International Animal Agriculture and Food Science Conference

July 24-28, 2001  v  Indianapolis, Indiana



(AS OF 2/15/01)

This year’s meeting will include more than 1500 scientific presentations and 35 symposia covering a wide spectrum of scientific topics. Here are a few highlights for each day.

The complete program will be posted online by May 1, 2001.

All topics and schedules are subject to change without notice.



v Triennial Growth Symposium

v National Extension Workshop

v Informal Nutrition Conference

v Dairy Foods Workshop



v Energy Nutrition of Ruminants

v Meat in the International Marketplace

v Conservation and Management of Animal Genetic Resources

v On-Farm Certification Programs



v Latest Development in On-Farm Ultrafiltration

v Processed Meats: Hot Topics

v Workshop: Developing and Sustaining International Agriculture Experiences in Animal

Science Curricula

v Genetics of Disease Resistance

v Biotechnology, Animal Products, and the Food Industry



v Packaging Food and Dairy Products for Extended Shelf-Life

v Companion Animal Biology as a Focal Point in the Animal Sciences

v Future U.S. Swine Industry

v Molecular Manipulation to Influence Mammary Development and Function

v Genetics of Carcass Merit and Meat Quality

v Meat Thermoprocessing: Products and Processes

v Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Sulfur Interfaces Between Beef Cattle Production and the




v Preharvest and Postharvest Approaches to Modification of Milkfat

v Contemporary Issues in Sheep Production and Research

v Role of Extra-Cellular Matrix (ECM) in Growth and Development

v Animal Products in Today’s Diet

v Animal Production and the Environment: Challenges and Solutions



v Bioethics in Animal Science

v Applications of Ultrasound in Livestock Production Systems

v Profitable Meat Goat Production: The Interaction of Genotype and Management

v Workshop: Writing and Presenting Scientific Papers

v Dairy Case Study

v AMSA Reciprocation Fair



v Safety of our Meat Supply: Assessing the Risks and Methods of Control

v Soybeans in Monogastric Nutrition

v Historical Aspects of Equine Research - How We Got Here and Where Are We Going?

v Twinning Beef Cows

v AMSA Updates Session

v Mixed Models Workshop

v Symposium on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Regarding Animal Behavior,

Care, and Well-Being



v Minimizing Environmental Impacts by Recycling By-Products

v Ractopamine at One Year of Commercial Application

v The Role of Forages in the Quality and Consumer Acceptance of Meat and Milk

v Mixed Models Workshop

v Beyond pH: Metabolic Factors Affecting Pork Quality

v Teaching Techniques for Meat Judging Coaches



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