Welcome to the International Animal Agriculture
and Food Science Conference!

Five years ago, the American Dairy Science Association, American Meat Science Association, American Society of Animal Science and Poultry Science Association decided to hold a combined meeting that represented the interests of each society and the group as a whole. And now, for the first time ever, these four societies are meeting in one common location to hold a joint annual meeting and reciprocal meat conference. The International Animal Agriculture and Food Science Conference (IAAFSC), coordinated by the Federation of Animal Science Societies will be held July 24 - 28, 2001 in Indianapolis, IN. This international event will attract over 4000 scientists, researchers, and producers from around the world with diverse interests, including food science, poultry production and processing, dairy production, swine nutrition, muscle biology, companion animals, and livestock transport. Attendees also share a common interest in topics such as animal and human nutrition, food safety, genetics, web-based information programs, production and management, and product development. The scientific symposia and oral and poster presentations will be sure to captivate and motivate the world's leading animal, dairy, meat, poultry, and food scientists. 

The Indiana Convention Center and RCA Dome is the site of the 2001 meeting. The convention center is conveniently located in downtown Indianapolis, just steps away from hotels, fine restaurants, a wide array of shopping venues, historic buildings, and museums. There is a myriad of entertainment options, including theatres, orchestras, an IMAX theatre, NCAA museum, and more. The Indianapolis Airport has nonstop flights from many places around the world, and because of the central location of Indianapolis, the meeting is also within a day's drive from many cities and towns across America.