687 Dairy Challenge: A competitive and educational experience in evaluation of dairy herd management

12737 Evaluation of student performance in an introductory animal science course by pre-test and post-test scores.

12740 Undergraduate education: exposing first- and second-year students to laboratory research.

12780 Oregon State University#s Steer-A-Year program: integrating classroom learning and hands on experience

12949 Use of Trans Texas Video Network for graduate education between Texas A&M University System and Texas Tech University

13023 Development of a capstone course in dairy herd management

13092 Utilization of small-group special species projects to facilitate undergraduate applied animal nutrition learning experiences

13109 Utilizing a group project to teach principles of reproductive management

13139 Quantification of learning in animal nutrition: An assessment of teaching.

13776 Assessment of student learning in animal science programs: how do we know that they know?

13794 An integrative approach to teaching advanced undergraduate non-ruminant animal nutrition
ADSA Dairy Foods

TrackNo Title

11863 Acceptance of camel milk among elementary school students in Al Ain,UAE

11941 Isolation and identification of proteolytic psychrotrophic bacteria from raw milk

11956 Commercial whey protein concentrates: protein aggregation profile study

11975 Effect of long term frozen storage on Manchego-type cheese proteolysis

11977 Texture of artisan Spanish fresh goat's milk cheese

11985 Survivability of Probiotic Cultures in Symbiotic Goat's Milk Yogurt

11987 Effect of drying methods on functional properties of tarhana, a wheat flour-yogurt mixture

11990 Effect of freezing process on the microstructure and stability of stabilized ice cream-type systems

12000 Separation of proteins from acid whey using clay minerals

12012 Protein profiles and rheological properties of fresh goat milk cheese

12015 Study of the effects of pH, temperature and NaCl on amino acid catabolic enzyme activities using quadratic response surface methodology

12029 Characterization of potential probiotic and milk fermenting properties of lactic acid bacteria strains

12036 Effect of Incubation Temperature and Homogenization on the Rheological Properties of Set Yogurt During Gelation Process.

12063 Effect of b-casein addition on MFGM-stabilized soy oil emulsions

12129 Effect of storage time and temperature on the serum phase of cultured cream cheese

12168 The Effect of Salep and Locust Bean Gum Concentration on the Rheological Characteristics of a Turkish-type Ice-cream Mix

12258 Effect of double homogenization and whey protein concentrate on the texture of ice cream

12267 Melt and proteolysis of Mozzarella cheese as affected by starter culture and coagulating enzymes

12268 Effects of Refrigerated Storage on Proteolytic and Lipolytic Properties of Soft Goat Milk Cheeses Manufactured in a Southern U.S. State.

12301 Fortification of fluid skim milk with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)

12303 Fluid milk quality: Microbiological analysis of fluid milk at the carton encoded sell by date

12304 Headspace analysis of volatile compounds in Monterey Jack goat milk cheese

12326 Characterization of dephosphorylated b-Casein

12337 Lack of effect of a specially designed yogurt for the eradication of Helicobacter pylori infection

12388 Determination of B12, biotin, and folic acid in infant formula by Biomolecular Interactive Assay

12447 Linoleic acid isomerase activity in Lactobacillus acidophilus and Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. shermanii

12450 Flavor development of cholesterol-reduced Cheddar cheese slurries

12535 Comparison of effect of vacuum condensed and ultrafiltered milk on Cheddar cheese quality.

12558 Comparison of rennet curd formation characteristics of milk concentrated by vacuum condensing and ultrafiltration.

12570 Standardization of cheesemilks using cold ultrafiltration retentates for the manufacture of Parmesan cheese

12571 Modulation of colonic microbiota with sweet bifidus milk

12574 Quality attributes of cheddar cheese in the North Carolina marketplac

12575 Quality attributes of strawberry swiss style yogurt in the North Carolina marketplace

12580 Consumer acceptability of lucuma and cherimoya ice cream

12592 Survival of a five strain cocktail of E. coli O157:H7 during the 60 Days Aging Period of Hard Cheese Made from Unpasteurized Milk.

12606 Continuous production of antimicrobial compound(s) and organic acids by bifidobacteria cells entrapped in sodium alginate beads.

12609 Controlling the coagulation properties of high solids cheesemilks that are standardized with cold ultrafiltration retentates

12635 Salt and calcium distribution in injected cheese

12669 Microbial content and distribution in Turkish kefir grains

12706 Structural and functional properties of a small cryptic plasmid of Streptococus thermophilus

12724 Comparison of component interactions and mineral distribution in infant formulas prepared with organic or inorganic mineral salts

12743 Scale up and mass balance of affinity purification of native b-lactoglobulin

12785 The effect of human milk pasteurization on the growth of Bifidobacteria

12791 Lactobacillus acidophilus translocation in rats feeding cholesterol rich diet

12822 Effect of CO2 Addition to Raw Milk on Protein and Fat Degradation at 4°C

12830 Reduced fat Cheddar cheese from a mixture of cream and liquid milk protein concentrate

12835 Effects of standardization of whole milk with milk protein concentrate on the yield and ripening of reduced fat Cheddar cheese

12853 Production and functional properties of dairy products fermented with probiotic bacteria

12875 A comparitive study of the microstructure of casiens in dried milk products

12882 Effect of SCC on proteolysis and lipolysis of pasteurized fluid milk during shelf-life storage

12907 Reversibility of pH-induced changes in the melting characteristics and calcium distribution of Mozzarella cheese

12919 Effect of storage time, storage temperature and pH on the viscosity of aqueous solutions of locust bean gum

12933 Changes in functionality of Mozzarella cheese produced from bovine and caprine milk during refrigerated storage

12944 Effect of Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis ml3 and c2 bacteriophage peptides and Lactobacillus plantarum yit0068 bacteriophage peptides on the growth of L. lactis ssp. lactis C2 and the inhibition of ml3 and c2 bacteriophage proliferation

12950 Effect of black pepper essential oils and orange peel terpenes on the inhibition of Lactobacillus plantarum and the inhibition of L. plantarum yit0068 bacteriophage proliferation

13015 Production of an exopolysaccharide-containing whey protein concentrate by fermentation of whey with L. delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus RR

13044 Rheological properties of primary stabilizer/milk protein/k-carrageenan/sucrose systems simulating ice cream mix

13074 Estimation of vitamin D3 content in process cheese.

13083 Measurement of temperature dependent changes in process cheese viscosity

13104 The Effect of Stabilizers and Emulsifiers on the Rheological Properies of Ice Cream Model Systems

13164 Control of acidification of yogurt by microencapsulated bacteriocin

13176 Rheological Characterization of Butter Oil Obtained from Yogurt and Milk

13178 Dynamic headspace analysis and sensory characteristics of ewes milk La Serena cheese

13179 The volatile compounds of raw milk Manchego cheese and their relationship to some sensory attributes

13199 Application of a model system to study the effect of pH on the serum phase of cultured cream cheese during storage

13239 Consumer evaluation of "high-CLA dairy products" produced from cows fed fish oil

13261 Cheese treated by high pressure in an early stage of ripening. Changes in textural attributes

13274 Sensory and analytical analysis of milk formulations with sweet cream buttermilk

13295 Use of Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) to determine metabolic organic acids in milk

13296 Effect of addition of whey protein concentrate in the manufacturing of set yogurt

13325 Texture Profiling of Skim Milk and Carrageenan Solutions

13331 Effects of added plasmin on the rheological properties of rennet-induced skim milk gels

13353 Relationship between chemical, physical and sensory properties for pasta filata and stirred curd LMPS Mozzarella cheeses

13404 Effect of Homogenization Pressure and Selected Additives on Particle Size Properties of Retort Sterilized Dairy Beverages During Storage

13466 Cheeses of Spain: classification and description

13467 Methods to Prepare Glycomacropeptide from Cheese Whey

13481 Stress relaxation test: an approach to study cheese openness

13487 Evaluation of reduced fat Cheddar cheese made with attenuated and not attenuated adjunct culture of Lactobacillus helveticus I: Effect of make procedure and cell attenuation

13502 Effect of centrifugation conditions on expressible serum obtained from cultured cream cheese

13507 Effect of sterilization on physical properties of recombined milk

13531 Selection of Cows Producing Fat of Low- and High-atherogenicity and the properties of butter and cheese made from their milk

13570 Isolation and characterization of gitty prticles in cream cheese

13600 Genetic typing of Swiss cheese starter culture strains by pulsed field gel electrophoresis and arbitrarily primed-PCR

13661 Salt tolerance of dairy propionibacteria

13676 Effect of formulation and processing on emulsion stability of recombined sterilized milk

13744 Effect of microbial exopolysaccharide on functionality in high moisture cheese

13752 Characterization of the melt properties of Cheddar cheese during ageing using dynamic low amplitude oscillatory rheology and melt profile analysis
ADSA Dairy Food Grad Stu Paper

TrackNo Title

12252 Temperature effect on structure-opacity relationships of nonfat Mozzarella cheese

12441 Rheological properties of rennet-induced gels made from coagulants of vegetable origin and chymosin

12576 Evaluation of Quality Properties of Butter and Ice Cream with a High Content of Linoleic and Oleic Acid

12681 Effect of high-pressure on two strains of Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris in a phosphate buffered saline (PBS) cell suspension.

12688 Alpha-galactosidase as a novel molecular tool for the genetic modification of Lactococcus lactis

12870 Influence of proteolytic enzymes from thermophillic lactic acid bacteria on the functional properties of Mozzarella cheese

13089 Fluorescence microscopy and recrystallization rate of model ice cream solutions as influenced by stabilizer type

13195 Monoclonal antibodies raised against native structural proteins of Streptococcus thermophilus bacteriophage DT1

13249 Effect of linoleic and conjugated linoleic acids on Lactobacillus species in broth and milk

13337 Development of two analytical methods to quantify the concentrations of insoluble and soluble Calcium in Cheddar cheese

13345 The effects of NaCl, CaCl2, lactose and pH on the interfacial behavior of b-lactoglobulin

13462 Isolation and Analysis of Glycomacropeptide from Goat Sweet Whey
ADSA Dairy Prod Grad Stu Paper

TrackNo Title

12050 Effects of NutriDenseTM and waxy corn hybrids on site and extent of starch and protein disappearance and efficiency of microbial N production in sheep

12356 Synthetic conjugated linoleic acid may cause mammary involution in dairy cows.

12473 The biohydrogenation of oleic acid to trans monoenes by ruminal microbes in vitro

12759 Effects of ruminant feed enzyme additives on digestibility evaluated in vitro

13055 Effects of long chain unsaturated fatty acids on palmitic acid metabolism by ruminant hepatocytes.

13091 Programmed exercise altered carbohydrate and lipid metabolism of dairy cows

13288 Bovine lymphocytes express prolactin receptor (PRL-R) mRNA: a potential mechanism for PRL effects on immune function

13311 Trends in milk production and composition in dairy herds in Saskatchewan: August, 1997 to July, 2000

13354 The effects of dietary protein fractions and levels on performance and nitrogen utilization and excretion in early lactation dairy cows

13380 The effect of increasing alfalfa haylage particle size on physically effective NDF values

13397 Rumen inert lipids and glucose precursors lessen prepartum feed intake depression and improve carbohydrate status in periparturient dairy cows

13622 Differences in resistance to heat shock between 2-4 cell Brahman and Holstein embryos produced in vivo
ASAS Companion Animals

TrackNo Title

12240 Evaluation of Corn Gluten Meal as a Protein Source in Canine Diets.

12413 The effects of an antioxidant system based on tocopherols and novel extracts from Rosemary on petfood shelf-life and acceptability by dogs and cats
ASAS Nonruminant Nutrition

TrackNo Title

11873 DIETARY copper source and level increases pituitary growth hormone mRNA levels in weanling pigs

11892 The performance and protein ,amino acid and phosphorus utilization of piglets were improved by phytase supplementation

11930 Effects of microencapsulation of natural antimicrobials on the secretory, microbiological and digestive processes in the small intestine of piglets

11954 Supplementation of a-1,6-galactosidase and b-1,4-mannanase to improve soybean meal utilization by nursery pig

11960 The effect of choice feeding complete diets on the performance of weaned pigs

11972 Effect of pre-weaning management and post-weaning nutrition on the performance of weaned pigs

11973 Effect of weaning weight and diet on the post-weaning performance of pigs

11978 Metabolic adaptation to synthetic feed and different amino acid patterns

11989 Diets containing high quality animal proteins increase growth of early-weaned pigs

11998 Apparent and true ileal digestibility of amino acids in soybean meals as affected by heat treatments and trypsin inhibitors

12001 Use of menhaden oil to alter n-6:n-3 fatty acid ratios in nursery pig diets

12008 Utilization of energy and performance of piglets fed low protein diets

12079 Xylanase improves the ileal energy and nitrogen digestibility of high wheat finisher diets containing increasing levels of wheat shorts in swine

12082 Comparison of swine performance when fed diets containing Roundup Ready® corn (GA21), parental line or conventional corn

12091 Compensatory feed intake and growth in pigs

12134 The change of growth performance and carcass characteristics in finishing pigs treated with N-methyl-d,l,-aspartate(NMA)

12142 Dietary fiber level and xylanase affects nutrient digestibility and waste production in grower pigs

12150 Effect of protein fluctuations and space allocation on performance of growing-finishing pigs

12166 Effect of dietary betaine supplementation on energy partitioning in pigs

12179 Effect of high temperature and energy intake on energy utilization in growing pigs

12186 Efficacy of Allzyme Vegpro in swine diets

12212 Portal recovery of enteral supplied alpha-ketoglutaric acid in growing pigs

12217 Reproduction, conceptus growth and plasma reduced folates in sows in response to dietary supplementation with oxidized and reduced sources of folic acid

12233 Effect of photoperiod on performance and energy metabolism of weanling pigs

12259 Effect of dietary levels of soluble and insoluble fiber on energy digestibility and nitrogen balance in gestating sows

12261 Singular and combined efficacy of two new microbial phytases in corn-soy or corn-soy-wheat diets for young pigs

12270 Evaluation of Streptomyces lividans and Pichia pastoris as extra-cellular expression systems for Escherichia coli phytase

12283 Effect of desiccated bile salts on fat digestibility in early-weaned pigs

12315 Response of early-weaned pigs to pea protein isolate-based diets supplemented with chicken egg-yolk anti-E. coli (K88) antibody:

12336 Apparent nutrient digestibility of fishmeal and poultry by-product meal diets for juvenile Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)

12349 Protein requirement re-evaluated for juvenile rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

12354 Effect of chromium-methionine level in diet on hatchability of Japanese quail in dry tropic weather:I. Respone under temperature-controlled in summer season

12355 Effect of chromium-methionine level in diet on hatchability of Japanese quail in dry tropic weather:II. Respone under temperature-controlled in winter season

12372 Comparision of broiler performance when fed diets containing YieldGard® corn, YieldGard® and Roundup Ready® corn, parental lines, or commercial corn

12394 Efficacy of mannan oligosaccharide (Bio-Mos®) addition with two levels of copper sulfate in the diets of growing-finishing pigs

12416 Feeding value of hulless and hulled barley in grower pig diets

12425 The effects of phytase on calcium, phosphorus, and dry matter digestibility in pigs fitted with steered ileo-cecal valve cannulas

12444 Apparent nutrient digestibility of fishmeal and feather meal diets for juvenile Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)

12453 Growth performance of broilers fed insect-protected (MON 810) or near isogenic control corn.

12454 Performance of weaned piglets fed insect-protected (MON 810) or near isogenic corn.

12476 Pyridoxine (B6) metabolism and requirement in weaned piglets

12503 Potential for egg protein as a protein source for phase 1 nursery diets

12545 Effects of dietary supplementation of crude inulin extract on the emission of volatile sulfides from manure slurry of growing-finishing pigs fed corn and soybean meal-based diets

12546 High levels of dietary ascorbic acid on liver gulonolactone oxidase activity, serum and liver ascorbic acid concentration, and growth performance of postweaning pigs

12548 Effects of low-phytic acid corn on growth performance, bone strength, and serum osteocalcin concentration in growing-finishing pigs

12553 Effects of dietary conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) on growth, carcass characteristics and meat quality of heavy pigs

12572 The efficacy of zinc methionine and zinc oxide in promoting nursery pig performance

12578 High levels of dietary ascorbic acid on liver gulonolactone oxidase activity, serum and liver ascorbic acid concentration, and growth performance of postweaning pigs

12579 Solutein enhances piglet growth post weaning

12599 Effects of brewers dried yeast as a source of mannanoligosaccharides and of carbadox on total, Escherichia coli K88, and carbadox-resistant coliform populations in early-weaned pigs.

12607 Impact of a targeted B-Vitamin regimen on rate and efficiency of growth on lean growth genotype pigs from 6 to 110 kilograms of body weight

12615 Enhanced phosphorus digestion and reduced pollution potential by transgenic pigs with salivary phytase.

12662 The effect of pelleting temperature on anti-E. coli F4 immunoglobulin activity in spray-dried egg and porcine plasma.

12663 Determination of true phosphorus digestibility and the gastrointestinal endogenous phosphorus loss associated with soybean meal for growing-finishing pigs

12670 The effect of feeding spray-dried porcine plasma and egg immunoglobulins with anti-bacterial or anti-somatostatin specificities on the performance of weaned pigs

12673 In vitro and in vivo hydrolysis of phytate in feed ingredients and complete feeds by phytase

12674 Response of weanling pigs to dietary lysine sulfate fermentation product or L-lysine·HCl supplementation.

12705 Availability of phosphorus in distiller's dried grains with solubles for growing swine

12715 Growth performance and carcass characteristics of grow-finish pigs fed increasing levels of distiller's dried grains with solubles

12733 Evaluation of pea ingredients for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) diets

12756 Effect of genotype and dietary lysine content during the grower phase on growth performance, serum urea N, and carcass and meat quality

12766 Effects of dietary supplementation of crystalline L-glutamine on the gastrointestinal tract and whole body growth in early-weaned piglets fed corn and soybean meal-based diets

12768 Effect of synchronizing dietary protein and glucose supply on nitrogen retention of growing pigs

12783 Effects of Fibrozyme® supplementation on ileal and total tract digestion of nitrogen and energy by finishing pigs fed diets containing a fibrous soy co-product

12797 Lysine to Protein ratios in growing-finishing pigs

12828 Effects of feeding blends of grains naturally-contaminated with Fusarium mycotoxins on growth and brain regional neurochemistry of starter pigs and the efficacy of supplemental yeast cell wall polymer in detoxification

12855 Impact of daily energy intake on rate and composition of gain in pigs with high lean growth potential

12871 Dietary conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) influence the lipogenic enzyme activities in adipose tissue and liver of rabbit

12874 Effects of dietary conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) on carcass characteristics and serum leptin and lipid profile of rabbits

12877 Dietary conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) influence the immune response in weanling piglets

12902 Effect of calcium to phosphorus ratio on grower-finisher pig performance and mineral excretion

12916 Pre- and postweaning performance of piglets fed pre-weaning diets containing either spray-dried porcine plasma, whey protein concentrate or whey powder

12928 Effects of feeding different chelated copper and zinc sources on growth performance and their excretions in feces for weaning pigs

12930 Influence of type of cereal and level of fiber on performance of early-weaned piglets

12934 Time response effects of cornstarch and raw potatoe starch on the whole-tract digestibility and digestive tract adaptation in growing (20-60 kg) pigs

12942 Vitamin E and selenium improve pork stability in finishing pigs fed diets deleted of vitamin-mineral premix

12955 Effect of dietary crude protein level and fiber sources on nitrogen excretion patterns of grower pigs

12959 Studying the effect of protein sources on meat quality of pigs using discriminant analyses

12960 Role of pantothenic acid as a modifier of body composition in pigs

12985 Effect of threonine supply on the true ileal digestibility of amino acids and on performance in weaned piglets

12999 A method to measure the amino acid requirement of individual pigs

13001 Comparison of apparent ileal amino acid digestibility values of high oil (HOC), high oil/high oleic acid (HOHOC), and low phytate (LP) corn diets fed to finishing pigs

13005 The effect of genetic type and parity and folic acid supplement on homocysteine metabolism from sows on day 15 of gestation

13013 Amino acids ileal digestibility of hulless barley, barley and sorghum grains in growing pigs

13027 A rapid method to determine ''true metabolic availability'' of amino acids in feedstuffs for pigs

13051 The effect of equi-molar dietary betaine and choline additions on liver, plasma and gut of pig

13058 Supplemental fat and/or reduced dietary crude protein effects on growth performance, carcass characteristics, and meat quality of late finishing barrows reared in a controlled hot environment

13065 Dietary factors are additive in reducing in vitro ammonia emission from pig manure

13082 Effects of dietary chromium yeast supplementation on growth performance and carcass characteristics in growing-finishing pigs

13094 Nutritional evaluation of Bt (MON810) and Roundup Ready®corn compared with commercial hybrids in broilers

13120 Comparative nutritional value of wheat, grain sorghum and corn in diets for finishing pigs

13121 Swine digestible energy evaluations of Bt (MON810) and Roundup Ready®corn compared with commercial varieties

13132 Effects of feed processing methods on growth performance and ileal digestibility in weaning pigs

13133 Beneficial effect of using a blend of flavoring substances in promoting appetite and growth performance in weaned piglets

13135 Limiting amino acids in wheat for growing pigs

13144 The effects of niacin on growth performance and meat quality in grow-finish pigs

13147 Performance of growing pigs fed wheat-based diets added with low levels of inorganic phosphorus

13169 Effect of plant extracts on the performance and lower gut microflora of early weaned piglets

13180 Cysteine and sulfite enhance reduction of trypsin inhibitor during heating of soybeans.

13182 Effect of heating solvent extracted soybean in the presence of cysteine or sulfite on ileal true digestibility of protein in broiler chicks

13183 Influence of slaughter weight on performance and carcass quality of fattening pigs

13193 Comparison of edible grade whey, granular whey, and Dairylac 80O as lactose sources for nursery pig diets

13201 Wheat specific weight or added enzyme did not affect weaner performance

13202 Effect of increased levels of crystalline essential amino acids on growth performance and nitrogen retention of broiler chicks fed low-CP diets

13204 Effect of increased levels of crystalline nonessential amino acids on growth performance and nitrogen retention of broiler chicks fed low-CP diets

13216 Comparison of broiler performance when fed diets containing Roundup Ready® corn event NK603, parental line, or commercial corn

13268 The potential for egg by-products to replace spray-dried porcine plasma in early-weaned piglet diets

13285 Evaluation of Termin-8® addition to spray-dried animal plasma or base mix on growth performance of nursery pigs

13316 Evaluation of a carbohydrase combination on performance in growing-finishing pigs

13321 Differential response from feeding high levels of vitamin E on quality of stored pork from two genotypes

13341 The effects of a-lipoic acid (LA) on performance and health of weaned neonatal pigs

13344 The effects of pretreating soybean meal with fiber-degrading enzymes on ileal and total tract digestibility by growing pigs

13348 Improving ileal and total tract digestion of corn and soybean meal-based diets by growing pigs using feed enzymes, steeping, and particle size reduction

13355 Dietary supplementation of different organic acids as an alternative to the use of antibiotics in the diets of early-weaned piglets

13363 The optimum threonine:lysine ratio in nursery diets to maximize growth performance of weanling pigs

13375 Effects of L-carnitine and soybean oil on growth performance in weanling pigs

13383 Effects of L-carnitine on carcass composition and tissue accretion in weanling pigs

13393 Evaluation of synthetic L-Lysine use in finishing pigs

13434 Effects of dietary supplementation with mannan oligosaccharides on sow and litter performance in a commercial production system

13441 Soybean meal from Roundup Ready® or conventional soybeans in diets for growing-finishing pigs

13442 Efficacy of betaine as a carcass modifier in finishing pigs fed normal and low protein diets supplemented with amino acids.

13468 Effects of supplemental trace mineral levels on carcass characteristics and carcass value

13470 Effects of ractopamine on pigs fed diets with and without vitamin and trace mineral premixes in the finishing phase (70 kg to slaughter)

13473 Effects of ractopamine on pigs fed diets with and without vitamin and trace mineral premixes in late finishing (90 kg to slaughter)

13480 The effect of genotype, parity and folic acid supplement on the expression of leptin, and its receptors in embryonic and endometrial tissues from pigs at 15 days of gestation

13482 Phosphorus removal with and without phytase in finishing pigs

13525 Descriptive flavor analysis of bacon and pork loin from lean-genotype gilts fed conjugated linoleic acid

13526 Productive performance and carcass characteristics of growing and finishing pigs fed different level of oat groats with and without enzymatic compound

13532 Effect of xylanase inclusion level on nutrient digestibility of diets containing different corn varieties and wheat middlings in finishing pigs

13538 Effects of feed deprivation prior to slaughter on changes in body weight and stomach morphology of finishing pigs

13545 Energy and nitrogen balance of pigs fed four corn grains

13548 Effects of iron administration on complete blood counts of nursing pigs

13563 Apparent digestibility of diets with differents starch levels to growing rabbits

13564 Performance and caecal microbial activity of growing rabbits fed different starch levels

13567 Feeding value in broiler chicken diets of a potato expressing a b-glucanase from Fibrobacter succinogenes

13580 Effects of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFA) on body composition and tissue accretion rates in the neonatal pig

13626 Boron supplementation to pigs increases the production of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interferon-gamma

13649 Effects of induced stresses on productive performance and serum concentration of acute phase proteins in growing-finishing pig

13685 Use of feed processing technologies and diet formulation strategies to maximize digestibility and minimize excretion of nutrients in finishing pigs.

13686 Effect of lactic acid and lactosucrose supplementation in diets for nursery pigs.

13692 Effect of Zinc-Methionine on growth performance of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) fed with starting-growing diets

13695 Lysine level required to optimize the growth response of PayleanTM in PIC pigs

13711 Responses of pigs and chicks to phosphorus supplementation in casein- vs soybean meal-based diets

13721 Effects of diet and crystalline glutamine supplementation on growth performance and small intestine morphology of weanling pigs

13741 Ideal dietary tryptophan regimen for pigs as influenced by antigen exposure

13743 Heat-damaged protein has reduced ileal true digestibility of cystine and aspartic acid in chicks

13806 Effects of soybean meal from different sources on sow and litter performance during gestation and lactation

13848 Effects of feed processing technologies and diet formulation strategies on growth performance and carcass characteristics in finishing pigs
ASAS Beef Species

TrackNo Title

11866 Influence of calving on body condition score in crossbred cows

12027 Pre-slaughter condition scoring of Zebu Cattle

12199 Maternal performance of four biological types of Red Poll cows

12218 Safety of moxidectin 1% nonaqueous injectable solution for cattle

12501 Effect of supplemental energy source on growth and reproductive performance of virgin heifers consuming corn silage diets

13657 Influence of Estrus Synchronization on Reproductive Performance of Cows Exposed to Natural Service
ASAS Goat Species

TrackNo Title

12143 Effects of insulin administered to a perfused area of skin in Angora goats

12147 The effect of hay and /or concentrate on performance, organ mass, blood metabolites and hormones in weaned kids

12383 Weight Gain In Beetal Goats Under Two Different Rearing Systems

12489 Effects of Preweaning Concentrate Supplementation on Performance of Meat Goats

12520 Survey of goat meat sales in New Jersey

12547 Optimum herd size of small goat holders in Qinba Mountain district in China

12692 Preslaughter stress effects on physiological responses and meat quality characteristics in goats

12694 Milk yield, body weight and some physiological traits of Baladi goats and their crosses with Damascus and Anglo-Nubian breeds in Egypt

12744 Extension of the Cashmere Growth Period in Spanish Goats with Melatonin

12872 Live weight changes in grazing goats supplemented with protein during the dry season

12998 Differences in growth and carcass characteristics in young goats of different genotypes

13106 Growth and survival of kids of three goat breeds during different seasons

13301 Determination of supplementation requirements of grazing goats utilizing two protein systems

13381 Effects of urea treatment of straw and dietary broiler litter on feed intake and digestion in Spanish wethers

13387 Feed intake and growth by Spanish and Boer x Spanish doelings consuming diets with different levels of broiler litter

13511 Comparison of goats raised intensively versus pasture raised

13546 Differences in intake, growth rate and carcass characteristics in young males of three hair sheep and meat goat breeds

13714 Modeling extended lactation curves in dairy goats using grafted polynomials
ASAS Horse Species

TrackNo Title

11859 Environmental factors affecting racing time in Brazilian Thoroughbred horses in Cristal hippodrome

12211 Temporal variables of the park walk and park trot of the Morgan Horse

12582 Temporal variables of the flat walk of the Tennessee Walking Horse weanling

12667 Manipulation of the dopaminergic system affects prolactin but not LH secretion in anestrous and cycling mares

12709 Determination of pregnancy outcome of mares grazed on a non-toxic endophyte-infected tall fescue

12772 Plasma glucose responses of growing horses to different concentrate feeds

12829 Fecal phosphorus excretion in yearling horses fed typical diets with and without exogenous phytase

12847 In vitro fermentation characteristics of vegetative and mature grasses by equine fecal inoculum

13219 Effects of melatonin implants on plasma concentrations of leptin and body weight in obese pony mares

13232 Passage rate of ingesta in Standardbred race horses

13343 Effect of fasting on blood lipid concentrations in horses
ASAS Swine Species

TrackNo Title

11903 Lysine requirement of growing (35.1 to 60.5 kg) pigs, when formulated on ideal protein basis

11905 The response of starting pigs to increasing levels of dietary lysine, when formulated on ideal protein basis

11911 Substituition of Corn to Cofee Hulls in a Isoenergetic Diets for Growing and Finishing Pigs

12070 Effect of deletion of vitamin and trace mineral premixes from diets on daily gain, feed:gain ratio, backfat thickness, red blood cell count in finishing pigs

12357 Fatty acid polyunsaturation of boar semen: Positive effects on gilt reproduction

12360 Effect of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and cryopreservation on boar spermatozoa

12361 Response of weaned pigs housed in large groups to alternative feeding strategies

12362 Increased progeny performance by elevating nutrient intake to sows during gestation

12483 ECG-gated dynamic MR examination of pig heart

12495 A comparison of methods of editing and adjusting feed intake data from electronic swine feeders

12603 Effect of storage and pelleting temperature on the activity of bacterial alkaline endoprotease (E.C., Alpha D-(1,4) amylase (E.C. and combination of both enzymes

12660 Effects of piglet birth weight and liquid milk replacer feeding during lactation on pig performance to slaughter weight

12842 Effect of initial stocking rate and weighing frequency on pig performance in wean-to-finish pens

12850 Effect of feeder-trough space on pig growth performance in double-stocked wean-to-finish pens

12858 Saccharomyces cerevisiae for breeding sows in a Parvoviral challenge

12869 Saccharomyces cerevisiae for lactating sows in a septic environment

12881 Saccharomyces cerevisiae for growing-finishing pigs in a septic environment

12910 Performance Levels, Genetic Parameters and Genotype-Health Interactions for Production Traits in Pigs

13278 Molecular typing of hemolytic Escherichia coli isolated from swine.

13408 Test performance of halothane gene homozygous and heterozygous pigs under no controlled climate

13530 Carcass and meat quality of halothane gene carriers and negative pigs

13633 Effect of a GnRH-analogue at estrus on reproductive performance of gilts

13665 Effect of three dietary growth promoting additives on performance of nursery pigs

13726 Effect of iron supplementation and dietary iron source and level on bioavailability of iron in weanling pigs
ASAS Sheep Species

TrackNo Title

11997 Comparison of carcass data and ultrasound measures using both cattle and swine standoffs for loin eye area, loin eye depth and external fat in lambs

12287 Evaluation of resistance to H. contortus in Pelibuey sheep

12864 Pre-mating nutrition affects the onset and synchrony of oestrus in Merino ewes treated with progesterone CIDR dispensers

13172 The effects of offering grass or maize silages with a flat rate of concentrate supplementation to pregnant ewes on ewe and lamb performance

13174 An evaluation of production systems for early season lamb production

13242 Feedlot performance, wool production, and carcass characteristics of Merino/Rambouillet wether lambs as affected by breed and dietary forage to concentrate ratios

13780 The effects of feeding a fungal extract (Amaferm) to ewes 60 days prepartum through weaning on milk protein, fat, lactose and yield
AMSA GS Research Poster-Master

TrackNo Title

12314 Mapping intramuscular tenderness variation in four major muscles of the beef round

12328 Effects of high protein/low carbohydrate swine diets during the final finishing phase on pork muscle quality

12565 Processing and product development of goat meat products: fermented cabrito snack stick and cabrito smoked sausage

12639 Chemical characterization of beef inside and outside semimembranosus for improved color stability

12732 Effect of supplemental fat on growth, quality, palatability, and fatty acid composition of beef from steers fed barley-potato product finishing diets

12735 Assessing Real Time Augmentation of USDA Yield Grade Application to Beef Carcasses Using Video Image Analysis (VIA) Instrumentationword

12952 Reducing airborne bacteria and molds using a germicidal air cleaning system

13042 Sensory evaluation of pork longissimus muscle from swine fed soybean meal from Roundup Ready® or conventional soybeans

13084 Ozonation of animal wastewater to reduce environmental impact

13100 Effects of cold shortening and cooking rate on tenderness, postmortem proteolysis, and cooking traits of beef longissimus and triceps brachii muscles

13122 Relationships between mechanical tenderness measurements and trained sensory panel attributes of beef Longissimus lumborum muscle

13317 Development of decontamination procedures for beef trimmings

13378 Use of sodium citrate to enhance tenderness and palatability of pre-rigor beef muscles

13489 Quality evaluation of case-ready beef steaks from various USDA grades
AMSA GS Research Poster-Ph.D

TrackNo Title

12254 In-vitro oxidation of bovine oxymyoglobin as affected by 4-hydroxy-nonenal

12844 Diverse birth and rearing housing systems: effects on pig growth, meat quality and muscle fiber types

12972 Goat kids meat quality: artificial rearing and weight at slaughter effects

13315 Comparison of breed and diet on factors associated with tenderness in two muscles
AMSA General Abs (Poster Only)

TrackNo Title

11875 Microbial condition of aged lamb meat treated with 1% acetic acid

11907 Decreasing cost in processed meat products with the addition of pork collagen

11918 Comparison of recovery methods for freeze-injured Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella Typhimurium and Campylobacter coli associated with cell suspensions and pork surfaces

11919 Incorporation of nisin into a collagen film retains antimicrobial activity against Listeria monocytogenes and Brochothrix thermosphacta associated with a ready-to-eat meat product

11922 Survival of Listeria spp. following bacon processing

12009 IMPACT of HACCP implemenation on the Kansas meat and poultry processing industry

12010 Development and Evaluation of an Advanced HACCP Workshop for Meat Processors

12053 Postharvest interventions to overcome the tenderness problems in meat from older animals

12158 Improving tenderness of beef round and sirloin muscles through pre-rigor skeletal separations

12274 Oxymyoglobin and lipid oxidation in a-tocopherol supplemented pork liver microsomes

12363 Lean lamb production: Bioelectrical impedance as a lean tissue evaluation method

12399 Effects of Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water on Microbial Growth, Lipid Oxidation and Color of Displayed Beef during Refrigerated Storage

12597 Relationship of Pork Quality Traits to Consumer Acceptability

12680 Evaluation of wet salting in the #Charqui# processing

12799 Effect of freezing rate and storage on the functional properties of manufacturing beef

12803 High temperature conditioning prior to rigor onset does not affect the functional properties of beef subsequently chilled rapidly

12909 Influence of beef cuts and cooking time on color properties of a beef sausage model system

12992 Effect of high oil corn and vitaimin E supplementation on beef steak case-life properties

13110 Repeatability of Warner-Bratzler shear values in beef steaks using three different cooking methods

13124 Sample location within muscle affects pork quality measurments

13217 Heat Penetration Patterns Of Biceps Femoris, Longissimus Lumborum And Semitendinosus Muscles Cooked By Electric Broiler, Electric Belt Grill, Or Forced-Air Convection Oven

13252 Recombinant production of chicken egg-yolk antibodies against Enterotoxigenic {Escherichia coli} by use of a DNA vaccine

13280 Thermal conductivity model for predicting heat penetration in non-stirred raw rendered products

13458 Development of a Beef Myology and Muscle Profiling Cd-rom

13478 Analyzing Plant Sanitation Processes using Statistical Process Control Techniques

13479 Mechanisms of vitamin D3 on tenderness of lamb

13486 Antioxidant effect of dried milk mineral in fresh and cooked ground pork

13718 Effect of rosemary extract, sodium lactate and film permeability on the shelf-life of vacuum packaged ground ostrich meat

13731 Instruments differ in estimating lightness of fresh meat

13740 Functionality of prerigor meat on the chemical, physical, and textural properties of beef patties

13775 Evaluation of growth rate, carcass composition and meat quality of Berkshire- and Yorkshire-sired progeny
AMSA/ASAS Meat Sci/Muscle Bio

TrackNo Title

11893 Effects of dietary levels of ideal protein on pig meat quality

11894 Influences of nutritional levels on porcine muscle development and meat quality

11895 Effects of dietary supplementation of copper and Vitamin E on pigmeat quality

11920 Bison grain fed and grass fed top loin taste test

12021 Validation of three cookery methods to eliminate Listeria monocytogenes on short versus long term aged country ham slices

12114 Prediction of the fat content of pork carcasses based on cross-sectional region analysis of dual energy X-ray absorptiometry scans

12140 Effect of supplemental fat on growth performance and quality of beef from steers fed barley-potato product finishing diets I. Feedlot performance, carcass characteristics, and appearance

12154 Catalysis of meat tenderization during postmortem aging by calpain 3 (p94)

12185 Effect of transport temperature and post-slaughter chilling on channel catfish fillet quality

12230 Effects of pre-slaughter holding time on dressing-out percent and meat quality for bulls and steers

12241 Muscle glycogen and lactate content and pork quality traits as affected by available dietary carbohydrate in pigs

12343 Instrumental and chemical characteristics, calpastatin mRNA genic expression and myofibrilar protein concentration in chilled meat of feedlot Brazilian Superyoung cattle Bos taurus × Bos indicus 24h postmortem

12393 Abundance and cellular distribution of the calpain proteolytic system proteins in the Longissimus of the ovine

12401 Effects of marination on the processing parameters and palatability of bison top round

12437 Antihypertensive activities of enzymatic hydrolysates of porcine skeletal muscle proteins

12472 Oxidative differentiation in muscle of small and large pig fetuses in late gestation

12488 Effect of processing plant on pork quality

12531 Omega-3 fatty acids and meat lamb quality

12538 In Ovo Manipulation of Posthatch Growth in the Turkey

12637 Effect of supplemental fat on growth performance and quality of beef from steers fed barley-potato product finishing diets II. Beef appearance, shelf-life, and palatability

12643 Effect of supplemental fat on growth performance and quality of beef from steers fed barley-potato product finishing diets III. Fatty acid composition of muscle and subcutaneous fat

12713 On-farm factors influencing the tenderness of pasture-fed beef raised commercially in New Zealand

12727 Market orientation: A possibility to improve consumers' acceptability of pork products

12749 Combined effects of pH and temperature on myoglobin in a model system

12771 Incidence of injection-site lesions in top sirloin butts of fed steers and heifers

12775 Incidence of injection-site lesions in beef and dairy cow rounds

12787 Composition and consumer perception of fresh beef bonded with ActivaTM TG-RM

12813 National Beef Quality Audit-2000: Results of slaughter floor assessments

12826 National Beef Quality Audit-2000: Survey of producers, packers, and end-users

12833 National Beef Quality Audit-2000: Results of carcass assessments

12836 National Beef Quality Audit-2000: Consensus of the beef industry

12892 Development of photographing equipment for the cross section of carcass and prediction of Beef Color Standard number by using obtained image from that equipment

12994 Dietary Conjugated Linoleic Acid and IGF-I Transgene Effects on Pork Quality

13002 Effect of high oil corn and vitamin E supplementation on ground beef case-life properties

13088 Variation in color and pH measurements throughout boneless pork loins.

13096 In-home consumer acceptance of boneless pork loins varying in color

13146 Influence of feeding malting industry byproducts to feedlot cattle on longissimus muscle sensory traits and tenderness

13290 Increased calcineurin activity is associated with muscle hypertrophy in callypyge sheep

13335 Enhanced rates of postmortem muscle glycolysis differ across porcine genotypes

13340 Diets containing conventional corn, conventional corn and choice white grease, high oil corn, or high oleic, high oil corn will influence the fatty acid profile of fresh pork adipose tissue

13364 Genetic line effects on palatability, color and physical characteristics of fresh pork loin chops

13372 Effect of enhancement of beef rounds on sensory and retail display characteristics

13376 Desmin degradation influences water-holding capacity and tenderness of fresh pork

13391 The effects of calcium loading on tenderness of beef Longissimus, Supraspinatus and Semitendinosus muscles

13407 Effect of breed-type on the performance and carcass traits of hair-sheep

13444 Relationship between porcine longissimus dorsi pH decline and m-calpain activity/autolysis and protein degradation

13535 Potassium Lactate and Sodium Diacetate Affects on the Microbial, Sensory, Color and Chemical Characteristics of Vacuum-Packaged Beef Top Loin Steaks

13601 The influence of diets containing conventional corn, conventional corn and choice white grease, high oil corn, or high oleic, high oil corn on belly/bacon quality

13602 The effect of early weaning and intensive feeding on meat quality of beef cattle

13688 Myofibrils isolated from red and white porcine muscles respond differently to pH

13700 The effect of dietary supplemental vitamin E and C on odors and color changes in irradiated pork

13703 Effect of the addition of electrolytes in drinking water and the chilling temperature on technological, physicochemical, and microbiological characteristics of pork

13727 Tenderness improvement through prerigor muscle stretching of Holstein cow carcasses

13735 Analysis of postmortem tenderization in porcine longissimus dorsi muscle

13753 Relationship between a measure of troponin-T degradation and beef tenderness

13760 Use of color and near-infrared reflectance analysis to predict Warner-Bratzler beef longissimus tenderness

13765 Effect of conjugated linoleic acid supplementation on pork quality and fatty acid profiles

13792 Inhibition of lipid oxidation with encapsulated phosphates in muscle foods

13798 Relationship between muscle fiber type and pork quality traits of pigs selected for leanness and growth efficiency

14389 Perimysium structure and collagen content change with muscle type and myostatin inheritance
PSA Environment & Management

TrackNo Title

11933 Effect of cyclic heat stress on voluntary water consumption, Efficiency of feed utilization and thyroid activity of broiler chicks

11962 Interaction of feeding program and space on broiler breeder egg production

12030 SEX differences in some hatching parameters

12032 The Effect of Lighting Program and Light Intensity on the Performance and the Incidence of Leg Abnormalities of Broiler Chickens

12195 Impact of Aflatoxin in the feed on Coccidial infection in broiler chicks

12204 Microwave toe trimming Leghorn pullets and its effect on rearing performance

12207 Reduction of turkey hatching egg shell contamination with ultraviolet irradiation

12208 Effect of a subtherapeutic level of virginiamycin on the clearance of E. coli 0157:H7 from an anaerobic continuous-flow culture of chicken microflora

12297 Drinking water treatment and dietary treatment effects on Salmonella enteritidis in Leghorn hens during forced molt

12298 The effects of feeding different levels of protein with and without the DFM, Primalac, on production parameters of bobwhite quail

12351 Effect of Acut Heat Stress on Some Productive and Physiological Traits of Bronze Turkey

12352 Real time incubation temperature control and heat production of broiler eggs

12382 Sources of Salmonellae in typical Delmarva broiler operations

12429 The effects of age at photostimulation on reproductive efficiency in three strains of broiler breeders varying in breast yield

12481 Effect of Organic Acids and Formaldehyde on Pellet Quality and Pellet Process Efficiencies

12508 Interaction of increased Ca and P regimens on commercial strains of layers housed at various densities

12555 Limitation of Salmonella enteritidis colonization by diets containing low calcium and low zinc

12561 The effect of adding ozone into an intensive broiler production unit on performance, mortality, ammonia levels, and bacterial levels as compared to a non-ozone treated environment

12604 Effect of dietary chitosan on production characteristics and egg proportions and quality from commercial white egg laying strains

12658 Effect of Termin-8® anti-microbial preservative on the growth of commercial white and brown egg type pullets and environmental microbial population

12659 The Effects of Chlorine and Hydrogen Peroxide at Various Concentrations on Total Bacteria and Coliform Counts in Poultry Drinking Water

12675 Early protein intake influences long term egg production by broiler breeder hens

12702 Phylogenetic analysis of cecum mucosal bacteria in broiler chickens

12788 The effect of administering OasisTM hatching supplement prior to chick placement on growth and body weight uniformity of female broiler breeders

12886 Bioprocessing of poultry feather wastes using three feather-degrading microorganisms: fermentation characteristics, keratinases activities and biochemical properties

12945 Effect of timing of hypobaric exposure on the incidence of ascites syndrome in broilers

12965 Prevalence of Campylobacter in a Turkey Production Facility

12977 Artificial neural network prediction of the weight gain and feed conversion of broilers raised under a range of environmental temperatures

12979 Effect of a feed additive or manure treatment application on the mass generation rate of ammonia produced from laying hen manure

12991 Body weight management and performance of broiler breeder males

13029 A Demonstration of Sand as an Alternative Bedding in Commerical Poultry Houses

13034 Campylobacter jejuni Isolation Trends of Broilers Reared on Different Bedding Materials

13048 Effects of density and perch availability on aggressive behavior in broilers

13071 Differential response in fertility of broiler breeder males selected for the sperm quality index prior to heat exposure

13116 Effectiveness of a terpene-based product as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial

13150 Does genetic selection for contrasting adrenocortical responsiveness influence underlying sociality in Japanese quail?

13213 The effects of dietary protein and available phosphorus on production measures and nutrient excretion by egg-type hens from 21 to 36 weeks of age

13221 The effect of claw and beak reduction on growth parameters and fearfulness of two Leghorn strains. C. N. Ferst* and P. L. Ruszler

13233 Strain and age effects on skeletal growth in two commercial broiler strains

13240 Physical traits and reproductive success in male primary broiler breeders

13264 The impact of methionine source on poultry fecal matter odor volatiles

13273 Effect of dietary diacetoxyscirpenol and fusaric acid on turkey poult performance

13297 Impact of Farm Management Practices on the Microbial Profile of Processed Broilers

13336 The effect of a biological litter treatment on microbiological litter quality in turkey breeder flocks

13365 Early T-maze behavior, puberty and egg production in Japanese quail selected for contrasting adrenocortical responsiveness

13377 Optimum Timing of Amino Acid Injections in Broiler Breeder Eggs

13413 Effect of age, body weight, and sex ratio on fertility and hatchability in the Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) under subtropical conditions

13451 Employing Ultrasound Technology to Measure Testicular Development in Broiler Breeder Roosters

13456 Effects of rearing feed intake on carcass characteristics of male broiler Breeders to 26 wk of age

13459 Use of an alfalfa diet for molting in Leghorn hens to reduce Salmonella enteritidis colonization and invasion.

13497 Growth Response of a Salmonella typhimurium Poultry Isolate to Zinc Addition

13542 Salmonella Typhimurium Virulence Response to Poultry House Water as Measured by hilA:lacZY Fusion

13607 Estimation of the growth potential of six commercial strains of broiler chickens

13653 Multi-Phase Versus Single-Phase Feeding During the Broiler Starter Period; Effects on Performance and Nitrogen Excretion

13697 Temperature gradients in trailers transporting broilers under Canadian winter conditions
PSA Extension & Instruction

TrackNo Title

12288 Poultry science student recruitment through teacher and counselor education

12296 A model for choosing instructional strategies to support distance education students

12407 Outreach video - Avian Influenza: Preventing the spread of disease

12754 Urban peafowl: the Rancho Palos Verdes Peninsula pattern

13243 Technology enhanced instruction: Incorporating Internet activities into a poultry products course

13453 Research Proposal Writing and Student Peer Panel Evaluation as an Instructional Component for a Microbiology Graduate Course in Poultry Science

13490 Practical Broiler Production - A hands-on approach to student learning

13745 Consumer poultry preparation habits and opinions concerning food safety, irradiation, and hormones in El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM
PSA Genetics

TrackNo Title

11900 Inheritance of Alkaline Phosphates in Local Iraqi Chicken and its association with Production

12214 MHC and Family Effects of Cellulitis on Lymphocyte proliferation in MHC defined broiler chickens

12242 Candidate genes and reproductive traits in a commercial broiler breeder population, an association study

12279 Mapping QTL Loci Affecting Growth And Disease Resistance to Avian Coccidiosis

12377 Use of AFLP DNA markers to evaluate genomic diversity and genetic distances in Japanese quail lines divergently selected for stress responsiveness

12477 Genetic characterization of commercial broiler lines experimentally infected with Subgroup J Avian Leukosis Virus (ALV-J)

12650 Preliminary mapping of a gene affecting male fertility in the chicken

12794 Relationships between skeletal growth and body weight in Japanese quail selected for 4 week body weight

12808 The effect of selection for increased egg production in turkeys on incubation characteristics of embryos

12820 Social stress induced different alterations of dopamine concentrations and adrenal function in genetically selected chicken lines

13117 The use of molecular markers to associate feather color alleles with tissue pigmentation in broiler chickens

13162 Molecular characterization of a partial inverted repetitive (PIR) DNA family in the chicken genome

13166 Molecular characterization of the genomic chicken prolactin receptor (cPRLR) gene from a native Chinese chicken (Wai Chow strain)

13167 Molecular characterization of the chicken prolactin (PRL) gene:genomic gene structure, its polymorphism and promoter analysis

13170 Detection of a single nucleotide polymorphism in exon 10 of the chicken growth hormone receptor gene

13181 Effect of dietary protein, photoperiod, and genetic background on growth and sexual maturity in Japanese quail

13192 Is improved feed conversion associated with increased lethargy and docility in broiler chickens?

13333 Zona pellucida 3 protein (ZP3) and gene (ZPC) expression in the turkey, Meleagris gallopavo

13639 Level and pattern of DNA sequence variation in the chicken genome

13675 Novel Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA Markers for the Turkey Genome

13712 Influence of genetics on phytate phosphorus utilization by chickens

13713 A comparative genomic approach to identifying QTL's for growth in chickens

13723 The temporal expression of the Myogenic Regulatory Factor genes during proliferation and differentiation of satellite cells derived from chicken Biceps femoris and Pectoralis major muscles

13725 Germ-line transmission of a lacZ gene in chickens using an avian Spleen Necrosis Virus-based vector

13813 Multisource Multitrait Selection Indices For Genetic Improvement In Poultry Breeding Programs For Laying Hens. 2. Construction And Evaluation Of Various Indices
PSA Immunology

TrackNo Title

11944 Major histocompatibility (B) complex gene dose effects on Rous sarcoma virus tumor growth.

11982 Enhanced macrophage function in broilers fed diets supplemented with E. coli bacterial cell powder.

11983 Enhanced macrophage function in broilers fed diets supplemented with digested bacterial cell powder prepared from Brevibacterium lactofermentum.

12019 Pulmonary hypertensive response to endotoxin and immune activity in primed and unprimed broiler chickens

12047 Comparison of PEMS-associated and classical astroviruses-mediated effects on performance and immune functions of turkey poults

12104 Wattle swelling and antibody titers in BSA hypersensitive and naive hens

12113 Control of coccoidiosis in chiken by trickle immunisation

12188 Humoral Immunity Against Newcastle Disease Virus in Broilers fed S. cerevisiae cell wall and aflatoxin

12275 High-Throughput Gene Expression Profiling To Study Host-Parasite Interactions In Avian Coccidiosis

12373 Seroepidemiology of Newcastle disease virus in wild pigeons in Shahre-Kord in Iran

12497 PEMS-associated reovirus: viral replication, effects on avian cell liviability, and cytokine expression

12527 The Effects of Epigallocatechin Gallate on the Avian Macrophage In Vitro

12569 Non-covalent modification of protein antigens can direct them to scavenger receptors and induce inflammatory immune responses

12613 The Interleukin-1b sequence of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) and Mallard ducks (Anas platyrhynchos)

12947 Hypo and Hyper responsiveness to bacterial LPS may be due to differential expression of Toll-like receptor-4 in chicken macrophages from different genetic backgrounds

12961 Effect of a Lactobacillus-based dietary probiotic on oocyst shedding and interferon-g production following Eimeria acervulina infection in broilers

13067 The in vitro effects of Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester, the active component of Bee Propolis, on the avian macrophage

13294 In Vitro or In Vivo Effects of Recombinant Turkey Interferon Gamma (rtIFNg) on Eimeria Invasion or Infection

13307 Antigen-Induced Ion Secretion in the Chicken Intestine Following Oral or Intraperitoneal Immunization Against Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA)

13412 CROSS rectivity determination for /italicize(SALMONELLA ENTERITIDIS)BIOVAR ISSATSCHENKO and /italicize(SALMONELLA GALLINARUM) using LT antibodies in immunoblot technique.

13438 Initiation of Humoral Immunity: The Role of Cytokines and Hormones in the Initiation of Humoral Immunity Using T-Independent and T-Dependent Antigens

13455 gamma-Interferon and IL-2 activities in supernatant of lymphocytes on chicken splenocytes stimulated with concanavalina A

13623 Croos reactivity determination for Salmonella enteritidis biovar issatschenko and Salmonella gallinarum using LT antibodies in immunoblot thecnique
PSA Nutrition

TrackNo Title

11874 Cloning and sequence analysis of manganese-containing superoxide dismutase(MnSOD) cDNA in chickens

11878 Effect of diets containing cashew nut meal and an enzyme complex on broiler performance

11891 ME-equivalent value of feed enzymes varies with dietary nutrient concentrations for broilers

11917 Nutritive and economic values of High Oil Corn in laying hen diets

11942 Utilization of metabolizable energy in broilers

11955 The effect of early nutrition and refeeding on satellite cell mitotic activity

11958 The performance of broiler chickens during and following of different feed restriction methods at an early age

11959 The effects of early skip-a-day feeding regimen on the performance of Ross male broiler chicken

11981 The effect of using different levels of tilapia by-product meal in broiler diets

11986 Starch digestion rate in the small intestine of broilers differs among feedstuffs

11992 Ideal ratio (relative to lysine) of tryptophan and threonine for chicks during the second and third week of life

11993 Utilization of various starch sources as affected by age in the chick

12002 Comparison of broiler performance and carcass characteristics when fed B.t., parental control or commercial varieties of dehulled soybean meal

12011 Dehydrated poultry meal as a replacement for soybean meal in broiler diets

12020 Evaluation of the feeding value of a non-GMO high-protein soybean meal in broiler diets

12028 Nutritional, physiological, and metabolic significance of canola meal sinapine in broiler chickens

12031 The effect of different energy and protein levels on the performance of W-36 Hy-Line laying hens

12056 Pelleting stability of RonozymeTM P CT phytase in commercial feedmills

12071 Biological evaluation of a phosphorus source prepared with a new process on broiler chicks

12081 Utilizing solanum glaucophyllum and phytase to improve phosphorus utilization in broilers

12105 Extended supplementation of limiting amino acids to increase effective dietary protein and improve production of heat stressed broilers

12109 Effect of colistin and aureomycin on intestinal microorganism and their relationship with the riboflavin metabolism of broilers

12111 Dietary protein and thyroid interactions broiler chickens

12124 Evaluation of chachafruto (erythrina edulis) foliage meal as a source of protein in laying diets for Japanese quails

12127 Influence of atorvastatin on select indices of lipid metabolism in normolipidemic and hereditary hyperlipidemic chickens

12148 Effects of ratios of dietary linoleic to linolenic acid on hen performance, mitogenic response, and antibody production of White Leghorn hens against Newcastle disease vaccine

12161 Dietary supplementation of a blend of galactosidase, galactomannanase and amylase(Endopower®) improves energy utilization and intestinal development in broilers

12163 Sources and levels of total phosphorus in the diet of broilers from 2 to 28 days of age

12177 Performance and lipid deposition in broilers fed conjugated linoleic acid

12202 Energy and lysine for broilers from 44 to 55 days of age

12203 Male and female broiler responses to low and adequate dietary threonine on nitrogen and energy balance

12215 Ideal ratio (relative to lysine) of isoleucine and valine for chicks during the second and third week of life

12220 Digestible lysine levels in the diets of broilers from 1 to 21 days of age

12278 Dietary protein level and stage of development affect expression of the intestinal peptide transporter (cPepT1) in chickens

12281 Comparison of Ronozyme PTM CT, Ronozyme PTM Liquid and Natuphos® Liquid in a commercial broiler pelleted feed

12282 Evaluation of Amino Acid Dose-Response Data and Implications for Commercial Formulation of Broiler Diets

12291 Reduced lysine and threonine levels in a phase-feeding regimen can support maximum growth performance during the grower phase

12292 Impact of phase-feeding on growth performance of broilers fed diets adjusted every other day for decreased amino acid content

12302 Nutritional value of wheat screenings for broiler chickens

12320 Minimal available phosphorus requirement of molted laying hens

12333 Changes of magnesium and calcium contents and adenosine triphosphatase activity of shell gland mucosa during eggshell formation in Brown Tsaiya ducks and White Leghorn hens

12365 Conjugated linoleic acid alters egg yolk fatty acid composition and hepatic histopathology of laying hens

12378 Evaluation of phytase release factors in broiler diets containing different levels of amino acids

12379 Effects of glycine and threonine supplementation on performance of broiler chicks fed diets low in crude protein

12380 Dietary crude protein levels needed for broilers from three to six weeks of age as influenced by gender

12381 Effect of dietary calcium and phosphorus levels on response of broiler chicks to phytase supplementation

12384 Evaluation of lysine and arginine needs in broiler finisher diets

12385 Evaluation of high available phosphorus corn with and without phytase in diets for growing turkeys

12387 Utilization of spent hen meal in diets for laying hens

12389 Influence of dietary sodium level on response to source and level of methionine in broiler diets

12405 Effects of supplemental antibiotics in a diet containing sub-optimal protein, methionine and lysine on the performance, carcass characteristics and organ measurements of finishing broilers reared under hot-humid climate

12409 Effect of Kemzyme® on apparent metabolizable energy and ileal digestible energy of wheat and barley samples with differing AME values in broiler chickens

12410 Effect of Kemzyme® on egg production and economics with prior adjustment of wheat and barley AME levels

12414 Cholecalciferol, 25-hydroxycholecalciferol and vitamin C for laying hens during the initial phase of the cycle of lay

12417 Modification of the lipid profile of eggs yolks by feeding laying hens different sources of fatty acids

12419 Total phosphorus (TP) requirements of meat chickens from 3 to 7 weeks of age

12420 Kemzyme C/S® brand for broilers supplementation and its effects on commercial broiler performance

12423 Efficacy of Ronozyme PTM liquid phytase and Natuphos® liquid phytase in broiler starter diets

12426 Effects of amino acids and calcium levels on radiographic density and calcium excretion in broilers from 1 to 21 days of age

12427 Effects of amino acids and calcium levels on radiographic density and calcium excretion in broilers from 22 to 42 days of age

12428 Effects of amino acids and calcium levels on radiographic density and calcium excretion in broilers from 43 to 49 days of age

12445 An evaluation of Ronozyme PTM CT in broiler diets in a 36-day floorpen study

12460 Ileal true digestibility of protein does not increase with age in broiler chicks

12465 Effect of formulation density and feed moisture type additives on feed manufacturing and pellet quality

12467 Effect of formulation density and feed moisture type additives on broiler performance

12478 Evaluation of tetrabasic zinc chloride and tribasic copper chloride for growth promotion and toxicity in chicks

12479 Release of water insoluble arabinoxylans from rye bran by ferulic acid esterase and pancreatin

12490 Comparison of a solid-state fermentation produced phytase with a traditional liquid-fermented phytase in broiler chicks

12492 Influence of dietary supplemental various lactobacillus on performance and fecal noxious gas of broiler chicks

12493 Efficacy of Allzyme Phytase® produced by solid-state fermentation in improving the phosphorus availability of wheat-soybean meal diets for broilers.

12517 Additivity of amino acid and energy digestibility in barley and canola meal for ducks

12530 A comparison of feeding lactobacillus and Virginiamycin influence on performance and intestinal microflora of broiler chicks

12533 Effect of dietary tea polyphenols or daidzein and copper on cholesterol oxide formation in egg yolk powders

12534 Live performance, caloric efficiency, carcass characteristics, and cost/gain of broiler chickens fed corn-soy-poultry byproduct diets with or without the enzyme Rovabio ExcelTM

12536 The effect of mannanoligosaccharides, bambermycins, and virginiamycin on the physical and microbial characteristics of the gastrointestinal tract of large white male turkeys

12537 Prediction of wheat viscosity by near infrared spectroscopy and development of AviNIR calibration

12540 The influence of dietary labile methyl donors on arginine requirement of young broiler chicks using growth and muscle creatine as parameters

12543 Reduction in dietary phosphorus concentration does not change brush border phytase activity along the small intestinal axis in broiler chicks

12549 Nutrient requirements of Hy Line W-36, Bovans White and a new strain of Bovans White hens for optimum profits during phase I

12556 Feeding and management of Bovans White hens for optimum egg size and profits during phase I using warm temperatures

12557 Influence of dietary supplemental live yeast on performance of laying hens

12589 Effect of a targeted B-vitamin regimen on rate and efficiency of fast growing broilers from 0 to 49 days

12590 Age and dietary influences on size and fermentation patterns in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of broilers fed wheat and corn diets.

12595 Influence of feeding various lactobacillus on performance and intestinal microflora of laying hens

12619 Effect of dietary xanthophylls on carotenoid content of lymphoid tissues of layer chicks

12646 Evaluation of the available phosphorus requirement & optimal phytase level of 21-42 day old male broilers

12655 The effect of various levels of vitamin E supplementation in the diets of laying hens on egg yolk alpha-tocopherol content and hen performance

12665 Growth and carcass response of male broilers to two commercial sources of supplemental L-lysine

12668 Effect of fasting versus feeding Oasis# after hatching on nutrient utilization in chicks

12684 Effect of diet metabolizable energy level on performance and energy metabolism of broilers.

12685 Comparative bioefficacy of Natuphos phytase versus peniophora lysii phytase

12689 Influence of Allzyme (Phytase) supplementation on Bovans hens

12690 Feeding program for broiler breeder hens based on the prediction equations of metabolizable energy requirements

12710 Evaluation of non-feed removal versus feed removal methods for molting programs

12717 Impact of galactose on growth performance, toxicity and metabolizable energy when fed to broiler chicks

12720 The effects of supplemental phytase on egg shell quality in broiler breeder hens

12726 The effect of barley concentration, Natugrain blend 66%L and Natugrain 33%L on performance of broilers fed wheat-based diets

12745 The effect of dietary 1,4-diaminobutane (putrescine) on the performance and gastrointestinal development of broiler chicks

12748 Effects of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3, vitamin D3, low phytic acid corn, and phytase on phosphorus utilization by turkey poults fed dietary treatments from hatch to six weeks of age

12762 Lysine, threonine, and arginine supplementation and effects on performance of young tom turkeys raised in a summer environment

12801 Effects of dietary supplemental microbial phytase and nonphytate phosphorus on performance, nutrient digestibility and egg quality of laying hens

12810 Organ and body growth in full-fed and pair-fed chickens consuming raw and heated velvet beans (Mucuna pruriens)

12821 Effects of protein levels on ostrich performance and carcass traits

12854 Influence of feeding lactobacillus, live yeast and its combination on the performance and intestinal microflora of laying hens

12860 Effect of phytase on reduced available phosphorous levels in broiler diets

12873 Apparent metabolizable energy of drought tolerant barley cultivars as affected by enzyme supplementation

12879 Effects of dietary supplemental Betaglucan on performance and blood components of broiler chicks

12883 The effect of fasting at different ages on growth and tissue dynamics in the small intestine of the young chick

12887 Effect of treated ervil (Vicia ervilia) diets on the performance of laying hens

12901 Chemical analysis and feeding value of heat damaged soybean meal

12924 Influence of heat processing of corn and barley and enzyme supplementation on nutrient digestibility of broiler chicks

12926 Influence of source of energy of the pre-starter diet on performance and nutrient digestibility of broiler

12935 Influence of supplemental citric acid and sodium and potassium citrate on phytate-phosphorus utilization in broiler chicks fed phosphorus-deficient diets from one to 42 days of age

12937 The effects of homocysteine on the avian macrophage In Vitro

12939 Cell wall polysaccharidase1 and proteolytic2 enzyme combinations may enhance the in vitro carbohydrate and protein hydrolysis from toasted and untoasted soybean meal

12957 Use of cottonseed meal for broiler breeder pullets

12971 The response of laying hens to phytase added to corn-soybean meal-based diets containing two levels of available phosphorus. 2. Phytate phosphorus utilization

12973 Feeding various dietary levels of high oleic high oil corn and typical yellow dent corn to laying hens. 1. Live performance and egg production

12983 mRNA that encode for proteins capable of transporting L-methionine and/or dl-2-hydroxy-4-(methylthio) butanoic acid are present in the intestinal epithelium of broilers

12993 Survivability of "pelletable" strain of lactic acid producing bacteria in the new direct-fed microbial, Avi-LutionTM, in broiler diets and resulting changes in intestinal and cecal microflora associated with enhanced performance.

13007 Effect of moisture, polyamines, and iron concentration on the nutritional value of biosolids harvested from poultry processing effluent

13038 Effects of commercial strain, dietary sodium bicarbonate level, or animal fat versus vegetable oil addition to feed on performance of caged White Leghorn laying hens from 36 to 48 weeks old in summer

13061 High oleic acid corn in turkey diets: carcass composition and parts yield of market tom turkeys

13062 Effects of Roche Ronozyme CT on Hy-Line W-98 laying hen performance when fed low phosphorus diets

13069 Effects of microbial phytase on apparent ileal digestibility of amino acids in broiler chicks fed a corn-soybean meal diet formulated on an ideal protein basis.

13075 Feeding various dietary levels of high oleic high oil corn and typical yellow dent corn to laying hens. 2. Egg quality parameters

13076 Effect of dietary iron overload on plasma total antioxidant capacity and hepatic lipid peroxides in chickens

13114 Canola meal toasting can be eliminated as it has no positive effects on broiler performance

13134 Genetically modified rice containing lactoferrin and lysozyme as an antibiotic substitute in broiler diets

13158 Evaluation of identity preserved soybean meal and amino acid density in broilers

13159 Effect of storage time on the quality of different sources of soybean meal

13171 Relationship between objective and subjective measurement of egg yolk colour

13173 The effect of Eggshell 49TM and mussel shell on performance and eggshell quality of laying hens

13177 The effect of a non-GMO phytase on the performance of broilers fed diets containing different concentrations of phosphorus

13209 Effect of phytase, organic trace minerals and age at photostimulation on performance of brown eggshell laying hens

13228 Comparison of inert markers in poultry digestibility studies

13256 The application of egg by-products as valuable protein supplements in broiler chicken diets

13260 Effect of dietary conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) on the growth and fat accumulation of broilers

13276 Improved utilization of wheat screening by enzyme supplementation

13305 Whole wheat feeding and influence of initial body weight on broiler performance

13334 Bioavailability of zinc and copper lignosulfate complexes in broiler chicks

13339 Immobilization of Keratinase-Streptavidin Fusion Protein for Keratinolysis

13349 Effect of wheat bran phytase subjected to different conditioning temperatures on phosphorus utilization by broiler chicks based on body weight and toe ash measurements

13350 Evaluation of dietary chlorine for turkey poults

13369 Influence of expander conditioning and feed form on broiler performance

13373 Effects of seed coat and plant color in sorghum on growth of broiler chicks

13374 Effect of increasing level of fines in a crumbled starter diet on broiler performance

13386 Broiler growth and carcass responses to diets containing L-threonine versus diets containing threonine from intact protein sources

13390 Lysine needs of starting chicks and subsequent effects during the growing period

13403 Apparent ileal digestibility of amino acids in soybean meal, Menhaden fish meal, catfish meal and spray-dried plasma in young broilers

13463 Influence of maillard reaction products on Escherichia coli amino acid lysine auxotroph growth-based assay response

13475 Effect of Aspergillus sp and bacterial phytase containing broiler diets on body weight, gastrointestinal transit time and the crop and cecum pH of the broiler chick

13483 Effect of two sources of sodium on performance and electrolyte balance in broilers

13488 Effect of Aspergillus sp and bacterial phytase containing broiler diets on intestinal villi size and blood chemistries of the broiler chick

13495 Phosphorus sparing effect of phytase, 25-hydroxycholecalciferol, and citric acid when fed to broiler chicks

13496 Effect of Aspergillus sp and bacterial phytase containing broiler diets on Salmonella enteritidis organ invasion in the broiler chick

13499 Non-phytate phosphorus sparing effect of phytase and citric acid when fed to poults

13520 Evaluation of a high coefficient of variation (CV) of phytase consumption on the performance of broilers from 21-42 days of age

13557 Impact of increasing levels of expander cone pressure on feed manufacturing characteristics of a broiler starter ration.

13562 Effect of crumble quality on broiler performance.

13565 Development of a rapid whole cell biosensor for assessing methionine availability by insertion of genes encoding for green fluorescent protein into an Escherichia coli methionine auxotroph

13610 Evaluating potential value-added sorghums for the poultry industry

13613 Fluid therapy of poults infected with turkey corona virus (TCV) and E. coli

13615 Incorporation of n-6 and n-3 fatty acids into selected meat portions from male and female broilers fed sardine oil

13619 The evaluation of RonozymeTM P CT in layer diets

13621 Nutritional value of hydrolyzed whole swine for turkey poults

13635 Impact of glutamine, Menhaden fish meal and spray-dried plasma on the growth performance and intestinal morphology of turkey poults

13643 Impact of glutamine, Menhaden fish meal and spray-dried plasma on the growth performance and intestinal morphology of broilers

13652 The effect of midnight feeding on feed consumption and eggshell quality in commercial laying hens

13662 Nutrient characterization of guar meal fractions

13710 Power of two methods for the estimation of bone ash of broilers

13720 Interaction of methionine and lysine in broiler diets changed at NRC or industry time intervals

13722 Growth promoters in broiler feed (coccidiostat + antibiotics) may play a crucial role during acute stress

13730 Effect of dietary betaine on intestinal leukocyte numbers, osmolality, and morphology during an Eimeria acervulina challenge

13761 Broiler bone metabolism changes significantly during acute stress

13783 Lysine need of broiler males from 42 to 56 days of age under terms of an ideal amino acid pattern

13799 Sulfur amino acids requirement of slow- and fast-feathering male broilers from 0-21 days of age

14322 Efficacy of Ronozyme PTM liquid phytase and Natuphos® liquid phytase in broiler starter diets
PSA Pathology

TrackNo Title

11914 Interaction between ochratoxin and aluminosilicate on the histopathologic aspect of organs and the humoral immunity against Newcastle disease virus in broilers

12025 Idiopathic myopathy in commercial turkeys: a relationship with muscle fiber diameter ?

12131 Effect of feed supplementation with vitamin D metabolites in a dexamethasone-Escherichia coli challenge model of turkey osteomyelitis complex

12192 Bacteriophage prevents Escherichia coli respiratory infection in broiler chickens

12196 Efficacy of bacteriophage to prevent Escherichia coli respiratory infection in broiler chickens when administered in the drinking water prior to challenge

12406 Detection of experimental Salmonella enteritidis and S. typhimurium infections in laying hens by fluorescence polarization assay for egg yolk antibodies

12418 Water-soluble tylosin tartrate (Tylan Soluble Powder) for treatment of necrotic enteritis in broiler chickens

12486 The role of intracellular sodium in skeletal muscle damage: effects on muscles from two broiler genotypes.

12581 Digesitve and Reproductive Organ Characteristics in Commercial Laying Hens as affected by F-Strain Mycoplasma gallisepticum

12602 A challenge trial testing the effects of Acid Pak 4-Way on Salmonella cecal colonization in broiler chicks

12638 Effect of an essential oil blend on coccidiosis in broiler chicks

12676 Influence of IBDV on the immune system and incidence of proventriculitis in SPF leghorns

12677 In ovo administration of experimental reovirus vaccinesb

12701 Viral disinfectant efficacy assay for duck hepatitis B virus using PCR

12904 Pathogenesis of ascites syndrome in broiler chicken in relation to combined E. coli and infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) infection

12908 Clinicopathological studies on ascites syndrome in broiler chickens with special reference to the role of hypoxia

12912 Experimental study on sodium intoxication in relation to ascites syndrome in broiler chickens

13127 The effect of antibiotics on broiler body weight, feed conversion and tibial dyschondroplasia scores

13308 Differential intestinal response to Eimeria acervulina challenge in broiler chickens

13379 Changes in serum levels of ovotransferrin during experimental inflammation and diseases in chickens

13504 Haematological and histological findings in experimental Newcastle disease

13512 Pathogenesis of thrombocytopenia in Newcastle disease: ultrastructural study

13754 Virulence Response of a Salmonella Typhimurium hilA:lacZY Fusion Strain to Spent Media From a Salmonella Typhimurium Poultry Isolate and Non-Salmonella Bacteria
PSA Physiology

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12026 Origin of thermal-load induced adaptations in intestinal hexose absorption: heat stress or reduced food intake ?

12061 Use of the OptiBreed Sperm Quality Analyzer® for evaluating semen quality of turkey breeders

12110 Dietary protein regulates in vitro lipogenesis and lipogenic gene expression in broilers

12125 Investigation of Proton Conductance in Liver Mitochondria of Broilers with Pulmonary Hypertension Syndrome (PHS).

12130 Tissue and Mitochondrial Antioxidant Enzyme Activites in Broilers with Pulmonary Hypertension Syndrome (PHS).

12155 Hemodynamic Responses of Broiler Pulmonary Vasculature to Intravenously Infused Serotonin

12182 Pulmonary Wedge Pressures Confirm Pulmonary Hypertension in Broilers is Initiated by an Excessive Pulmonary Arterial Resistance

12190 Assessment of factor V, VII, and X activity, the key coagulant proteins of the tissue factor pathway in poultry plasma

12223 Dopaminergic neurotransmission controlling PRL/VIP secretion in the turkey

12246 Matrix metalloproteases in turkey bile

12251 Thrombocyte aggregation does not correspond with nitric oxide and cardiovascular parameters in broiler chickens with pulmonary hypertension

12257 Cardiopulmonary and blood gas responses to cold exposure in broiler chickens

12263 Identification and expression of the turkey leptin receptor gene.

12293 Campylobacter colonization of the crops of newly hatched chicks

12370 Differences of autonomic nervous system activity in high and low body weight-selected chickens

12400 Expression of selected hepatic genes related to lipid metabolism in broiler breeders.

12449 Effects of Feeding Regimen and Strain on Fertility of Broiler Breeder Hens as Indicated by the Perivitelline Layer Sperm Penetration Assay

12512 Effect of feed and/or water withdrawal on intestinal mucosa development in broiler chicks after hatching

12541 Mitochondrial Function and Feed Efficiency in Broilers.

12550 Dual labeling immunofluorescent staining demonstrates the presence of a protease-inhibiting protein (ovoinhibitor) in the chicken pituitary

12562 Characterization of the VIP response element (VRE) in turkey prolactin promoter

12567 Influence of broiler breeders age on villous and microvillous height in the embryo intestinal mucosa

12587 In ovo and post-hatch administration of peptide YY (PYY) does not affect growth and feed conversion in Cobb X Cobb broiler chickens

12617 Assessment of densitometry to measure bone mineral content and density in live birds as a tool for monitoring osteoporosis in laying hens

12678 Cardiac energy metabolism slow and fast growing chickens

12693 Expression of D1 and D2 dopamine receptors in the hypothalamus and pituitary during the turkey reproductive cycle

12751 Regulation of Prolactin Gene Expression by Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide and Dopamine: Role of Ca2+ Signaling

12804 Luteinizing Hormone, Progesterone, and Estradiol-17b Concentrations, and distribution of Hierarchical Follicles in Normal and Arrested-laying Turkey Hens

12806 Frequency of Preovulatory Luteinizing Surges in Turkey Hens and Egg Production Rate

12894 Changes in Growth and Function of Chick Small Intestine Epithelium Due to Heat Exposure Conditioning

12905 Performance and Thermo Tolerance of Broilers as Affected by Genotype and Ambient Temperature

12954 Met-enkephalin directly regulates the GnRH-I system in Japanese quail

13008 Expression of the activin type II receptors and the inhibin/activin subunits during follicular development in broiler breeder hens

13014 Demonstration of ovoinhibitor, a serine-protease inhibiting protein, in the chicken brain

13057 Localization of neurons projecting to the infundibular nuclear complex and the median eminence in the turkey hypothalamus

13119 Immunological effects of genistein exposure in chicks

13190 Dietary Manipulation of Rooster Sperm

13211 Development of the indicator amino acid oxidation technique for measuring amino acid requirements in chickens

13319 Thyroid hormone and prolactin profiles in male and female turkeys following photostimulation: Validation of an ELISA for turkey prolactin

13346 Differences in in vitro sperm hydrolysis of the perivitelline layer between two commercial lines of turkeys

13347 Active immunization against inhibin enhances reproductive measures in male broiler breeders

13371 Profile of Plasma Hydroxyproline in Laying Hens During an Ovulatory Cycle

13385 Establishing endocrine and behavioral indices for endocrine-disrupting chemicals in birds

13401 Regulation of Prolactin Gene Expression by Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide and Dopamine: Role of Ca2+A Signaling

13426 Intestinal calcium uptake and reproductive hormones in three laying hen varieties after prolonged egg production

13428 Interleukin-1b (IL-1b) reduces the activity of 3b-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3b-HSD) in granulosa cells of laying hens

13429 Changes in morphology of granulosa cells in heat-stressed laying hens

13509 Estrogen receptor populations in various calcium regulating tissues in laying hens at three ages

13515 Vasotocin receptor mRNA expression in the brain and pituitary of broiler breeder hens

13527 Immunization of male broiler breeders against mammalian Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone

13541 Sperm mobility phenotype influences duration of fertility in turkeys after insemination at 0 or 24 hour in vitro storage of sperm

13597 Production of germline chimera by transferring gonadal germ cells (GGCs) collected from 7 or 9 day-old chick embryos

13612 Laying hen response to molt induction by either pelleted alfalfa or alfalfa meal

13638 Metformin decreases feed intake and induces hypoglycemia in broiler chicken

13679 Development of an ELISPOT assay for monitoring chicken Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (cFSH) release from individual dispersed pituitary cells

13699 Partial structural characterization of Bursal Anti-Steroidogenic Peptide (BASP) with structural homology to chicken histone H1

13773 Effects of dietary sodium chloride, sodium sesquicarbonate, or ammonium chloride, in various combinations and levels, on ascites susceptibility of young broiler chickens in a cool environment at simulated high altitude (17% oxygen)

13778 A potential neural tract-tracing method for use in avian species

13797 Heterogeneity of Ryanodine Receptors in Turkeys
PSA Processing & Products

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11923 Comparison of electrolyzed oxidizing water with various antimicrobial interventions to reduce Salmonella spp. on poultry

12018 Microbiological consequences of skin removal prior to evisceration of broiler carcasses

12118 Development of generic HACCP model plans for the egg processing industry

12156 Effects of selected chemicals on red discoloration in fully cooked broiler breast meat

12157 Survival of Campylobacter jejuni on Poultry Skin and Meat at Varying Temperatures

12189 Application of Sodium Citrate or Sodium Lactate in Breast Meat Chicken Roll Processing

12205 Comparison of carcass damage in turkeys stunned on constant voltage and constant amperage electrical pre-slaughter stunning systems.

12300 Influence of CO2 cryogenic cooling on low populations of Salmonella Enteritidis in inoculated table eggs

12330 Lipid and Fatty Acid Composition of Some Specialty Eggs

12470 Effect of electrostatic application of MaxSpray on Salmonella Enteritidis attached to the surface of eggs

12498 The relationship of chilling time and temperature on quality of turkey pectoralis

12583 Growth of Campylobacter jejuni under Acidic Conditions

12584 Identification of Bacteria Found in Broiler Deboning Operations

12605 Application of Active Packaging Films to Inhibit Salmonella Typhimurium on Broiler Drumstick Skin

12614 The effect of stunning and decapitation on broiler activity during bleeding, blood loss and carcass quality

12624 Antemortem holding temperature effects on broiler processing shrink, yield and breast meat quality

12632 Broiler skin and meat color changes during storage

12653 Skin Color Evaluation in Broilers Fed Natural and Synthetic Pigments

12728 Marination of PSE broiler meat using non-meat binders

12739 Influence of measurement position on the color values of turkey breast meat

12746 Effect of packaging systems on bacteria survival on processed poultry

12755 Rigor development and meat quality of large and small broilers and the use of Allo Kramer shear, needle puncture, and razor blade shear to measure texture

12769 Pinking in further-processed turkey due to residual nitrate reduction by {Pseudomonas fluorescens}

12817 Conjugated Linoleic Acid Alters Egg Yolk Fatty Acid Composition and Volatile Compounds in Raw, Cooked and Irradiated Eggs

12865 Effect of soybean soapstock on laying hen performance and egg quality parameters

12938 The Effects of Raw Broiler Breast Meat Color Variation on Marination and Cooked Meat Quality

13130 Development of Time/Temperature Indicator Tags for Tracking Poultry Product Quality Throughout the Cold Chain

13136 Effect of rosemary oleoresin on quality of ground thigh chicken meat packed in high oxygen modified atmosphere environment

13138 Mechanisms of pink color formation in irradiated precooked turkey breast

13145 Why the Haugh Unit is wrong

13197 Imaging system for fecal and ingesta detection on poultry carcasses

13241 EFFECTS of post-mortem deboning time and L-value classification of raw fillets on color and texture characteristics of cooked broiler breast meat

13246 Application of lactic-acid-producing bacterial cultures to skin of live broilers

13251 Effect of cooking methods and packaging conditions on the TBARS and COPs of turkey thigh meat patties during storage

13291 Different attributes of breast meat quality in broiler great-grandparent lines.

13318 Tenderness of chicken breast fillets processed in a commercial air-chill facility

13328 Effect of electron beam irradiation on poultry meat safety and quality

13332 In Plant Microbial Profile of Air Chilled Chickens

13425 Effect of Dietary Sorghum Cultivars on the Storage Stability of Cooked Broiler Breast and Thigh Meats

13469 Egg production and quality response of commercial laying hens molted with alfalfa diets

13628 Effects of three packaging systems on the natural microflora and acceptability of fresh broiler breast meat

13670 Tuna Oil as n-3 Fatty Acids Source to Egg Yolk

13672 Comparison of quality and functionality of traditionally and cryogenically cooled shell eggs

13694 Use of marine algae to enrich DHA content of heavy broiler breast and thigh muscle.

13747 The effect of cryogenic cooling with carbon dioxide on the USDA grade and microbial load of shell eggs in the commercial setting
ASAS/ADSA Women-Minor in Agr

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11943 Women's participation in livestock production in Bangladesh: Proshika Experience